What are the possible ways to earn as blogger?

Possible Ways To Earn As Blogger

Possible Ways To Earn As Blogger

Everyone needs to make money in simple ways. Aren’t you? If you eagerly wanted to make money in an uncomplicated way, just start a blog.

Earning from your website isn’t a myth. It is feasible for everyone.

Most of us will have questions that are bouncing around in our brain like really the bloggers are earning money? How much will they get money by blogging? And some of them had just started a blog as they have heard it’s the simplest way to make money but they will be confused like What should I actually blog about to make money?

Let’s continue reading to see how you can make money with your blog.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing - Earn as bloggerAffiliate Marketing is one of the most profitable methods for monetizing your blog.

In a simple way, affiliate marketing is that “You’re recommending the other companies products/services in exchange for a commission”

In these days, most of the bloggers are using this method as it is one of the most profitable avenues to make money from a blog for the below reasons:

  • You don’t have to create the products or don’t want to deal with shipping or customer care. Somebody will take care of that.
  • You will have control over which products do you want to advertise so that it will be relevant to your readers.
  • It’s more profitable than ads.

Let’s see how it works?

  • An advertiser needs to sell a product. Suppose, if the buyer comes from your site, he will give you a commission for that sale.
  • He will give a unique link to track your affiliate code. So when the buyer used that link to purchase, he will know that the buyer comes through your site and you can earn a percentage of what they purchased.

Google Adsense

Google AdsenseGoogle Adsense is the most popular Cost-Per-Click advertising platform. Here, you just need to add a script from Google to your website for displaying ads. Once Google AdSense approved your account, all you need to do is, add a few lines of or by manually inserting, and Google AdSense will start showing ads based on different criteria.

The best of AdSense is the quality of ads it serves. You don’t need to be in direct contact with advertisers, it will show ads based on the article that the user reads or based on their own interest. When the visitors click on that ad, you will be paid for each click. In this way, the blogger can monetize their blog.

Sell Digital Products

Other than affiliate marketing and Google Adsense, selling digital products or courses is one most scalable business models in blogging.

This method seems fairly straightforward because you can sell the products through your websites and get paid immediately, there will not be anyone in the middle of the seller and buyer to get the commission. But you may need to face some issues like payment gateways, shipping or taxes while selling your own products in your sites. The most important thing is that if you sell the product relevant to the users, you will be benefited.

Sponsored Content

It’s one of the quick ways to earn money by consuming less time. But for this, you need to do some hard work to bring steady traffic to your site. Sponsored post means, someone will pay for you to write content, product reviews or recommendations and post it on your blog. Here, the best bloggers will be paid depends on some factors like traffic to your site, audience reach, social media influence, and backlinks.

How to Clear Local DNS Cache in Mac OS?

Clear Local DNS Cache in Mac OS

Clear Local DNS Cache in Mac OS

What is a DNS Server?

If you need to call up an internet page on the World Wide Web, you must have an IP address of the server on which the data of the page is present. But only the domain name is visible and also easily remembered by humans but when it comes to IP address, it’s too hard to remember the sequence of numbers that forms the basis of online communication. All the domains are associated with their particular IP addresses.

DNS servers are used to convert the domain names into IP addresses which can be processed by the computer systems.

What is DNS Cache?

Lcoal DNS CacheDNS cache is a temporary storage of the information about previous DNS lookups by a computer’s operating system. By keeping this local copy of DNS will allow your browser/OS to load the website faster.

If you want to visit abc.com, your browser asks your router for the IP address. The router has a DNS server address stored so it asks the IP address of that hostname. The DNS server finds the IP address belongs to abc.com and then the browser will load the appropriate page. This is the same thing that will happen for every website that you visit.

DNS cache stores the IP address of every website that you visited previously. So if you visit the website next time, the browser can find it quickly and will allow a faster connection.

Reasons for clearing the cache

DNS cache will allow a faster connection even though we need to clear this cache for a few reasons such as,

  • Security – By the DNS cache, the one who is having access to your computer can able to track the websites that you have visited.
  • Clear bad connections – DNS cache might have a bad IP connection due to some reasons which will get lumped in with the good ones. And also there may be a chance of IP change of the website that you previously visited.
  • Remove Old DNS data – Suppose if you have changed your DNS and the cache is full of previously visited websites from your old DNS, then the browser will load from that cache, not from the new Domain Name System.

How to clear DNS cache in Mac OS?

Below I have mentioned the commands for flushing the DNS cache through terminal.

Go to Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal

Run the following commands according to your versions,

MacOS 10.10.1, 10.10.2, and 10.10.3
  • sudo discoveryutil mdnsflushcache
MacOS® 10.10.4 and above
  • sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder
MacOS 10.5 and 10.6
  • sudo dscacheutil –flushcache
MacOS 10.7, 10.8, and 10.9
  • sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

How to Know A Profitable Website to Buy for Flipping in the short run


The business of website flipping is just like other investments such as equities, real estate, or even brick and mortar businesses, there are some risks involved, though it is significantly a safer business.

For those with the right capital, the fastest route to making a faster income in website flipping is obviously buying already-made website; buy a site that’s having some potential but obviously not living up to it, then fix it up to become a money site, and then reselling it at a higher price.

The risk in the buying and selling website business is that if per chance you go wrong, let’s say, you bought a dead website that may end up having you loose a lot of money, just as it is applicable to the stock market or real estate, so you’d want to know how to identify a website with potential for reselling at a higher price.

So, here we’ll cover how to Know Profitable Website to Buy for Flipping in the short run!

Where to find Websites for Flipping


Firstly, you should know where to find websites that are available for sale, as there are several platforms and marketplace out there that make it easy to spot a good website and buy it within a few minutes.

But for those who are not already familiar with such marketplaces you can check out our previous post on How to find Website Value and Sell it (Best Sites to flip websites) and find the best Sites to buy or flip Websites.

Then, let’s assume you’re already familiar with the leading marketplace to buy website, we’ll now proceed to learning how to identify a website with potential for reselling at a higher price.

Criteria that determines a website’s value

There are several factors to consider in knowing if a website is potentially good for acquisition, while most site owners tend to simulate fake traffic to create impressive stats before placing their website for sale.

So, if you find a good looking site that meets your requirements, it will be wise to analyze and track it before going head-on to acquire it. Find below 3 things to consider before making the final offer for any website.

