Advantages of using Expired Domains to build PBNs (Private Blog Networks) for SEO

Expired domains are perhaps the holy grail of SEO, and the advantages of using expired domains to build PBNs is such a big deal for anyone that’s looking to rank higher on search engines and gain more traffic.

Although, expired domains are used for different other purposes, such as forwarding the domains to main websites or even making them the primary website address. However, the majority of those who go for expired domains are actually looking to build PBNs, so we’re here to share the advantages of using an expired domain for your private blog network.

But, before we proceed to the advantages of using expired domains for PBNs, let’s first elaborate on what PBN (private blog network) is actually!


What is PBN?

PBN stands for private blog network, which as the name implies, are private blogs built with the sole purpose of building back links to money site (main websites) in order to increase the organic rankings in the SERPs.

The power of PBNs stem from the fact that the domains they are built on are old domains with already established authority.

Thus, PBNs are built on the crème de la crème of domains, especially expired domains that can pass great link juice to your main site(s) and with powerful backlink profiles, that is, high quality domains with decent metrics (DA), and clean histories with no spammy links profiles.

However, there is a great importance in knowing which expired domains are worth investing on and which are not, so that your network of private blogs can actually benefit your money site.

What is An Expired Domain?

A domain name that has previously been used before it expired is known as an expired domain, in other words, the domain has previously pointed to an IP address, but doesn’t do so anymore.

If you enter an expired domain name to the address bar, the DNS would not be able to make any connection to an IP address and so, it won’t lead a website. As websites need to be hosted as IP addresses, not the domain names, that makes every web server to require a DNS server to translate the domain names into IP addresses.

But, if a domain name expires it’s not totally out, as it can still be ‘reused’ by pointing it to new IP addresses to either create a new website or for some other uses.

5 Advantages of using Expired Domains to build PBNs

The use of expired domains in building PBNs give you a competitive edge over competitors, as search engines like Google awards higher ranking to older domains in the same niche. Below are reasons why you should consider using expired domains for your private blog network.

1. Established Domain Authority

Both domain authority and page authority are measurements of how a domain is likely to rank in the SERPs. And older domains (expired domains) already have accumulated authorities, as such are more likely to rank your PBNs higher.

It is very possible to estimate whether a specific domain is likely to performance better based on a variety of metrics, such as DA, PR, and PA, the higher a page’s ranking the better position in search. Google also assesses the importance of a page based on other factors such as the quality of its backlinks.

2. Targeted Direct Traffic

As expired domains are already used domains, means that they have traffics coming to them. Some expired domains are heavy with direct traffic which you can channel to your PBNs and main site.

The direct traffic is another great advantage of using expired domains for PBNs, which is that it lets you enjoy an already existing traffic, as old domains already have the traffic your business needs.

The saying that traffic is everything for an online business, cannot be overemphasized, hence if you don’t attract visitors to your business website, you won’t generate any revenue.

3. Established Backlink Profile

Backlinks are important in determining a website’s authority, so some expired domains have many of the backlinks still intact; however, some may be dead. So, you have to evaluate the link profile and determine what the backlinks are and if they are of any value.

The best of SEOs all knows that finding and building high-quality links is a Herculean task. But with expired domains, there are better chances that the domains already have backlinks profile with authority links.

4. Great Domain Age

Domain age is another important aspect that Google considers when it ranks websites. The reasons behind this is that the older a domain, the better established. And spammy websites don’t last that long because spammers are often jumping from one domain name to another.

Additionally, it is believed that sites that have been running for a long time carry more trust and weight than newer ones.

5. Possible Organic Traffic

Besides direct traffic, expired domains with pages still indexed can possibly get you some quality organic traffic.

Again, it’s very important to check the authenticity of the actual domain’s traffic, so that you don’t get carried away by sheer numbers.


Expired domains are great boost when building an effective PBN, but choosing the right domains do require some level of research. And it is essential to understand what the specific domains rank and the reasons, if it corresponds with your needs.

The key to a successful PBN, however is definitely to avoid the so-called “footprints” that could hinder your website by enabling Google to identify your blog network and penalize it.

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You have to research the right expired domain, then integrate blog content to support the rankings; then the blogs should be skillfully managed to rank quickly, and expedite the building of a successful private blog network!