Top 10 Australian Bloggers & How Aussie Blogs Make Money Blogging


Australian bloggers are quite a bunch, from awesome fashion blogs down to Aussie travel blogs with local travel guides for anyone planning to travel to the largest country in Oceania and world’s sixth-largest by total area.

Or perhaps, you’re just looking out for some good old fashion tips, best Australian bloggers surely will have you pretty occupied with seasoned contents filled with inspiration.

Australian-BloggersFind below, Australia’s hottest bloggers and influencers, whose tips, advice and inspiration, are looked forward to by millions of followers both on their blogs and Instagram feed!

The Top 10 Australian Bloggers

1. Caroline & Craig Makepeace

Finding a couple who are both bloggers is rare! Caroline & Craig Makepeace have been on it for over 20 years now, running the most popular travel blog in Australia, YTravelBlog, which covers awesome interviews with locals with some great in-depth articles.

Caroline & Craig

They launched their blog in 2010, and initially focused on building a brand around the family-travel angle, now the couple have already carved a niche for themselves. The blog currently draws over 2.5 million page views per month, and have made the couples who originally hails from the Central Coast of Australia, hugely popular.

The couples are sure living or let’s say, travelling their dream!

Blog details & Stats

Twitter Page: 52.8k Followers
Facebook Page: 56k Likes
Instagram: 42.3k Followers

2. Alesha Bradford & Jarryd Salem

Here comes yet another couple bloggers from Australia, Alesha Bradford and Jarryd Salem have been doing their thing since 2013 without breaking a sweat!

Alesha & Jarryd

Their blog, Nomadasaurus is among Australia’s biggest travel blogs and documents their journeys, mostly overland from Australia to Asia, and their adventures all over the world including New Zealand. They specifically preferred to travel overland than by airplane so that their mission to fully explore as much of the world as possible is attainable.

They both have some really amazing stories with pretty cool little guides to remote places, including New Zealand as well as most parts of Asia and Africa.

Blog details & Stats

Twitter Page: 52.8k Followers
Facebook Page: 90.4k Likes
Instagram: 91.3k Followers

3. Brooke Saward

Brooke started her journey when she was 20 and still going strong! Brooke grew up in Tasmania and couldn’t wait to get out and explore what the world had to offer. Starting in Paris and later to Budapest, Brooke has been on to travel through Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, including North and South America and of course.

 Brooke Saward

She has visited some unpopular travel destinations like Wanaka, Dunedin, Mt Cook, and even the Catlins, with all her adventures chronicled on her blog.

Blog details & Stats

Twitter Page: 28.6k Followers
Facebook Page: 596k Likes
Instagram: 597k Followers

4. Sara Crampton

Sara Crampton is a fashion and style blogger, she launched her blog Harper and Harley in 2008, been one of the pioneers of style blogging in Australia.

Sara Crampton

Her blog has grown to become a portal of rather timeless wardrobe essentials and inspiration with glorified minimalism.

Blog details & Stats

Twitter Page: 14.7k Followers
Facebook Page: 269k Likes
Instagram: 563k Followers

5. Carmen Hamilton

Carmen Hamilton is an influencer and fashion blogger that blogs at Chronicles of Her, which she started in 2011.

Carmen Hamilton

The blog is now daily inspiration for women real style in Australia and across the world. She offers tips on pretty cool old fashion & beauty tricks, to inspire people’s daily outfits, and chronicles stuff a fashionista would definitely enjoy.

Blog details & Stats

Facebook Page: 119k Likes
Instagram: 301k Followers

6. Kaitlyn Ham

Kaitlyn Ham is a fashion blogger with minimalist looks enjoying classic and monochromatic modern twist.

Kaitlyn Ham

Her blog, Modern Legacy is where she chronicles her latest fashion tips and advice.

Blog details & Stats

Twitter Page: 2k Followers
Facebook Page: 3k Likes
Instagram: 312k Followers

7. Anthony Bianco

Anthony, a self-proclaimed travel addict, and founder of The Travel Tart is a more open view of the world.

Anthony Bianco

Anthony Bianco isn’t the usual Instagram shutter of shirtless or bikini poses. But instead, he makes use of rather fussy infographics, and super hilarious Russian swear-words, like how to discover cheap tickets for flight on the dodgy way or perhaps the worst movies experience for travelers.

Blog details & Stats

Twitter Page: 26.5k Followers
Facebook Page: 5k Likes

8. Chris Walker-Bush

Chris Walker-Bush is yet another popular Aussie travel blogger who calls himself a full-time traveler.

Chris Walker-bush

He was never in tune with the regular 9to5 lifestyle, though Chris was late to travel blogging and only made his first away flight from Australian at 23, he has fully made up for the lost time!

Blog details & Stats

Twitter Page: 38k Followers
Facebook Page: 3.7k Likes
Instagram: 19.5k Followers

9. Kate Waterhouse

Kate is the founder of the fashion blog, she is a journalist, presenter and media personality, and radio talent that is currently an ambassador for Gordon’s Gin and Lexus Australia.

Kate Waterhouse

She is represented by RGM Artists Management, and her blog is the go-to fashion portal in Australia, with reporting on fashion trends, beauty and lifestyle, featuring surreal celebrity interviews.

Blog details & Stats

Twitter Page: 25.2k Followers
Facebook Page: 15k Likes
Instagram: 159k Followers

10. Amanda Kendle

Amanda Kendle has been blogging since 2005, while she started travelling at a very young age when she was only nine.

