Top Indian Bloggers and How They Make Money From Blogging

Many people still do not know the importance of blogging and they also do not know the easy ways of earning money online.

The Indian Bloggers Story

Initially, it would be a little difficult to start with, but once you get into blogging, it can be a great startup plan and additional source of income. Nowadays many have become a successful leading entrepreneur with blogging and turned blogging into their ultimate business.

Generally, blogging is one of the most popular online business ideas in India, as it offers a more flexible work life while allowing one to be their own boss. However, that comes with responsibility and requires discipline.

But if blogging is your thing, then it can offer the following advantages:

Kindles your Passion

A blog is a digital portal where one can share their passion online using text and multimedia formats. You are essentially a content creator and people consume your content via the internet.

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Helps you step into Entrepreneurship

If you want to become a professional content creator, then blogging would be a good choice for you. It enhances your ability to create content for various media and channels, which lead to you building your own online presence and business, potentially working with other brands and businesses and collaborators.

Enables you to express yourself

Blogging helps you to share ideas, experiences, tips and your life journey. It can establish you as an expert in your chosen field, turn you into an influencer and help you make your voice heard.

Learn more about how blogging makes your voice heard this video:

Now that you understand the concept of blogging better, we want to focus on bloggers in India who have become successful with what they do.

India’s online business market is rapidly growing, so it’s only logical for us to check out what happens among the bloggers there.

According to Statista, the market value of the e-commerce industry in India was approximately 22 billion U.S dollars in 2018 and it’s estimated to reach 350 billion U.S. dollars by 2030.

With so much potential in India’s online industry, we have listed the top Indian bloggers in different niches to inspire you to start your own blog.

How We Chose the Top Indian Bloggers

Choosing the top Indian bloggers wasn’t just about picking the most popular names. 

We had a clear plan:

  1. We didn’t stick to one subject. Our list has bloggers talking about many things – from Business & Money to Fashion, Tech, Travel, