List of Top Tech News Websites

Top 40 Tech News Websites List To Follow in 2023

A few decades ago, a discovery in the field of technology was rare and usually unaffordable. People are enthralled but uninterested, and companies serve only a select set of consumers.

Technology has been ever-present but not as accessible as it is today. With the advancements of technology and modernization, every field in the tech space has widened with ranges of products from super cheap to ultra-expensive and the boom of companies around the world. There are now companies and products to serve everyone’s needs and fit everyone’s budgets.

With so much going on in the market all at once. The tech field and the services and products it offers have spanned out to a wide variety, with newer companies emerging, and older ones introducing new lines of products and tie-ups and collaborations between brands, among other kinds of afresh.

It could be overwhelming and confusing for people to catch up and be updated with the latest advancements and buzz in the tech sphere. Tech news, among other sections of news forms and types, has grown in popularity among commoners, with people having an inclination towards keeping up with tech news for buying, selling, and swapping tech products and, to do so, heavily rely on tech news providing channels, news articles websites and other sources. (READ: What are .tech domains and how to buy them?)

List of Top Tech News Websites

The most straightforward and most accessible out of all aforementioned forms of news sources is the internet, i.e., websites. Tech websites have amassed followers and reputations with more and more people depending on them as their daily source of information and entertainment.

From laptops to mobile phones and more. These websites provide one with all they wish and plan to buy or simply wish to know more about.

40 Best Tech News Websites List To Follow

Here, we list down the top 40 such tech news websites for you to meet your daily tech aspirations and gossip. Undeniably, without gadgets, our world would stand at a standstill today, from the tech-savvy geeks to those who merely wish to be well-informed and updated with the latest tech.

  1. TechCrunch

    One of the most popular and sought tech news websites, especially business-related tech searches, profiling new tech businesses, brands, and products. In broadest terms, TechCrunch aims to provide access and limelight to historically underrated and underrepresented in the world of tech.

  2. Gizmodo

    Gizmodo is a website that provides news relating to design, technology, science, and science fiction apps and websites. It’s a one-stop destination for product reviews, gadget guides, and much more. A top-notch website in this sphere for the content it provides and its beautiful User interface and representation. Gizmodo is a must-have on any list of top tech news websites.

  3. TechHive

    As the name suggests, the website provides the latest tech news, reviews, and analysis on smart-home technology on smart-home technology. Covering everything from lighting controls to home security, home entertainment, smart appliances, and a variety of another tech. The website serves a specific audience base and does exceptionally well at that.

  4. Cord Cutter News

    One of the best and most reputed tech news websites in presence. It covers all the news and reviews one needs about on-demand OTT entertainment services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and streaming services like Chromecast, FireTV, Live TV, and Hulu. As the name suggests, the brand aims to help people transcend into the modern way of streaming and viewing entertainment, shows, sports, and more by assisting them to ‘cut off’ their ties with conventional broadband/chord connections and adapt to internet-based streaming services like those mentioned above.

  5. Life Hacker

    Life Hacker is a tech news website with a weekly Q&A session service of sorts. Where their senior Technology Editor, David Murphy, answers bizarre questions asked by users about tech, products, services and more in his weekly tech advice columns. Quirky, fun, and intuitive, the website takes on the tech world, albeit in a fun-loving, easy and candid way. From tech geeks to newcomers into the sphere, everyone is welcome into the Life Hacker world with solutions for the respective question and fun interactions, and a gala time for all. The website is a must-visit and one we certainly had to mention on our list.

  6. ComputerWorld

    Computerworld covers a range of technology topics ranging from core tech services and products like those of Windows, Apple, and MS Office and more common avenues like those of mobiles and web browsers, among others. Additionally, Computer World provides information and news regarding blockchain technology among newer technological advancements and popularity and major tech company news, including the likes of Apple, Google, Microsoft, Intel, and a lot more. The website under one umbrella covers a wide array of news and information content and is a go-to website for innumerable people who wish to stay updated. With all things, tech.

  7. MakeUseOf

    A guide to modern technology and gadgets. The website guides you and teaches you how to use tech, gadgets, and other services around you and make the most out of it. It also lets you discover cool and happening stuff on the internet related to the tech world.

  8. How to Geek

    How to Geek; is an online website cum tech magazine. How to Geek provides you with simple, easy-to-consume, and eye-catchy articles that are an ideal source for getting your tech questions answered, doubts cleared and information updated. To get to know the latest tech and to understand the technicalities or features of gadgets and other products. How to Geek is the place to go.


    The website curates and compiles online coverage of payment and financial news alongside top industry trends along with insights and insider news, reporting on commerce, FinTech, and other likewise innovations. A website for great tech news, specifically for users wishing to get to know and keep up with niche industries dealing in finance through tech.

  10. Product Hunt

    A curation of the best new product launches on a daily basis. Get to discover through Product Hunt the latest news and updates on mobile apps, websites, and technology products that are in the news. A fun, mainstream, and entertaining website. You will surely get hooked and spend a couple of hours scrolling through the website.