Amanda Kendle

She got her first taste through a trip by the family to Europe. She has traveled to Japan, Germany and Slovakia, including other 40 countries and still counting. In her words, there isn’t anything like breathing the fresh air of a new destination, seeing new people, or hearing some new languages.

Blog details & Stats

Twitter Page: 3k Followers
Facebook Page: 2k Likes
Instagram: 1.2k Followers

Are you surprised that our top Australian bloggers all fall into either Travel blogs or fashion and style? They are the ones doing great stuff over there!

And of course, the Aussies are such great travellers and fashion people. Nonetheless, the list is not an all-inclusive list of all the best bloggers, but certainly has some of the best Aussie bloggers you can find, as our list is limited.

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Top 10 Philippine Bloggers And How Filipino Blogs Make Money Blogging


The Philippines is home to some fabulous top Filipino bloggers, and these will be forming our top 10 Philippine bloggers who we think are worth to follow – and you’ll surely agree with us after going through the list.


While these best Philippine bloggers are also social influencers who command so many engagements from many enthusiasts from around the world with their super-unique style of blogging, ranging from tech tips, and innovative beauty and style trends.

Whether in the Philippines or even across the globe, these top bloggers have made themselves demigods with their online presence, by attracting huge followers who engage and share their unique contents, with tips and advice for all to get inspiration.

The Top 10 Philippine Bloggers


1. Abe Olandres

Abe is the founder of YugaTech, which is the topmost technology blog in Philippines. The blog averages 3 million page views per month, with earnings coming mostly from direct ads and sponsorship.

Abe Olandres

YugaTech also won the Tatt Awards in 2014, and the blog is still waxing stronger.

Blog & Abe Olandres’ Net Worth

Net Worth: USD 100k – 1M (Approx)

2. Vince Golangco

Vince Golangco is another successful Filipino blogger with more than 1.5 million page views per month on his blog, WhenInManila.

Vince Golangco

The blog covers topics on mainly entertainment, lifestyle and travel, while it makes money via affiliate marketing, direct sponsorship and ads.

Blog & Vince Golangco’s Net Worth

Net Worth: USD 100k – 1M (Approx)

3. Gretchen Gatan

Gretchen Gatan is a beauty and lifestyle blogger, who has previously worked as a managing editor for a beauty magazine and online shop, plus as a makeup artist.

Gretchen Gatan

She is very influential on Instagram with 19.6k followers, and also uses her blog, Greta’s Junkyard, as a creative outlet for writing on beauty and lifestyle topics, as well as random posts on her favorite stuff.

Blog & Gretchen Gatan’s Net Worth

Net Worth: USD 100k – 1M (Approx)

4. Daniel Gubalane

Daniel Gubalane is a popular Pinoy tech blogger, and his blog ( cover technology tips, ranging from the latest tech news, tutorials and mobile device guide.

Daniel Gubalane

He makes money through his blog with AdSense, affiliate marketing and freelancing.

Blog & Daniel Gubalane’s Net Worth

Net Worth: USD 100k – 1M (Approx)

5. Mark Macanas

Mark Macanas is the brain behind TechPinas, which covers mainly technology news, from tech tips and tutorials, down to gadget reviews, this is your go-to tech blog as far as the Philippines is concerned.

Mark Macanas

TechPinas is hugely popular, and ranks amongst the best blogs in the world.

Blog & Mark Macanas’ Net Worth

Net Worth: USD 100k – 1M (Approx)

6. Laureen Uy

Laureen Uy is a Filipino fashion blogger and also co-founder of the clothing line, Stylebreak.


Her blog is known as Break My Style, it covers the latest fashion and style, with her travel adventures and other miscellaneous updates!

Blog & Laureen Uy’s Net Worth

Net Worth: USD 100k – 1M (Approx)

7. Kryz Uy

Kryz Uy is one of the highly-rated bloggers in Philippines. With her lifestyle and travel blog covering her sartorial adventures and beauty tips.


She is also highly influential on Instagram with over 600k followers.

Blog & Kryz Uy’s Net Worth

Net Worth: USD 100k – 1M (Approx)

8. David Guison

David Guison is behind the top menswear blog DGMANILA, which he launched in 2009, and has consistently provided quality content that covers a wide range of topics like fashion and fitness, and food to tech, travel.etc


He is equally influential on Instagram with about 350k followers on Instagram and 187K subscribers on YouTube.

Blog & David Guison’s Net Worth

Net Worth: USD 100k – 1M (Approx)

9. Jackie Go

Jackie Go is a lifestyle blogger, she started her blog “Go Jackie Go” in 2010 and has continued to do great stuff online which has paved the way for her to collaborate with some major brands, like Smart Telecommunications, P&G, Dyson and Estee Lauder.


Her blog is a true window into her life, profiling all her victories & triumphs, first as a parent, and then her food discoveries and workouts to maintain a healthy life.

Blog & Jackie Go’s Net Worth

Net Worth: USD 100k – 1M (Approx)

10. Seph Cham

Seph Cham is from Manila and runs a lifestyle blog that covers men’s fashion, urban grooming, and lifestyle, as well as food and travel.


He is quite active on Instagram with an impressive following!