1. Domain Authority Checkup

Domain Authority (DA) is a ranking score developed by Moz that tend to predict how well a site will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs), with score ranging from one to 100, and the higher scores corresponding to a better ability to rank high.

While there are several online tools to use in checking websites domain authority, Moz.com’s Site Explorer is perhaps the best of them all.

2. Check for Backlinks

If a website links to any other website or page, that is called backlink and a website with a lot of quality backlinks tends to have higher Page Rank (PR) and Domain Authority (DA), which both leads to higher ranking on search engines.

Now, all backlinks are not equal, that’s why they are classified as quality and spammy links. You should ensure that the website you are buying does not have spammy backlinks, as that will lead to penalty from the major search engines, which will ultimately devalue the website.

3. Alexa Ranking

Alexa Ranking was formerly considered unreliable, as the system can be gamed and many website owners tend to fake the ranking with dubious practices. But nevertheless, it still commands some respect and with its recent improvements the ranking system can be a bit more reliable.

The Alexa algorithm uses websites’ traffic to rank them, with the most trafficked website spotting number 1. It is based on the sheer amount of traffic recorded over 3 months from web users having the Alexa toolbar installed. And the ranking is based on such parameters as page views and bounce rate.

Besides these factors, you also have to conduct thorough due diligence by analyzing the traffic sources, and patterns, to know if the site is experiencing a sudden decrease in traffic. As that portends a penalty or periods where traffic was generally down. Are the traffic sources diverse and distributed rather than relying heavily on just one source?

And you must demand a proof of revenue, that is, ask the seller to provide a screenshot or better, a video of their payment system with either an affiliate or merchant accounts and prove it is coming from the site’s URL or other associated contents.

However, the best ways to ensure you gain trust is by speaking to a professional. That is, if you’re unsure on how to proceed or you are not quite confident with the processes, simply speak to an expert such as Seekahost Web Consultant. They are willing to offer a “buy-side” services and help with due diligence.

Short Term or Long term Hold

Additional to the above 3 factors, are duration you want to hold the website: either short term and long term to maximize the profit.

1. Short Term

Buying a website specifically to flip quickly can be extremely risky, as such you most make sure you examine the site to ascertain whether its bad performance was because the previous owner didn’t implement all required optimization or that the website is dead on arrival.

And as the short term idea is that you want to buy the website, spend just a little time fixing whatever needs fixing and then resell it once improvements are recorded in traffic and revenue. This typically do not take more than 6 months, but at maximum, one year.

But atimes the income may be so good that you can decide to hold on to the site for the steady income flow for sometime more.

2. Long Term

While there are website flippers that buy a site, optimize it mainly to generate a steady flow of income. They simply enjoy the income from advertising, affiliate sales and of course, collecting commission with programs like Amazon affiliate. And some these sites can even make five-to-six figures a month, but there are a few things to put in place to achieve this.

These kinds of websites grows rapidly because the former owners did not optimize nor monetize them effectively. So committing a long term effort by sourcing for traffic from community sites or forum with loyal user bases that are coming back each month will make a lot of money.

Overall, what you do with the new website and the type of website you’ll go for must depend on your current expertise and skills, also the industry you are operating in and of course, your available capital to spend. But remember to take some time out by listing some few goals you’d want your new website to achieve and exactly what you’d do with the website after buying it.

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2. How to Ensure Your Website is Sold for Maximum value
3. How to Set up Profitable Website Buying & Selling Business (Site Flipping)

Buying and Selling Websites: Everything you must know (2019 Guide)


There are several strategies involved in the buying and selling of Websites, otherwise known as website flipping, and no single method is necessarily superior, as all depends on the expertise or experience level of the flipper.

You can read: How to Set up Profitable Website Buying & Selling Business (Site Flipping), so you’d know the 5 Strategies for Profitable Website Flipping.

In this article, we’ll cover everything that is involved in website flipping, including the options available for people with little or no ideas about the website buying and selling business.

As you may have read from our previous post, that the business of Website flipping is basically the buying and selling of websites, and perhaps adding value by improving on it and then reselling at a higher price. While success in website flipping is guaranteed by holding the property for a period of time, which time its value is improved upon, allowing you to profit by reselling it.

Read: How to Ensure Your Website is Sold for Maximum value.

Just like a value-based investor, though short-term – Website flippers buy and improve websites and then flip for profit.

The profit is the accumulated monthly income plus the net of broker, minus the cost of purchase and other expenses incurred during the ownership period (including new contents, and back links), while investors execute it stage by stage, and apply unique ways to get over the competition.

What’s Involved in Buying and Selling of Websites?


At the early stage of the flipping business, the biggest question is whether to buy or start a niche website, and build the site to an income generating level, and then flip it.

To Build or To Buy?

The decision to build a new site or buy a site for flipping is a hard one to reach. As building a new website is much like building a new house; you pick a location, decide what design you want, and then go to work.

Website Flipping has gotten more harder in recent years, as the web is running out of good new websites and coupled with incessant Google algorithm changes, making it harder for new websites to rank well in the search engines.

But in this guide you’ll learn how to get started with flipping business, and flip any website with just a little capital, good content, and SEO techniques for generating search traffic.

Option 1. To Buy

If you’re not willing to put in the much needed work, then there is no reason for you to start a flipping business. As even when you decide to buy a website, you will still need to put in some works to improve it, so that you can resell it at a higher price.

First, you need to find an established website, that is a website that’s already generating income, then get to work on fixing it just a bit more; it’s much easier to profit from already established site as it has existing traffic, unlike new website that you’ll need to drive traffic from scratch.

Secondly, you need to integrate a new revenue source to increase the site’s value. Though, another reason for buying an established website is because it already has a performance history. You’ll also need to find other changes you can make to boost its value for better profits.

Even if you’re certain of the industry or niche, you’d still need to investigate more on what else is associated with the site in the past. And the best place to check is Archive.org or any other similar online tool.

The tool (Archive.org) will enable you to go back in time to see how the site has been at the time. Albeit, it’s only a cookie storing service, but a great tool to know exactly what type of content a site has been associated with in the past.

Also, check out the back link profile of the site by using Majestic’s Site Explorer to know the referring domains, and total the number of back links.

Now, you must have gotten some insights on the referring domains, whether they are from phony sites, that is fake sites, or low quality pages. If all goes well, then proceed to buy the site.

Also see: How to Ensure Your Website is Sold for Maximum value for tips on improving your website to resell at a higher price.

Option 2. To Build

For building a site from scratch, you’ll first start with researching the domain name, then proceed to selecting a niche and to publishing content.

You can also read: How to invest in expired domains and become a virtual real estate tycoon and come back to this article, so you that you can learn the game.

Many people, especially website flippers have come to prefer expired domains for building their money website and those for flipping.


Expired Domains are old domain name that are not renewed or probably dropped by their original owners owing to inability to renew it or discontinuation of business, and thereby failing to keep tab on the domain.

As it were, there is a grace period within which the expired domain can be renewed by the owner and if they fail to do so, the domain will be made available to be registered and owned by any new individual.

These Expired domains are now high in demand due to their SEO advantage, given that they can pass on the SEO power to a new site it is linked.

You can also check out SeekaHost Expired Domains Buying Guide to learn everything about expired domains and how to identify a good domain name before buying it to create a website that can be grown for flipping or be turned into a money site.

Once you’ve settled for a domain name, be it new domain or expired domain, then it’s time to commence the building of the site proper. Here you have the options of selecting from one of the leading content management systems, but we recommend WordPress for Website flipping as it is relatively easier to pass on the site to another owner after a successful flip.

SeekaHost WordPress Hosting guarantees to give your WP website the super-fast loading time and best performance.

And congratulations on starting your website, now you can move on to creating contents. Do you need an expert guide? Not to worry, get free access to the ClickDo Academy SEO content writing course by Manuela Willbold now.

You only require a reasonable site management ability, with patience, and a good strategy, coupled with some luck, and you can make money with flipping.

Irrespective of whether you launch a new website or flipping an existing site, you’d need to improve on it and allow time for growth. There are no short-cut to success, and you must learn all the necessary strategies to decide which suits you best.

How to Ensure Your Website is Sold for Maximum value

Maximize website value

What this article wants to help you achieve is perhaps the most important factors in the valuation of a website, that will be necessary to maximize the price of your website.

There are different metrics that are taken into account when buying or selling a website, but the most important is the earning model and followed by the total assets of the website. However, the key things to do to get your site ready for sale is to review the following variables and some likely questions a buyer may ask, which can have significant impact on the site’s value.

But the single strategy that makes all the difference when it comes to maximizing your website’s value – though often overlooked – is that you must build value by first acknowledging and prioritizing it as a goal.

Now, let’s start with the 10 major things that constitutes value for a website.

Maximize website value

1. Uniqueness of Domain & Available Extensions

Most website buyers are after unique domains and impressed if you also own all the major extensions for your domain name.

If perhaps, you are just a Startup, you can start by checking for both domain name availability, with combinations of popular extensions for the domain. Additionally, also securing the social media accounts for the domain is very helpful in increasing the valuation.

There are many available guides on this subject, but many still prefer going for expired domains. You can check out our guide, which include everything from domain history to tools to use in finding expired domains and buy them easily and even host your domains on unique IPs using PBN hosting or multiple IP SEO hosting services so they’re protected from future issues.

2. Unique Evergreen Content

The best ways to impress your buyers is provision of unique content, as every potential buyer will most likely go through your contents, especially for blogs, which content proposition will greatly impact on the client and can determine the value he will eventually place on it.

Additionally, having unique content simply means you can easily position yourself as an authority in your niche/industry to claim an even higher price for your web asset.

3. Diverse Traffic Sources

Almost all buyers will down grade a website if most of the traffic comes from only one source, for instance, referral traffic. Even when the site is optimized for search engines, and thereby is getting reasonable traffic from Google and the likes, having most traffic coming from a single source leaves the site vulnerable to some future algorithm changes, intense competition, and perhaps some other factors.

So, with diverse traffic coming to a website, that is also a huge factor that buyers will find the site valuable and consider to pay a good price for it. As such, experienced buyers and investors will always place a higher value on your website if your traffic is from diverse sources.

4. Social & Star Ratings To Increase Website Worth

Social rating creates trust for your website with customers, and makes it more appealing to potential buyers, since it means people are impressed by your website offerings.

Star Rating

It therefore means buyer will want to commit to making a higher bid, which also means the information you provided is more reliable.

In fact, there’s no better way to show people’s approval of your business than social proof by using their testimonials and ratings, either placed on your website, or linked from your site, to significantly increase the website value.

5. Quality Back links

Nobody wants to associate with a penalized site, let alone buy one. So making sure your website has clean and quality back links pointing to it is surely a no-brainer strategy to make it saleable.

That is, you should make sure your back links are from reputable and authoritative websites, which is a really great way to improve on the value of the website.

It’s benefit is twofold: firstly, quality back links from reputable and authoritative sites increases your own domain authority, and secondly, the higher authority means your site will rank higher in Google Search Engine which in turn will increase traffic and revenue.

6. Keep Records of Earnings

Just like every offline business, keeping a record of your website income is very important, as you will need to present the proof of earning to potential buyers to help increase the valuation.

The financial records for your website must be relatively straightforward, not just downloadable, but credible and verifiable, also clearly defined in your accounting system. Likewise, tabulate the costs of running the website, as this too is essential if you plan on selling your website in the future.

7. Responsive & Mobile Optimized

If you’ve not done this already, it is now the norm that all website must be mobile optimized. Apart from the SEO advantage, it also make your website appealing to potential buyers.

Mobile Optimized

A well optimized mobile experience for your site, likely leads to more traffic, and with a significant increase in traffic means higher revenue.

And given that we are now in the mobile age, you’re more liable to fall behind if you fail to increase the value of your website by making it mobile optimized.

8. Build Email List

The statement that email marketing is as old as the Internet itself proofs its usefulness, though this statement may have been overemphasized, but having email list of clients is very crucial since it provides ready access to targeted group of people with interest in the business.

It offers you a list of subscribers likely to give better conversions anytime than just any cold emails. If you ever wish to sell your website, an active email list will be a great asset to increase its valuation.

A list of past and present customers is a key asset for many buyers, hence all potential buyers are looking out for such lists and without any question, you must make sure they are avilable to add value to your website.