  11. PC World

    With a self-explanatory name, the PC world covers everything from laptops to smartphones, from Windows 10 to productivity software. The website deals with everything, PC. Extremely useful for PC owners and businesses running on PC forces, among other utilities. PC World is your go-to site for all information, guide, and expert advice you need to get going with your PC requirements.

  12. CNET

    A world leader in tech news and product reviews, news, prices, videos, forums, articles, how-to guides, and a lot more. A tech news website list without CNET would be incomplete.

  13. Digital Trends

    Digital trends give the latest coverage on tech-related subjects with detailed product reviews and videos. It is one of the most popular websites on the list and also provides users with great tech deals to avail.

  14. Pocket-lint

    A website to scroll through for the newest electronic product reviews, including news on gadgets, digital cameras, home cinema, audio, automobile, mobile phones, and a lot more. Quick, easy, and straightforward. A great website to spend your time on.

  15. ZDNet

    A sought-after website by business technology professionals to keep in touch with the latest IT trends, issues, and events. ZDNet provides breaking news, analysis, and research regarding businesses in the tech field.

  16. Tom’s Guide

    Tom’s guide aims to help you take proper decisions while buying the tech you wish. Guiding you through the technicalities, features, and how you could get the most out of it and solving problems arising even after you have made a purchase.

  17. Slash Gear

    Slash Gear covers articles on technology, science, automotive, gaming, and entertainment that bring out thought-provoking and independent insights from users and readers across the world.

  18. TechRadar

    Another great tech website to get up to date with tech news, reviews, home entertainment systems, gadgets, and a lot more. It is a one-stop destination for all your tech queries and news. It’s one of the most popular ones on the list, make sure to check, TechRadar.

  19. Engadget

    Engadget is a tech news site filled with tech reviews and updates. Growing from an exhaustive source for consumer tech news to a global multimedia organization catering to the needs and wants of people interested in the intersection of technology, gaming, and entertainment. Engadget has come a long way and seems to go way further.

  20. The Next Web

    The Next Web or TNW is a future-proof tech media company that provides original and opinionated stories to Tech-savvy and tech readers.

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  21. GeekWire

    GeekWire is a tech news site with news, updates, articles and commentary, and all forms of nerd content, covering Microsoft, Amazon, Google, the Internet, start-ups, mobile, PCs, geek culture, and more.

  22. Wired

    Owned by Conde Nast, Wired magazine publishes stories focused on how emerging technologies affect cultures, economies, and politics. This is an offbeat website that, although it caters to the tech news in a different aspect. The topics it discusses and its impact and understanding in today’s world are serving a niche audience and one of the lesser-known websites. Extremely important.

  23. The Verge

    The Verge is another of users’ favorite websites, especially if you are more into gadgets and other ‘cool stuff. The Verge is a great resource to cater to your needs. Their YouTube channel, too, serves the same purpose and is one of the best tech video sources to follow for reviews, updates, news, and more. Well produced, presented, and pleasing, their website is aesthetic, with science sections covering interesting scientific theories and happenings. Well-arranged and laid out. You could pick from a variety of categories according to your choice.

  24. VentureBeat

    Focused on covering all the latest and greatest in tech, VentureBeat is purely a tech news website with no nonsense whatsoever. Suppose you wish to get tech news in its most blatant and raw form without any side-lined attractions and gimmicks. This is the site for you. A tech enthusiast, start-up founder, or just someone interested in the topic. VentureBeat is an excellent place to start.

  25. Digital Trends

    A website full of tech information. Product launches, coverage, reviews, detailed analysis, and more. Digital Trends is a great website to stay at the top. A standout feature on their website is the ‘Original series’ tab which covers every topic in-depth in the form of a web series. Entertaining, engaging, and fascinating. It’s a well-made and well-run website. A few suggestions from us for the ‘Original’ series of content would be, The Food Fight, Women with Byte, Digital Trends Live, and Tech for change.

  26. Mashable

    Similar to all others, Mashable is a tech coverage website with content from product launches and tech news around the world. Additionally, Mashable is a full-fledged infotainment service provider, a website containing and covering topics across entertainment, politics, culture, science, business, and more. Always on the lookout for the latest tech news and events. Mashable is a great website if you wish to catch up on a variety of different topics.

  27. The Information

    With the promise of “deeply reported articles about the technology industry that you won’t find elsewhere”, The Information is for those who want to do more than the average ‘tech geek’. The website contains information in long-form articles written by quality journalists to give you an overall view of tech news and advancements. It’s a paid service but worth every penny you would spend.

  28. Term Sheet

    A wing of Fortune Magazine, it is a great website covering topics like finance, politics, and entertainment, on top of technology. An excellent resource for all tech news. Funding announcements, IPOs, product launches, and many more. Term Sheet has got you covered with all the latest and greatest in the field of tech.

  29. Ars Technica

    One of the oldest running publishments, they are running in its third decade of existence and still continues to thrive with its loyal customer base, frequent audiences, and occasional droppers since its inception. Apart from tech, the website also covers business and IT news, gadgets and automobile, science and culture, and much more. There’s like Team Sheet, a subscription plan to get the most out of the website, and an ad-free experience.