Blog & Seph Cham’s Net Worth

Net Worth: USD 100k – 1M (Approx)

These are without doubts the very top bloggers in the Philippines and they are there to motivate and inspire the upcoming bloggers with their unique style, innovative and engaging personalities.

Now you know who are the best blogging experts in the Philippines and the list of their blogs.

You can get in touch with these bloggers or follow their blogs to learn how they blog.

These Philippine bloggers have their social media channels and they are active as well.

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Top 10 Brazilian Bloggers Blogs And How They Make Money Blogging


If you think Brazilians are only good in football, then you’ll be amazed at how spectacular the top Brazilian bloggers are on this list!

Blogging in Brazil is really hot and the country is fortunate to have the very best of bloggers who can equally stand toe-to-toe with any of the top-gun countries, like America and India.

If you’re passionate about following the latest tech news, fashion or beauty tips, then you don’t want to miss these Brazil’s hottest bloggers.

You can easily find the hottest fashion trends, or learn some new beauty tips, and even find a business idea for your next Startup, especially if you are looking towards establishing in the huge Latin American countries.

Brazil, as the largest country in Latin America with about 208 million people, and the fifth most populous country in the world isn’t one you can ignore.

Top 10 Brazilian Bloggers and their Blogs


1. Camila Coelho

Camila, a self-proclaimed beauty addict, who has previously worked as a makeup artist, is obviously the person to follow for beauty & fashion tips because she has got the experience and expert tips.


Her blog is where she chronicles her vast experience in fashion and beauty, and it has grown to be among the very best of blogs in Brazil.

Camila Coelho is also very influential on social media, like Instagram with about 7 million followers, 3 million on YouTube and over 3 million on Facebook and she is a full-time professional blogger, making money off her web assets!

In fact, Camila is a member of the famous YouTube Star list, offering both Portuguese and English language fashion and beauty tips on her YouTube channel and eponymous blog.

Blog & Camila Coelho’s Net Worth

Net Worth: USD 2.8 Million

2. Marcos Lemos

Marcos is a popular tech blogger known for his blog, which publishes tutorials, tips and tech help articles, as well as content on new media and social networks, services, equipment and systems.


The Blog also made the finalists from all categories for Top Brasil Blogs in 2011 awards. He makes money through AdSense, Affiliate marking and freelancing.

Blog & Marcos Lemos’s Net Worth

Net Worth: USD 100k – 1M (Approx)

3. Patty Martins

Patty Martins is famous for her food blog,, which name ”Aqui na Cozinha” literally translates to “here in the kitchen” and it’s a collection of original recipes with Brazilian flavours.


If you like good food, then the blog should be on your favourites list.

Blog & Patty Martins’s Net Worth

Net Worth: USD 100k – 1M (Approx)

4. Lia Camargo

Lia is a fashion designer based in São Paulo, who is now turned to a fashion blogger. Her website, Just Lia, was launched in 2001, where she covers all about her life and tips on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.


She also gave some great followings on social media, including Instagram and YouTube.

Blog & Lia Camargo’s Net Worth

Net Worth: USD 100k – 1M (Approx)

5. Luis Nassif

Luis Nassif’s blog ( is provides an alternative view to regular Brazilian political news, as well as critical analysis on current events.


As a well-established journalist, Luis Nassif is locally known for his expertise as well as strong criticism of major mainstream media reporting.

Blog & Luis Nassif’s Net Worth

Net Worth: USD 100k – 1M (Approx)

6. Luiza Brasil

Luiza is hot! She is a Brazilian fashion blogger who has been featured in popular media like CNN and has a cult-like following on social media.


Her blog ( is quite popular among fashionistas who surf for fashion and beauty tips. In fact, she is described as been at the front and center on the Brazilian fashion scene.

Blog & Luiza Brasil’s Net Worth

Net Worth: USD 100k – 1M (Approx)

7. Camila Coutinho

Camila Coutinho is best known as a social media influencer, with her Instagram channel reaching over 2 million followers, and her blog ( was awarded the Best Blogger at Glamour’s Generation Awards in 2016.


She has partnered with some luxury brands like Dior, Harrods, and Jimmy Choo, in their promotional campaigns.

Blog & Camila Coutinho’s Net Worth

Net Worth: USD 100k – 1M (Approx)

8. Mariah Bernardes Maia

Mariah Bernardes is a graduate of FAAP fashion, with her blog ( started in 2007 to share fashion ideas, hair tips, makeup, recipes, and just about anything she fancies!


She is an astute Blogger and businesswoman living her dream life in São Paulo, Brazil.

Blog & Mariah Bernardes Maia’s Net Worth

Net Worth: USD 100k – 1M (Approx)

9. Helena Lunardelli

Helena started blogging as early as in 2012, with her own blog ( showing her true passion for fashion, beauty tips and home decorating.


She is pretty popular on the gram, with over 400k followers on Instagram alone, which makes her definitely one to watch!

Blog & Helena Lunardelli’s Net Worth

Net Worth: USD 100k – 1M (Approx)

10. Lu Ferreira

Certainly not the least of them all, Ferreira’s blog, Chata de Galocha is filled up with top fashion and beauty tips, and she also has own clothing line, has partnered with some of the top fashion brands, like Kate Spade, Clinique, and Lacoste, among others.


If you are looking for the best travel tips or latest fashion news, and even the unusual most delicious recipes, don’t fail to check out her blog!

Blog & Lu Ferreira’s Net Worth

Net Worth: USD 100k – 1M (Approx)

Congratulations to you, if you made this list! As this is a very comprehensive list of the best individual top bloggers in Brazil at the moment.

We would really love to hear your feedback! Let us know what you think of our Top Brazilian bloggers’ list via any of our social media channels!

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After all this, I invite you to start your own blog today and get online.

I started as a blogger and now I write for various blogs and earn money blogging every day.

You can easily start a blog by registering a domain name and hosting it on WordPress.

Top 10 Pakistani bloggers and how they earn money blogging


Pakistan bloggers are emerging as a great force to reckon with in the world of blogging; as they are among the most hardworking and professionals in the game of making money blogging!

Hence, we are dedicating this blog post to profiling the very best of top Pakistani bloggers who have distinguished themselves and have recorded milestones in their individual blogging career.

Indeed, the country has produced a number of spectacular bloggers, which despite the seemingly myriad of problems they face, are among those topping the list of rising Internet frontier economies in the world.

Find below our list of the top 10 Pakistan bloggers and their blogs, which without a doubt are the very best, and how they make money online through blogging!

The Top 10 Pakistani bloggers

Blogging has become a huge attraction for many people owing to the glamour and panache exhibited by successful professional bloggers from around the world. And that also includes those we have listed here, who are the very best of Pakistani bloggers.

1. Syed Moiz Balkhi

Syed Moiz Balkhi is a Pakistani (and American entrepreneur) known for his blog WPBeginner, and also founding of OptinMonster, along with his work around WordPress resource, including MonsterInsights and WPForms, among others.


Syed acquired the popular Yoast’s Google Analytics plugin, in April 2016, which plugins have been downloaded more than 21 million times.

He has been featured in many popular online portals like Mashable, Yahoo, Huffington Post, Business Insider, and many others. His money making sources include AdMob, premium subscriptions, direct ads and affiliate commissions.

Blog & Gross Monthly Earnings

Gross Monthly Earnings: USD 25,000

2. Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

Mustafa Ahmedzai is among the pioneers of blogging in Pakistan and an astute professional. He started his blogging career in 2008, and have evolved to full time blogging entrepreneur.

He currently has 5 employees who are working on his blogs:,, and


But between the 3 blogs, he is most known for, which every newbie blogger must have come across in the quest to solve blogging issues. The majority of his earning come from Google AdSense, Affiliate marketing and paid advertisements.

Blog & Gross Monthly Earnings

Gross Monthly Earnings: USD 25,000

3. Shahzaib Ul Hassan

Shahzaib is famous for his blog ShazzSEO where he provides top quality articles on search engine optimizations (SEO) and freelance solutions. He is credited to be behind such projects like PakistanRanking, Otrainings, and Shspot which are targeted at teaching the upcoming generation the online money game.


He started blogging as far back as 2009, and has been providing top services in Lahore with passion and dedication, also spreading his great knowledge to many around the world.

Blog & Gross Monthly Earnings

Gross Monthly Earnings: USD 20,000

4. Taimur Asad

Asad is famous for his blog, which revolves around technology news and reviews.

The blog is earning up to 20 thousand dollars per monthly, mainly from AdSense and affiliate marketing, on which basis his name should be on the list of successful bloggers in Pakistan.

Taimur Asad

In fact, Taimur Asad is such a brilliant blogger that he can’t go unnoticed anywhere.

Blog & Gross Monthly Earnings

Gross Monthly Earnings: USD 20,000

5. Amir Atta

Amir is the brain behind the successful blog, which mainly focuses on technology and telecom news. But lately, the blog has come to include Business news, Sports, and Lifestyle related Topics.


He has consistently proven that useful contents work, and that remains his greatest strategies for making money and getting lots of jobs online.

Blog & Gross Monthly Earnings

Gross Monthly Earnings: USD 15,000

6. Ali Raza

Ali is a popular Pakistani blogger from Lahore, with his blog covering topics on online marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and online business. He is officially certified by both Google and Microsoft, making him an astute internet entrepreneur.


Also, he has worked with various top companies around the globe managing their digital marketing campaigns.

Blog & Gross Monthly Earnings

Gross Monthly Earnings: USD 8,000

7. Abdul Wali

Abdul runs, which publishes thousands of video and article tutorials for academics, and also serves to connect Pakistani Students to the best Instructors from around the World.


He surely deserves a place on this list, as one of the most influential and successful bloggers in Pakistan, even though many of his video tutorials are in Urdu/Hindi languages.

Blog & Gross Monthly Earnings

Gross Monthly Earnings: USD 7,000

8. Ahmad Awais

Awais is a Pakistani blogger with his blog, focusing on WordPress solutions, including open source and business related contributions. He has worked with leading brands for advertisements such as Warid Telecom and many others.


His blogging revenue comes mostly from paid services and plugins, which are designated products on his pages.

Blog & Gross Monthly Earnings

Gross Monthly Earnings: USD 5,000

9. Shehab Farrukh Niazi

The first female on this list, Shehab Farrukh is a go-getter and astute professional blogger from Pakistan with lots of experience having served as editor of the popular UK Hello! Magazine.


She blogs at, which is fashion and style portal that is most attractive to the urban chic! Her money making prowess stems from fashion accessories sale and many promotional offers.

Blog & Gross Monthly Earnings

Gross Monthly Earnings: USD 5,000

10. Mohsin Ali Waheed

Mohsin Waheed is behind, where he writes on authentic and proven ways of making money and online businesses generally. What people really want to know, as everyone online nowadays wants to learn how to earn online, now wonder he has been successful.