9. Quality UI/UX Design

A professional design for your website is extremely important, not only for better user experience, but also for potential buyer appeal.

It will help build more value for your brand and also increase conversions for your website. As having a professional design that appeals to customers can increase the value of your website as more and more traffic will flow to the site.

10. Use SSL Certificate (HTTPS) on Your Site

Ensure your website is having a valid SSL certificate, as it is essential in assuring your business customers that their data are protected and connection to your site is secure.

SSL Certificate

It’s the norm for all website nowadays, and so that makes it compulsory for every website, especially when you want to increase it’s value. A valid security certification will significantly increase customers’ trust, and also the value of your web property.


There’s always a gap between what you’d feel your website is worth and what the market will be willing to offer for it. But by ensuring you adhere to the above points, you are bound to attract a significantly higher bid than normal, and hopefully, you’d enjoy the gains of hard working with your flipping business.

You should also read our previous post on this series for How to find Website Value and Sell it (Best Sites to flip websites).

Top 10 Bloggers in Taiwan and How the Taiwanese make money online

Top Taiwanese bloggers

The island state, Taiwan is located in East Asia, and another member of the Asian Tigers, with an export-oriented industrial economy rated as the 21st-largest in the world; but here you’ll get to meet the Top Bloggers in Taiwan!

Whether you’re interested in keeping up with the latest news about Taiwan, or fashion and beauty tips, or perhaps you’re looking out for travel information on the island nation, or planning your vacation already, you’ll surely find the listed top Taiwanese bloggers very resourceful.

Find below our Top 10 Bloggers in Taiwan & How the Taiwanese make money online!

Top 10 Bloggers in Taiwan

Top Taiwanese bloggers

1. Kerina Hsueh

Kerina Hsueh is a Taiwanese fashion blogger and model based in Taipei, with her eponymous blog covering her outfits, modeling highlights and her skin care regime.

Kerina Hsueh

She has modeled for many local and international magazine publications, including Bow Wow Korea and FG 10, among other notable names in Fashion. And her work experience includes several photo shoots for top brands and magazine publications.

She has a sizable fan base on social media, with Instagram where she has accumulated over 460,000 followers topping it all.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: https://www.kerina.com.tw/
Instagram Page: 462k Followers
Facebook Page: 391k Likes

2. Lee Yi Hugh

Lee Yi Hugh is a popular Taiwanese health & fitness enthusiast whose blog is dedicated to spreading information about healthy living by adopting an active lifestyle.

The blog covers healthy diets, exercising regiments, and lifestyles that generally influence a healthy living.

Lee is also popular on YouTube, with his channel having over 120K subscribers and filled with great tips on improving your overall health, as well as healthy eating and how to enjoy the good foods!

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: https://leeyihugh.com/
Instagram Page: 17.8k Followers
Facebook Page: 894k Likes

3. Hannah Yang

Hannah Yang is a Taiwanese fashion blogger whose blog is filled with inspirational tips, with record of her unique daily style in photos.

Hannah Yang

Her popular blog tagged Hannah’s Fashion List, is all about beauty and fashion with a little bit of travels, and stuff from product tutorials and shopping lists to fashion tips for anyone visiting Taiwan for the first time.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: http://hannah.tw/
Instagram Page: 252k Followers
Facebook Page: 371k Likes

4. Kathy Cheng

Kathy Cheng is a creative consultant that’s based in Taipei, and the creator of Tricky Taipei, an English-based design and culture blog started in 2014.

Kathy Cheng

Tricky Taipei has since grown into a huge online community with equally amazing following on social media like Facebook, and Instagram.

But still Kathy isn’t slowing down a bit, as she also launched Tricky Talks as a way to link Taipei-ers from different countries, backgrounds, and industries.

She has also published a rhyming English-language based picture book about a little girl’s first trip to Taipei, which she calls Hey Taipei.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: http://www.trickytaipei.com/
Twitter Page: 4k Followers
Instagram Page: 1.4k Followers
Facebook Page: 3.1k Likes

5. Chiao W.

Chiao is a Taiwanese fashion blogger that is very popular haven carved a special niche for herself.

Chiao W.

Her blog covers her unique style and simple eye for good fashion, and also her personal lifestyle, which includes how she stays on-trend while still tending to her kids.

She has a very large number of following across her social media platforms, especially on Facebook and Instagram.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: http://www.chiaow.com/
Instagram Page: 123k Followers
Facebook Page: 478k Likes

6. Molly Chiang

Molly Chiang is a Taiwanese popular Vlogger with her YouTube channel having an impressive number of subscribers.

Molly Chiang

She is also among the top Instagram influencers in Taiwan with over 500k followers, and fashion model, artist, and a frequent face on catwalks.

She often gives her followers a very unique inside peek into her private life, which draws a lot of following for her, given that she is a celebrity fashionista.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Vlog: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOE99EJXtjOnBKqz4Sr5ZWQ
Instagram Page: 577k Followers

7. Arial Chen

Arial Chen is a Taiwanese beauty and makeup vlogger with an enormous following on her YouTube channel.

Arial Chen

Her main focus is on beauty and fashion tips, including makeup, skincare, and she also shares her unique lifestyle and how she copes as a mom with daughter, Hello.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Vlog: https://www.youtu.be/nsZTIXXl0Gs
Instagram Page: 101k Followers
Facebook Page: 217k Likes

8. Victoria Chuang

Victoria Chuang is the co-founder of 4foodie, the hugely popular Taiwanese food blog.

Victoria Chuang

The blog was started by four Taiwanese students, headed by Victoria Chuang in 2015 as a way to share their restaurant-eating adventures.

4foodie is the platform where they share their experiences on restaurants from around the world and the blog has grown to be one of Taiwan’s most followed on Instagram.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: https://4foodie.talk.tw/
Instagram Page: 340k Followers
Facebook Page: 58.3k Likes

9. Natalie Wu Feili

Natalie Wu Feili is a model and hugely popular Taiwanese YouTuber and social media influencer.

Natalie Wu Feili

She shares everything about her styling and makeups, with product reviews, and of course, a bit of her personal lifestyle across her various social platforms and she has over 250k followers on Instagram.

Also, she often likes to travel and share her travelling stories and foodie adventures on Instagram.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Vlog: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg_EhWLnff2uGDwqNeki7PA
Instagram Page: 269k Followers

10. Jolin Tsai

Jolin Tsai is a Taiwanese social influencer, and businesswoman, who is also into music videos production.