  30. Android Authority

    For hard-core smartphone enthusiasts, especially Android ecosystem users and followers. Android Authority is the go-to source for all your needs, questions, and queries about Android. With a YouTube channel alongside daily updates and expert tips, smartphone reviews, app reviews, app rankings, how-to guides, and a bunch of other cool stuff related to smartphones and Android.

  31. Ubergizmo

    Another website to help you make decisions and check out reviews and responses before making a tech purchase is, Ubergizmo. Whether you are looking to buy the latest smartphone or a brand-new laptop, Ubergizmo answers all your question and clear queries before you do so with detailed reviews and expert analysis to help you reach a decision. Apart from gadget reviews and queries, Ubergizmo also covers and is an excellent source for the latest tech news, event and conferences. A must-follow.

  32. 9to5 Mac

    Android users have a website to serve their needs. Apple users deserved one, too, and 9to5 Mac is just that. The latest tech from Apple, iPhone launches, iWatch news, iPad, Apple Music, and all things Apple. The website is a dedicated blog for Apple fans and users. They are one of the most reputed and trusted sources of tech, specifically Apple news. Often clearing out rumors and breaking in product launches/releases. The website is a must-follow source of information for those fascinated and used to everything Apple.

    • Bonus: If you are a Google fan, 9to5 Mac has a sister website that goes by the name of ‘9to5 Google’ and serves the same purpose, albeit for Google.
  33. Tech2

    Tech2 is another tech news website covering multiple avenues of the tech world, including the latest news, laptops, upcoming technology, etc. Additionally, Tech2 covers these aspects in interactive forms like videos, photos, and podcasts for an engaging bond with its users, all related to the latest technology news and trends. Tech2 is definitely, one of the best and most engrossing websites on the list. A must-visit.

  34. MIT Technology Review

    Owned and run by the world-renowned institute of technology in Massachusetts, in the United States of America. MIT Technology review covers an article on Artificial intelligence, Biotechnology, Climate change, Humans & Technology, Computing, and Science, in general. With an objective to bring about well-informed and better-researched and more conscious decisions about technology through authoritative, well-researched, influential and trustworthy journalism.

  35. Recode

    Based in San Francisco, United States of America. Recode by Vox is the preeminent tech, media, and business brand which decodes, uncovers, and explains how our digital world is changing and its effect on us as human beings. Features, tech news, reviews, and analysis by reputed journalists and experts. The website has got it all covered. Coming from the house of Vox, a well-established media and infotainment source. This website is equally engaging and informative. A must-visit for all.

  36. IEEE Spectrum

    An engineering magazine covering the latest tech news and analysis worldwide. With topics such as those, Aerospace, Artificial Intelligence, Biomedical, Computing, Gadgets, Green Tech, robotics, Semiconductors, Sensors, and Telecom.

  37. O’Reilly

    Based in Massachusetts, in the United States of America. The website O’Reilly aims to provide its users access to technology and business knowledge and hone one’s skills with learning technologies and resources created and curated by O’Reilly’s team of experts and professionals. O’Reilly is the learning platform you need to keep up with to be aware of all tech advancements. An extremely useful website. This one’s essential on the list.

  38. TechSpot

    Another one, that’s based in the United States. This tech news website provides tech news and analysis to the PC-driven audience, tech enthusiasts, IT workers, and PC gamers, among a broad spectrum of other users. TechSpot is a leading technology publication established in the year 1998. With over two decades of experience and trust, the website is still going strong and doesn’t seem to slow down anytime soon. A must-check out for its history of confidence, quality, and consistency.

  39. Computerworld

    Computerworld covers a wide range of technological topics, with everything from software, security, operating systems, mobile, storage, servers and data centers, and emerging tech and technology companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Apple. Computerworld, from IDG, is the leading source of technology news and information for IT professionals, tech enthusiasts, or commoners with interest.

  40. Hackaday

    With playful posts, their websites serve as gold standards in entertainment for engineers and engineering enthusiasts. Hackaday serves up Fresh Hacks Every Day from around the internet. With an objective to clear the stereotypes the society has of ‘hacking’ and to put it up as an art form that uses something that was not its original form of usage. This highly creative activity can be highly technical, simply clever, or sometimes, both. Hackers are brought to the limelight and are basked in glory for building instead of buying, repairing instead of trashing, repairing rather than trashing, and raiding junk bins for new innovative and fun projects, with a mix of hacks from around the community as well as their original contents. The website strives to promote the free and open exchange of ideas and information and educate the ones interested in learning the art form of HACKING and provide inspiration and competitions to veterans.

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We hope we can provide our list of the Top 40 tech news websites, sites of choice, and preferences to all our readers. The compilation has been made keeping into account the wants and needs of a broad spectrum of tech-centric individuals, from gaming to hacking, how-to guides, and niche requirements. We have tried to fit it all in.