The blog was started as a way to teach people using lots of videos in the Urdu language that can help local Pakistani people to learn many of the valuable stuff.

Blog & Gross Monthly Earnings

Gross Monthly Earnings: USD 3,000

These are the very best and top bloggers making the top 10 Pakistani bloggers on our list! But we sincerely respect every other hard working bloggers out there especially those from Pakistan, who didn’t make this list.

And we’ll continue to wish all the bloggers a happy blogging journey ahead, and most probably many of the young bloggers will be able to take a place in the upcoming list of Top Pakistani Bloggers.

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Ok, now you know the top bloggers and their blogs that make money online.

It’s your turn to start a blog that matters and grow it for your future.

Top 10 Indian Bloggers and How they make money blogging


Have you ever wondered who the top bloggers in India are and how they make money blogging?

Blogging in India has come a long way, and the country boasts of having perhaps the highest number of professional bloggers.

In fact, there are currently hundreds of thousands of bloggers in India who make money through blogging, albeit it is hard to actually have these bloggers reveal their amount of income.

Come along with me, as we dissect the top bloggers in India, how they started their blogging journey and make their money blogging.

The Top 10 Indian Bloggers

There are quite a huge number of Indian bloggers who are making money online with their blogs and through AdSense, affiliate marketing, Freelancing etc. Find our list of Top 10 Indian bloggers below:


1. Amit Agarwal

Amit is the most popular of the lots! He is an engineer and professor at the department of mechanical engineering in the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay, where he leads a group of researchers involved in the development of the next-generation diagnostic micro-devices.


But beyond that, Amit is well known for his technology blog: blog which covers software tools and technologies, including how-To guides on consumer electronics and mobile applications.

Amit had previously worked at ADP Inc. and for clients like Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs. However, he quit his job to become the first truly Professional Blogger from India.

His blog averages about 3 million traffic per month and he writes mainly on technology. With such traffic and niche, his monthly earning in AdSense alone as per MonsterInsights are around $10k, and he also participates in a number of affiliate programs.

Blog & Gross Monthly Income

Gross Monthly Income: USD 60,000

2. Faisal Farooqui

Faisal holds a bachelor’s degrees from the State University of New York and Information Systems and Finance but left the United States for India after his study to start, a popular consumer gadgets review blog.


He has been featured among the Top Business People in India in Entrepreneur Magazine in recognition of his role in consumer product review with his blog as a contribution to solving the needs of Indian consumers to have a really unbiased review of products.

Faisal makes money online through a premium membership, paid advertisement, affiliate marketing, etc.

Blog & Gross Monthly Income

Gross Monthly Income: USD 49,000

3. Harsh Agarwal

Harsh Agarwal quit his day job after working for just 6 months at Accenture. He decided to opt instead for blogging as a career, and he never looked back afterwards. He is making our number 3 on the list because of his hard work at where he writes on blogging tips!


The blog covers different blogging related topics like how to start and monetize a blog, and various other topics such as Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, WordPress SEO (Search Engine Optimization). etc

He makes money through blogging and other online activities, which accrues to more than $550K per year. has won several awards, including the best Indian blog awards which it clinched numerous times.

Blog & Gross Monthly Income

Gross Monthly Income: USD 32,400

4. Shradha Sharma

Shradha is India’s number 1 female blogger. She founded in the year 2008 after haven worked as an assistant VP at CNBC TV18 and brand adviser at The Times of India.


In fact, Shradha has proven that what a man can do, women too can do and even better. As the leading female blogger on this list, she has really earned it, haven done pretty amazing things with her blog.

Blog & Gross Monthly Income

Gross Monthly Income: USD 30,000

5. Varun Krishnan

Varun runs, a blog dedicated to mobile phones, reviews and technology news, which has made him a name in the blogging community regarding his unbiased analyses and reviews that readers find pretty helpful.


His blog is very highly rated in India and makes him a decent revenue doing what he loves and knows best. And he gets a steady flow of income from direct paid advertisement, AdSense and affiliate marketing.

Blog & Gross Monthly Income

Gross Monthly Income: USD 22,000

6. Srinivas Tamada

Srinivas is a professional Indian blogger that focuses on web programming and related topics. He has a very large following, as the reference point for most students and tech individuals who depend on his practical assistance and knowledge on programming and web design.


He blogs at, which is among the top technology blogs in India commanding millions of dedicated readers who come to learn from his blog.

Blog & Gross Monthly Income

Gross Monthly Income: USD 20,000

7. Ashish Sinha

After career spells at reputable international companies like IBM and Yahoo, Ashish Sinha ventured into blogging by starting a blog he called Pluggd in 2007. His wealth of experience in the corporate world really helped him to build up the blog that will be greatly appreciated by the target audience.


However, he later rebranded the blog, and named it while still focusing on hot topics like Start-ups and Entrepreneurship which helped it to gain ground the fastest. The blog also serves as a reference point for many Product Marketers, analysts, Product Managers, for research purposes.

Blog & Gross Monthly Income

Gross Monthly Income: USD 18,000

8. Arun Prabhudesai

The founder of, Arun Prabhudesai is a passionate blogger, that has continued to influence his audience with his great tips and tricks, ensuring a regular flow of valuable insights to his esteemed readers.