Jolin Tsai

She is known for frequently reinventing the wheel for both her music and image, and is cited for her role in popularizing dance-pop to the state of mainstream music in Greater China.

Tsai has also become a huge Taiwanese fashion influencer with over 3 million Instagram followers.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Vlog: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZxdOVXIBEnJUQkhZgeOTTg
Instagram Page: 3.7m Followers

And there you have it; the Top 10 Bloggers in Taiwan for 2019 & How the Taiwanese make money online!

You can also check out our previous post on Top 10 Bloggers in Singapore and How the Bloggers make money.

Kindly note that ‘All pics are from public domains and any COPYRIGHT issue should be reported for IMMEDIATE removal’!

Top 10 Bloggers in Singapore and How the Bloggers make money

top Bloggers in Singapore

Singapore, one of the Asian Tigers, is a city-state classified as Alpha+ global, indicating its great influence on global economy; also influential are the top Bloggers in Singapore.

As a global financial center, Singapore has a multicultural population, and the only Asian country with an AAA sovereign rating from major rating agencies, meaning its a major tourist destination. And perhaps, Singapore has the most vibrant online community and internet powerhouse in Southeast Asia.

We bring you the top bloggers in Singapore, even though there are tones of other famous blogs; we duly appreciate the hard working ones for creating the valuable contents that make our life truly beautiful!

Top 10 Bloggers in Singapore

top Bloggers in Singapore

1. Vinod Nair

Vinod Nair is the chief executive officer of MoneySmart Group, and also a blogger at https://blog.moneysmart.sg/ which offers finance related news.

Vinod Nair

MoneySmart.sg focuses mainly on personal finance, property, investments and lifestyle, with a rather firsthand experience to share.

The blog is operated under the MoneySmart brand, and it has grown into a very popular web portal with audience cutting across the financial and banking sectors in Singapore.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: https://blog.moneysmart.sg/
Twitter Page: 1.7k Followers
Instagram Page: 6.9k Followers
Facebook Page: 172k Likes

2. Bryan Choo

Bryan Choo is the founder of TheSmartLocal, a hugely popular blog in Singapore that originally covers local news, and travel & lifestyle.

Bryan Choo

The blog which was founded in 2012 has witnessed a phenomenal growth, as one of the fastest rising online publications in Singapore.

Bryan had successfully bootstrapped his online business from $0 to a multi-million annual revenue in only 5 years, with TheSmartLocal disrupting the Singapore lifestyle publishing scene.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: https://thesmartlocal.com/
Twitter Page: 4.5k Followers
Instagram Page: 123k Followers
Facebook Page: 394k Likes

3. Seth Lui

Seth Lui is a popular food blogger in Singapore, with his eponymous blog Sethlui.com covering foods, travels and nightlife in Singapore.

Seth Lui

As someone having a keen interest in eating good food, and traveling, Seth covers everything from ordinary hawked foods to premium restaurants like Morton’s and Long Bar Steakhouse, among others.

The blog try to give some rather honest, and balanced reviews, of course without getting sued by the restaurant owners.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: https://sethlui.com/
Twitter Page: 1.7k Followers
Instagram Page: 104k Followers
Facebook Page: 376k Likes

4. Daniel Ang

Daniel Ang is a top food blogger in Singapore behind Danielfooddiary.com where he shares his love for good foods in Singapore.

Daniel Ang

The blog is hugely popular and draws large following on social media with audiences from around the world.

Daniel is also a corporate trainer and lecturer on Mass Communications and Social Media at various top institutions in Singapore.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: https://danielfooddiary.com/
Twitter Page: 4.5k Followers
Instagram Page: 231k Followers
Facebook Page: 385k Likes

5. Brad Lau

Brad Lau, also known by the pseudonym LadyIronChef, is a top Singaporean food blogger and online personality.

Brad Lau

He is the founder of the food and travel blog, Ladyironchef.com, which is one of the leading food and travel blog in Singapore.

Ladyironchef as one of the leading food and travel blog in Singapore started from a very humble beginning in 2007. With the chief editor, Brad Lau’s strong passion and hard work, it has grown into a great portal covering food, traveling and other finer things in a Singaporean life.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: https://www.ladyironchef.com/
Twitter Page: 17.5k Followers
Instagram Page: 604k Followers
Facebook Page: 646k Likes

6. Kristen Juliet Soh

Kristen Juliet Soh is a top beauty blogger in Singapore, behind the blog Dailyvanity.sg where she shares her beauty and lifestyle tips.

Kristen Juliet Soh

The top Singapore-based beauty blog covers beauty tips, product reviews & news for fashionistas in Singapore.

You can also find discounts on many beauty products & promotional offers on the blog!

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: https://dailyvanity.sg/
Instagram Page: 10.9k Followers
Facebook Page: 42.7k Likes

7. Maureen Ow

Maureen Ow is the founder of Misstamchiak.com, a food blog that brings a true tatse of the delicious cuisine and incredible culture of Singapore.

Maureen Ow

Misstamchiak covers topics ranging from street vendors or hawkers to cafes and even the top restaurants, to help you discover the most palate-pleasing dishes available.

And there is always a new food adventure awaiting you just around the corner!

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: https://www.misstamchiak.com/
Twitter Page: 15.5k Followers
Instagram Page: 143k Followers
Facebook Page: 109k Likes

8. Alvin Lim

Alvin Lim is the founder of Alvinology, a weblog covering food, travel, entertainment, and lifestyle.

Alvin Lim

The blog was established in 2007 and now, developed into a full-fledged publication website with a dedicated professional editorial team.

Alvin is a huge advocate of digital and social media freedom, and he is very proficient in both English and local Mandarin language. He has worked with may top brands including News Corp, Singapore Press Holdings, and the Olympic Games.

Alvinology is a hugely popular web portal for travel tips in Singapore!

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: https://alvinology.com/
Twitter Page: 38k Followers
Instagram Page: 68.7k Followers
Facebook Page: 33.6k Likes

9. Teoh Yi Chie

Teoh Yi Chie, also known by the alias parka, is a popular comic artist behind the top art blog Parkablog where he shares his love for arts.

Teoh Chie

Parkablog covers art related stuff, plus reviews of art-books that he has read and collected over time.

And the featured art books are mostly related to animation, comics and movie.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: https://www.parkablogs.com/
Twitter Page: 4.9k Followers
Instagram Page: 18.3k Followers
Facebook Page: 15.3k Likes

10. Leslie Tay

Leslie Tay is behind the food blog, IEatIShootIPost.sg which is essentially a chronicle of the best foods in Singapore.

Leslie Tay

The blog is all about food, not just a place to find where to eat, but also to explore the origins of the different foods, with the ingredients, recipes, art and history behind the food.

Leslie considers himself a culinary explorer, and wants you to come along as he dissects the best cuisines and restaurants in Singapore.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: http://ieatishootipost.sg/
Twitter Page: 18.6k Followers
Instagram Page: 124k Followers
Facebook Page: 295k Likes

And these are the top Bloggers in Singapore for 2019!

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Top 10 South Korean Bloggers & How the Bloggers make money

Top Korean Bloggers

South Korea is a leading technology country in the world, home to Samsung and other great brands; and perhaps, it’ll be very helpful to get acquainted with the top bloggers in South Korea to discover the next big thing!

Also, South Korea is one of the four Asian Tigers, with over 50 million people living in the Seoul Capital Area, the fourth largest metropolitan economy in the world! And arguably Asian’s Capital of Fashion, South Korea has got some really trendy outlooks, the latest styles and even some awesome foods, so expect the top South Korean bloggers to cover all these niches.

Find below our Top 10 South Korean Bloggers & How the Bloggers make money!

Top 10 South Korean Bloggers

Top Korean Bloggers

1. Charlotte Cho

Charlotte Cho is a South Korean-American esthetician, beauty blogger, author and an entrepreneur.

Charlotte Cho

She is also the cofounder of Soko Glam, a company which specializes in Korean beauty products. Her blog covers the latest Korean beauty trends, which includes skin care, product reviews and makeup tips.

Charlotte is considered to be one of the major contributors to the current K-Beauty emergence in the United States.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: https://theklog.co/
Twitter Page: 4.2k Followers
Instagram Page: 135k Followers
Facebook Page: 22.8k Likes

2. Alice Chan

Alice Chan is behind the top Korean blog Inspire Me Korea, where she curate her unique experience for Korean beauty lovers.

Alice Chan

Her blog features monthly Korean Culture box that encompasses all elements of Korean lifestyles including: Food, Beauty/Stle, K-Pop merchandise, Souvenirs, Trends, Language Learning and much more, all tied beautifully into different theme.

Whether you’ve been to Korea or not, you can always try out Korean food, beauty and skincare products or even learn about the culture through souvenirs and the unique culture and trends contents.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: https://blog.inspiremekorea.com/
Twitter Page: 4.4k Followers
Instagram Page: 41.3k Followers
Facebook Page: 4k Likes

3. Keith Kim

Keith Kim is a Korean-American (a Gyopo), who quit his day job to work on a few ambitious online projects.

Keith Kim

He is the founder of Seoulistic, a Korean culture and travel weblog, that has become hugely popular and referenced internationally too.

Seoulistic covers insider travel information, with helpful insights into Korean culture, and tips for those considering to live in South Korea.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: https://seoulistic.com/blog/
Twitter Page: 4k Followers
Facebook Page: 35.5k Likes

4. Vicky Lee

Vicky Lee is a South Korean beauty blogger, with her luxury lifestyle blog, Sorabelle founded in 2016.

Vicky Lee

Sorabelle, the luxury lifestyle blog, covers everything from Korean fashion to beauty and style tips, and other things in between.

Vicky Lee was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea before completing a masters degree at Cornell University, New York.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: https://sorabelle.com/
Instagram Page: 20.5k Followers

5. Chua Si Hui

Si Hui is Korean trave blogger, with her blog Hellosihui, sharing her personal experience and travel tips.

Si Hui

She started the blog, according to her just to keep happy memories where she can get to read the advetures anywhere, anytime.

But slowly, it has outgrown her, and has caught the attention of the world at large. She hopes to provide travellers around the world a place where they will be able to learn how to plan their trip more easily and get firsthand what it feels ike travelling to South Korea.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: https://hellosihui.com/
Instagram Page: 1.1k Followers

6. Hung Sukwoo

Hung Sukwoo is a leading street style fashion journalist and photographer in South Korea.

Hung Sukwoo

His blog You Boyhood, is a photo-documentary kind of style blog with more of a take on contemporary South Korean styles.

Hung Sukwoo is also Editor-in-Chief of Spectrum, the quarterly cultural magazine which promotes Seoul street fashion and culture.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: http://yourboyhood.com/
Twitter Page: 4k Followers
Instagram Page: 5.5k Likes

7. Yuna Lee

Yuna Lee is a South Korean fashion blogger iving and working in Seoul, with her blog Fashion Bunny covering real Korean styles.

Yuna Lee

Fashion Bunny features her own edgy style and of course, the latest trends in fashion. Her blog is mixture of street style shots and her daily travels, with features of the popular looks and designs of Korea.

Lee is often dressed in monotones of blacks and leathers, which style bears a feminine twist with inclusion of floral details or cut outs.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: http://fashionbunny.blog.me/

8. Sin-Young Son

Sin-Young Son is a Korean travel blogger behind Seoul Insiders’ Guide, which covers travels and insight into South Korea.

Sin-Young Son

Seoul Insiders’ Guide offers in-depth travel information on Seoul, South Korea and how to explore the urban city.

She boasts of haven travelled to over 25 countries and 90 cities of the world!

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: http://seoulinsidersguide.com/

9. Nanjeong Lee

Nanjeong Lee is a fashionista, blogger (on the Korean site Naver) and owner of online store Second Heaven.

Nanjeong Lee

Lee has over 350,000 followers on Instagram, and her blog does not only documents her quirky fashion sense, but also the daily lifestyle in South Korea.

With street life and travel experiences, fully featured alongside creative outfits to showcase her fun personality and South Korean style.

Blog & Social Media Stats

InstaPage: https://www.instagram.com/nizinanjjang/
Instagram Page: 411k Followers

10. Olga Choi

Olga Choi started her blog Myblondegal.com in 2010 as platform to share her everyday outlooks, inspiration and travel experiences and tips for petite girls.