Before launching the blog in 2007, Arun worked as a manager in an Internet services company where he enjoyed the privilege of helping in setting up one of the first private Service Company in the country. But he left the company later to join another tech company called, Webtech Developers PVT Ltd.

He currently earns from affiliate marketing, AdSense, and directly paid advertisement, which has made him one of the most successful bloggers from Indian.

Blog & Gross Monthly Income

Gross Monthly Income: USD 15,000

9. Nandini Shenoy

Nandini launched Pinkvilla in 2007 which focuses on gossips, entertainment and fashion, especially about Bollywood news. But though, she is Indian, Pinkvilla is managed from her base in the US.


After her graduation in India, Nandini moved to USA for her Masters, and she worked afterwards as a software engineer at Microsoft. We deem her worthy of this list because Nandini is still more interested in her country, India with her blogging around Bollywood news and film industry in general.

Blog & Gross Monthly Income

Gross Monthly Income: USD 15,000

10. Anand Khanse

A businessman who ventured into the world of blogging by launching TheWindowsClub in April 2009. Anand is often considered to be within the realm of a younger generation of bloggers, even though his age is a little advanced.


TheWindowsClub is an online source to help both amateurs and newbies to troubleshoot their Windows machine or operating system without resorting to expert technicians.

Blog & Gross Monthly Income

Gross Monthly Income: USD 12, 000

Obviously, arriving at this list wasn’t easy, as there are several other top bloggers from this part of the world who have carved a niche within the bigger picture that also deserves a mention, but our list is quite limited.

We invite you to take a cue from the top bloggers in India that we have showcased here, and read their stories and see how you too can take your blogging career to the next level.

So now you know the top 10 Indian bloggers and their blogging incomes.

What are you going to do about it after reading this blog post?

Are you going to start your own blog and make money blogging or are you just going to read this and walk away?

I recommend you start a blog that matters in the niche you will fall in love to write each day.

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If you need help or any advice get in touch with me or via the live chat support at SeekaHost.

This guide on How to start a WordPress blog by John Bucalo is the great starting point.

I wish you all the success and look forward to writing for your blog one day.

Top 10 American bloggers and their blogs for you to follow


Blogging is super-fascinating, and where else can you find the best Bloggers, if not in America? The United States is home to the most awesome and interesting Bloggers and these are our Top 10 American bloggers and their blogs for you to follow.


While these blogs are among the most incredible that you can ever come across with valuable insights that you’re likely never gonna find anywhere else. If you are looking forward to delving into a few hours of surfing through quality articles and tips, then these are indeed the resources you’re sure going to love.

And kindly note that we removed all the top blogs run by companies, leaving only those blogs that still have a human face running them.

Top 10 American Bloggers Blogs

1. Mario Lavandeira

Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr., also known as Perez Hilton is an American blogger and media personality, with his blog,, known for covering gossips around celebrities. He is also popular for tabloid photographs with his own captions or “doodles” as he calls it.


Blog details & Stats

Twitter Page: (6M followers as of September 2019)
Facebook Page: (1.9M likes as at September 2019)
Net Worth: $30 million

2. Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo is an American fashion entrepreneur and influencer, cum Blogger born February 28, 1986, in New York, USA. Her blog at Olivia Palermo’s blog explore latest updates on fashion, style and beauty and lots more. From posts on accessories, fashionista bags, clothes and all things fashion, you can’t go wrong in your fashion taking a clue from her.


Blog details & Stats

Twitter Page: (428k followers as of September 2019)
Facebook page: (1.1M likes as at September 2019)
Net worth: $10 million dollars

3. Jason Kottke

Jason Kottke is a graphic designer and web designer, famous for his blog Jason won a Lifetime Achievement Award as a blogger.


Blog details & Stats

Twitter Page: (50k likes as at September 2019)
Facebook Page: (21k likes as at September 2019)
Net worth: Not available

4. Shea Marie

Shea Marie is a Blogger and social media influencer known for her fashion and lifestyle blog, Peace Love Shea. As a fashion consultant and model, she has collaborated with top brands like Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Dior. She also has been featured in top world magazines like Glamour and Harper’s Bazaar.


Blog details & Stats

Twitter Page: (30k likes as at September 2019)
Net worth: $100K-$1M (Approx.)

5. Heather Armstrong

Heather Armstrong is an American blogger who writes under the pseudonym of Dooce, a pseudonym from her inability to quickly spell “dude” while chatting online with her former co-workers.


Blog details & Stats

Twitter Page: (1.2M likes as at September 2019)
Facebook Page: (17K likes as at September 2019)
Net Worth: $100K-$1M (Approx.)

6. Sheryl Luke

A member of the famous Blogger list, Sheryl Luke is an LA-based fashion blogger and creator of Walk in Wonderland blog where she shares travel stories, fashion and influences. She has been featured in Just Fab, Hipsters for Sisters and many more top sites.


Blog details & Stats

Twitter Page: (9.5k followers as of September 2019)
Facebook page: (537k likes as at September 2019)
Net Worth: $100K-$1M (Approx.)

7. Joshua Micah Marshall

Joshua Micah Marshall formerly worked as a magazine editor, but he chose to vent on the web. And eight years later, his blog Talking Points Memo draw in more than 400,000 viewers a day from their base in New York.


Blog details & Stats

Twitter Page: (278k followers as of September 2019)
Facebook page: (399k likes as at September 2019)
Net Worth: $100K-$1M (Approx.)