Olga Choi

She also owns a fashion store and equally a photographer. While her fashion blog is solely based on her personal style.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: http://www.myblondegal.com/
Instagram Page: 24.2k Followers

And there you have it, the Top 10 South Korean Bloggers in 2019!

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Top 10 Japanese Bloggers & their Blogs for you to follow

Top Japanese Bloggers

Japan is the world’s fourth-largest exporter, and a country with one of the highest number of skilled and educated workforce; that means the Top Japanese Bloggers sure have a lot to offer!

And Japanese culture and language notwithstanding, you’d no doubt enjoy following some of these top blogs in Japan. Whether blogging on new fashion trends, travels or restaurants – as Japanese foods are really diverse and sure, you’d crave for some of the Japanese delicacies, these top bloggers in Japan will have you covered!

These top blogs in Japan offer an interesting perspective in different niches, and that’s what Japanese are really known for! Find below our Top 10 Japanese Bloggers & their Blogs for you to follow.

Top 10 Japanese Bloggers

Top Japanese Bloggers

1. Shihoko Ura

Shihoko Ura is Japanese food blogger behind Chopstickchronicles.com, where she chronicles all the delicious dishes she ate while growing up in Japan.

Shihoko Ura

Her blog is hugely popular and she runs the blog along side her daughter Elizabeth.

The mother and daughter duo blog team moved to Australia some years ago from Japan and according to them, they missed the Japanese foods so much, so decided to create their favourite recipes at home and share them with all on the blog.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: https://www.chopstickchronicles.com/
Twitter Page: 1.2k Followers
Instagram Page: 6.1k Followers
Facebook Page: 3.7k Likes

2. Emi Suzuki

Emi Suzuki, also known as Emichee, is a Chinese-born Japanese model and actress, who also blogs at Emisuzuki-official.com.

Emi Suzuki

She has been featured in numerous magazines and her blog, Little Bit, covers news about fashion, trends and her professional activities.

She made debut in 2005 while Seventeen and has remained a prominent figure in the fashion and modelling industry till date will a huge number of followers on Instagram.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: http://emisuzuki-official.com/
Instagram Page: 1.1m Followers

3. Makiko Itoh

Makiko Itoh is a Japanese food blogger behind the hugely popular blog Just Hungry and also Just Bento.

Makiko Itoh

She has been featured in numerous International media including The Guardian, Los Angeles Times, Food and Wine, among others.

Makiko started her blog Just Hungry to share her obvious obsessions for good foods. As she has lived in many different countries, she missed the local cuisine she grew up with, so she wanted to share her experiences by blogging on the recipes which anybody can follow irrespective of country.

Though, getting the wide selection of Japanese ingredients may be a problem in preparing these delicacies in other countries, but Just Hungry wants to at least try to teach Japanese cooking to all, even outside of Japan.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Vlog: https://justhungry.com/
Twitter Page: 3.7k Followers
Instagram Page: 2k Followers
Facebook Page: 24.8k Likes

4. Tina Tamashiro

Tina Tamashiro is a Japanese model and actress, who also blogs at Tina-official.com

Tina Tamashiro

Her blog contains exclusive information about her upcoming event appearances, and media coverage on her activities. She is highly influential on Instagram with a million followers.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: http://tina-official.com/
Instagram Page: 1m Followers

5. Samantha Mariko

Samantha Mariko is a blogger, DJ and model living in Tokyo, Japan.

Samantha Mariko

She is currently working in PR and event production, haven also done translating/interpreting work for clients which includes Jergens, NYX Cosmetics, and Lauren Roth.

She is a contributor and Icon for Cosmopolitan Japan, also co-founder of La Fondue Tokyo, and formerly, a narrator for NHK World’s Kawaii International.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: https://samanthamariko.com/
Instagram Page: 9.3k Followers

6. Naoko Ookusa

Naoko Ookusa a stylist blogger and chief editor of the web magazine Mi-mollet.

Naoko Ookusa

She writes every day on the web magazine and if you’re a reader of mi-mollet, you can easily see her picture behind the stories.

She writes on fashion, travel and lifestyle, and currently have over 200k followers on Instagram.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: https://amarclife.com/blog/
Instagram Page: 209k Followers

7. Aya Stella

Aya Stella is a Japanese fashion blogger and model, whose brand Yello Shoes features a ton of really cool and unusual designs.

Aya Stella

Aya takes inspiration mostly from the Kardashians and some other Instagram baddie gyal culture as it seems, and that’s what sets her apart in that she adds a Japanese spin to it which makes it a little super exciting!

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: https://www.yelloshoes.com/
Instagram Page: 74.6k Followers

8. Naomi Watanabe

Naomi Watanabe is more a comedian, but with an incredibly active social media influence, especially on Instagram with over 8 million followers.

Naomi Watanabe

She chronicles her lifestyle and travel adventures in a rather vivid and colorful photography, and of course, with a great sense of humor!

Also, she is a Japanese actress and fashion designer, who through her YouTube videos have mentored a lot of her followers.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Vlog: https://youtu.be/EX_axESFHpE
Instagram Page: 8.9m Followers

9. Tetsuko Okuhira

Tetsuko Okuhira is a Japanese fashion model, who is better known as Peco, and her blogger Cotton Candy is where she writes about fashion and lifestyle.

Tetsuko Okuhira

She is hugely influential on Instagram with over a million followers, and With her blog runs on the popular Japanese blog platform, Ameblo.jp.

She is also an actress and making waves on social media with her upbeat personality and unique outlook on life.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: https://ameblo.jp/tetsuko-1995/
Instagram Page: 1.5m Followers

10. Shintaro Kitaoka

Shintaro Kitaoka is a famous Japanese model that’s also hugely influential on Instagram with over 200k followers.

Shintaro Kitaoka

He is also a brand director with well tanned and a lot of admiration for the beach. His wife is also a Japanese influencer @alexiastam1988, with over 700k followers.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: https://lifestjapan.jp/
Instagram Page: 224k Followers

There are the top Japanese bloggers for 2019!

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Top 10 Swiss Bloggers & How Bloggers in Switzerland make money

Top Swiss Bloggers

Switzerland boasts of top notch banking and finance industries, and perhaps Swiss watches, which are world renowned – but besides that, the top Swiss bloggers are beginning to gain momentum as well!

The top Swiss bloggers are quite diverse with three of Europe’s distinct cultures intertwined – the German-speaking, the wine sipping & laissez-faire French, and the cappuccino-sippers loitering Italian, and of course, the classic Swiss alphorns binding it all together.

So whether you’re after fashion and beauty tips, technology, or even lifestyle, you’ll be amazed at the astute professionalism of the top Swiss bloggers!

Find below our Top 10 Swiss Bloggers & How Bloggers in Switzerland make money.

Top 10 Swiss Bloggers

Top Swiss Bloggers

1. Beatrice Lessi

Beatrice Lessi is a Swiss Lifestyle blog and founder of Ask The Monsters, which focuses on lifestyle, fashion, and travel.

Beatrice Lessi

Her love for Switzerland and passion for photography are also evident in her blog and social media feeds making her a worthy blogger to follow for those interested in gorgeous imagery.

Beatrice is equally an indefatigable hard-worker and her networking prowess are second to none. She single handedly built a business from scratch by her networking skills and unmatched enthusiasm alone, relying on strong loyalties from both her customers and co-workers.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: https://www.askthemonsters.com/
Instagram Page: 11.2k Followers
Facebook Page: 92.7k Likes

2. Dimitri Burkhard

Dimitri Burkhard is the founder of Newly Swissed, which passionately covers his travels storytelling and as a member of Swiss Travel writers Club.

Dimitri Burkhard

Dimitri also loves discovering trends in architectural design, start-ups and tourism.

And Newly Swissed is a digital entertainment blogzine covering topics related to design, events, tourism and culture in Switzerland, which was first started in 2010.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: https://www.newlyswissed.com/
Twitter Page: 11.4k Followers
Instagram Page: 15.3k Followers
Facebook Page: 26.7k Likes

3. Ralph Widmer

Ralph Widmer is a Swiss fashion entrepreneur and founder of A Gentleman’s World, a blog offering reviews on “guy” fashion topics, including reviews on watches and cars, as well as travel, lifestyle, and favourite gourmets.

Ralph Widmer

In fact, the blog A Gentleman’s World is all about men’s fashion, best timepieces, automobiles and real sophisticated luxuries for a modern gentleman.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: https://agentlemans.world/
Instagram Page: 32.3k Followers
Facebook Page: 1.7k Likes

4. Kristina Bazan

Kristina Bazan is a hugely popular Swiss fashion blogger, with her blog Kayture now very much an international brand.

Kristina Bazan

She has collaborated with some of the best brands in fashion and she is a very reputed Swiss Media Influencer and fashionista too.

Kristina started her world-renowned fashion blog as a teenager and grew her brand to the extent of being chosen by Forbes as one of the 30 under 30 most influential personalities in 2016.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: https://www.kayture.com/
Twitter Page: 34k Followers
Instagram Page: 2.2m Followers
Facebook Page: 1.9m Likes

5. Alison Liaudat

Alison Liaudat launched her fashion blog, Bang Bang Blond, in 2013 to share her own views on fashion.

Alison Liaudat

Her blog has grown tremendously and it didn’t take quite long for the world to take notice, with her over 30 thousand followers on Instagram.

She is also working on several collaborations with top Swiss fashion brands and as the Swiss ambassador for both Redken and Calvin Klein.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: https://bangbangblond.com/
Instagram Page: 33.7k Followers
Facebook Page: 17.2k Likes

6. Hans Fischer

Hans Fischer is behind the blog Technikblog.ch, which covers mainly technical topics, like how-to guides and reviews for a variety of “techie” gadgets.

Fischer Hans

The blog also features gadget reviews like the best video player for Android and iOS and IoT related topics like how to use smart home controls.

Fischer is a technical kind of guy with a degree in electrical engineering and working as a development engineer in the medical field.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: https://technikblog.ch/
Twitter Page: 2.8k Followers
Instagram Page: 14.9k Followers
Facebook Page: 1.7k Likes

7. Fanny Frey

Fanny Frey started her food blog, Franny The Foodie, back in 2014 as a true foodie, and after leaving the kiddie table to the grown-ups table for the so-called fancy stuff!

Fanny Frey

Her blog contains an enormous catalogue of great recipes, down from chickpea scrambles to crunchy butter cups and stuffed squash.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: http://fannythefoodie.com/
Instagram Page: 73.3k Followers

8. Michèle Krüsi

Michèle Krüsi is behind the Swiss fashion blog The Fashion Fraction, where she touches on her styles and beauty tips!

Michèle Krüsi

She has a big following on social media, especially on Instagram, with a huge German fanbase.

Michèle also gets steady call ups at events in Zurich, as the other close competing influencers are hardly available.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: http://www.thefashionfraction.com/
Instagram Page: 465k Followers
Facebook Page: 13.7k Likes

9. Xenia Tchoumitcheva

Xenia Tchoumitcheva, also known professionally as Xenia Tchoumi, is a Russian-Swiss fashion model, blogger and entrepreneur.

Xenia Tchoumitcheva

Xenia has fully gone international, mixed with her modelling, and as a top Swiss fashion blogger.

She is a great influencer that’s always featured in the leading Swiss media and coupled with her huge social media following!

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: http://chicoverdose.com/
Twitter Page: 46.2k Followers
Instagram Page: 1.6m Followers
Facebook Page: 5.7m Likes

10. Sandra Bauknecht

Sandra Bauknecht is a top Swiss blogger with an impressive curriculum in fashion.

Sandra Bauknecht

Her blog Sandra’s Closet is all about what she calls her true love: FASHION. And she shares her passion with everyone, with insights that she earned through been a stylist and fashion designer, plus years of working as an editor for the fashion magazine, Marie Claire.

She is taking the number one spot in the biggest star and fashion events at Zurich since her closest rivals Xenia Tchoumi and Kristina Bazan can hardly be seen in Switzerland.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Blog: http://www.sandrascloset.com/
Twitter Page: 2.6k Followers
Instagram Page: 24.7k Followers
Facebook Page: 204k Likes

And these are the Top 10 Swiss Bloggers for 2019!

Though the numbers are arguable, in all sincerity those are indeed the biggest influencers in Switzerland at the moment as a number of followers reflects the audience or the very level of engagements by the audience.

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