8. Gabi Gregg

Gabi Gregg started off a blog to show what’s impeccably stylish and colourful. With her posts full of life just like her outfits, and so is her Premme clothing line for plus sizes. She collaborated with ‘Playful Promises’ and ‘Swimsuits’ to purchase what she calls ‘the fatkini’ fashion.


Blog details & Stats

Twitter Page: (67k followers as of September 2019)
Facebook Page: (219k likes as at September 2019)
Net Worth: $500,000 – $1M (Approx.)

9. Julie Sariñana

Julie Sariñana started her blog, Sincerely Jules in 2009, which was pretty early compared to many of her peers. With easy and approachable style, she has translated it into her own line of t-shirts, printed with inspirational, but somewhat occasionally irreverent, quotes.

Julie Sariñana

Blog details & Stats
Twitter Page: (60k followers as of September 2019)
Facebook Page: (63k likes as at September 2019)
Net Worth: $800,000

10. Aimee Song

Aimee Song is best for her blog “Song of Style” which is one of the few top fashion blogs. She was born in Los Angeles, California and has risen to a mega-influencer status within a short time frame.


Blog details & stats

Twitter Page: (70k followers as of September 2019)
Facebook Page: (846K likes as at September 2019)
Net Worth: $450,000

Again, we intentionally excluded that blogger who has expanded the empire to the extent that the blog is no longer theirs, or those that are already acquired by a known company.

Why did we go that way?

Because the growing role of social #Influencers hinges on their personal brands, which is now changing to include their blog, and we felt like this list will make a better representation of the true bloggers.

Now you know the tops bloggers who made it big and make money blogging!

Are you going to just read this and know about them and not take any action to start your blog?

It’s your time to start a blog and reach to become a top blogger one day… If you have the determination and perseverance, you can build a blog or multiple blogs that will create your passive income streams in the future.

The blog for profits course by Fernando Raymond is great starting point.

You can learn some SEO skills to rank your blogs on Google which is the best organic traffic source a blogger.

Start a blog today and build your virtual real estate for the future. 

What High Quality Content Can Do For A Business Blog

Quality content for best business blog

There’s a ceaseless obsession amidst companies, entrepreneurs and businesses to gain high revenue by being placed and ranked at the top spots on Google.

You wonder what the quality of the web content for blogs and websites has to do with that?

Well, search engines like Google constantly check to assess what your content is about, how relevant and genuine it is for your industry and whether your readers or website visitors stick with it.

So, before you go ahead with creating content for your business blog or website, let’s understand what exactly quality content signifies?

How can you turn your average web text into celebrated reads?

Any text or image that’s being displayed on your site is considered web content.

‘Quality Content’ as framed by Google refers to the following: the purpose, specification and uniqueness of each web page’s content.

Does your business website provide enough information about your business and services offered? And have you checked that your content is not plagiarized, but unique, well researched and documented?

By not abiding to the above and instead driving traffic via other means than using comprehensive content your site might be blacklisted. Consequently, your sources of online revenue could vanish.

To avoid that, it is a good idea to have a look at Google’s guidelines for quality content:

  1. Valuable and Helpful

The effectiveness of your writing relies upon whether the end user can gain the required information and if their questions are being satisfactorily addressed. Text that only contains crammed in keywords to increase rankings does not meet these criteria. Google bots will quickly detect in the statistics of your website that readers quickly lose interest and leave. To improve the so-called bounce rate of your site visitors, you should provide enriching content that answers questions or offers innovative ideas.

  1. Useful and Exciting

Audiences crave something new and unique. If your business blog or site is offering exactly what is already prevailing in the online content market, then they will not spend time reading about something they already know. Make your content exciting by revealing new approaches, concepts or simply by offering some food for thought with controversial ideas.

  1. Precise and Trustworthy

Inaccurate facts and figures will degrade the quality of your content, lower the site’s reputation and impact its authority. Cross verify and validate your information before you serve it to your audience and ensure to provide accurate references of the sources you use. High-authority links and interlinking content on your own websites demonstrates relevancy and improves ranks.

  1. Maintain Quality

Great writing also resembles error free and grammatically sound content. It needs to flow and should be easy to read, but highly informative and contextual at the same time. That’s why the structure also matters. Make use of bullet points, different headings, sections or images. Think about the order and how you keep your readers’ eyes glued to your page. In my online course about SEO-friendly content I explain a few success criteria for this, and I show some examples.


There are more factors to consider when trying to create high-quality web content – if you want more check out our SEO copywriting page and services at ClickDo!

How your business can grow with irresistible content

Being aware of what quality content is all about, the next step is to understand how to maintain the above features to aid with driving more traffic and attention to your business website or blog.

  1. Connection with Audience

Remember, sustaining and growing an online presence solely depends on how effectively you attend to your visitors. You can only retain them for a longer period, if they are genuinely satisfied with the information and services you provide. And if you really impress them, they might even share your articles or services on social media channels. Achieving people talking about your content, ideally also the press, is the ultimate goal.

  1. Improving Conversion Rates

Once you have built a steady stream of regular visitors to your site you can observe and analyse their data and behaviours with tools like Google Analytics for example. These insights can be highly useful in reselling and enhancing conversions as you can create more targeted and tailored content campaigns, ads and deals to attract more users.

  1. Increasing Reputation

The better the content quality, the higher your brand’s reputation and authority will be on the online market and in your industry. It could potentially lead to industry experts referring to your blogs, articles or websites and sharing your valuable content with a wider audience, offering you more exposure. You could possibly even be featured in newspapers or magazines.

These are only a few tips and tricks to learn and apply for your business website content.

I have created web content for ClickDo clients that has helped them gain higher ranks on search engines, achieve more traffic and visitors to their websites and ranking for a wider range of keywords that are relevant to their business and niche.

I still work on my own blogs at the same time and have set them all up with SeekaHost.

Content writing for clients business websites

When I started blogging and content writing, I had no clue about WordPress and web hosting. With the very helpful staff and guides at SeekaHost I managed to learn and build my own web content writing skills and earn money online with it.

You can do this too, but you must take the first step and register your domain! Start the journey to online success.

How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners?


Every blogger starting their career with the dream to learn how to make money blogging through it.

If you are looking to jump into it, then you must decide what kind of platform you looking for to build a blog.

Blogging is an art and it helps a lot in sharing the knowledge and information over the web.

Can I make money blogging?

It is not an easy way to make a blog, you must put some efforts to grow it effectively.

There are millions of blogs and many people have started their online careers by starting a blog.

You can see there are so many top bloggers who claim to earn millions of dollars blogging.

Just search for top bloggers in the world and you will see the pros. These are some of the top-earning blogs, that you can see here.

This article about how to make money blogging is specially written for the beginners who start their blog and looking to make money online from their blogs.

How to make money blogging?

First, you must start a blog by doing some keyword research and then get a domain name for the blog.

Build your blog on WordPress as that’s the best blogging platform. This blog is also built on WordPress so we can easily blog publish.

Design the blog in a manner it can be monetized.

Things to be Taken Care:

-> Don’t copy the articles or contents from anywhere. Make sure all your article were unique.

-> Make sure your articles are relevant to your topics and your domain. Avoid publishing irrelevant content.

-> Don’t write a 100 or 200 words articles, because it won’t have elaborate and clear answers. Also, it won’t have any satisfying content in it.

-> Elaborate your answers clearly with Images and Videos on your blog. Make sure your article is not for the words and it is only for the knowledge.


Best ways to make money blogging

Before getting into the steps mentioned below, you must have a blog by yourself. Then after you can start to money blogging.

Most of the people were worried to create a blog because they feeling it as too difficult and technical. But actually it is a simple process and you can get help from our experts to set up your own blog with SEEKAHOST.

If you want to start your blog, then just go through the simple steps in


#1 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the efficient ways to make money online. If you recommend a product or service over online through the customized referral link, then you will get the referral commission if the purchase happens through your link.

If you are decided to start with affiliate marketing, then it is good to recommend the products or services related to your domains. Because it will be easy to promote the product or services relevant to your blog or articles. Also, affiliate marketing is available for every industry.

#2 Adsense

Adsense is another easy way to make money on your blog. There are various online service providers, who will pay you if you show some ads on your website. Google Adsense is one of the best ways to implement it and all you need is to place some scripts on your websites.

Google Adsense for bloggers

Also for WordPress websites, there are various plugins available over the web using which the space for each Advertisement will be allocated automatically. It is the pay per click process, where you will be paid for each click.

#3 Direct Ads

Instead of promoting by inserting codes or plugins or with other service providers, you can allow people to promote their business by placing an Ad on your website. Here you can charge them based on your interest like Pay per click, pay per impression, regular monthly pay or others. So get connected with the right people, promote their business in the right way and earn the profits.

#4 Sponsored Blog Post

If your blog has a good number of visitors with better authority, then people would like to get a referral through your blog as well. Because through the sponsored blog post, someone will be promoting their business by posting on your blog. This will give them some benefits like authority, a good referral, and more conversion as well.

#5 Paid Reviews

Paid reviews are similar to the sponsored post. Mostly, the paid reviews will be written by the person who promotes his brand or service. Sometimes the blogger administrator will also take care of these things for better reach. Also, you can place the affiliate links through the reviews to get paid for conversions.


How to become an Affiliate in SeekAHost and Get Benefits?

Are you thinking of affiliate marketing?

It’s a fantastic way to earn online even on the side without a degree being required. In future, the online marketplace is predicted to grow better than any other platforms. This means online marketplace will offer a great opportunity for all internet users. It will become increasingly competitive every day. With this being said, SeekaHost provides opportunity with Affiliate scheme for anyone to join and earn. If you want be part of affiliate scheme, you must be a registered user in SeekaHost.

(If you’re not a registered user, check on how to register an account in SeekaHost?)

Affilitate Marketing

How to use Affiliate in SeekaHost Platform?

Step1: Login with your SeekaHost Registered Email ID and Password through client area.

Step2: Click on “Affiliates” menu in your client area

Step3: You will get an unique referral link to share.

Step4: If anyone purchases the hosting using with your referral link, you will get affiliate bonus.

Referral Link

Commissions Pending Maturation – Amount in maturation before it’s available to withdraw.

Available Commissions Balance – Total bonus available to withdraw now. ($50 will be added once you have registered as an affiliate)

Total Amount Withdrawn – Total amount you have withdrawn so far.

Step5: “Your Referrals” section will show who has purchased with your referral link.

List of referrals Step6: If your withdrawal amount has reached $100, you will be able to transfer it to your bank account.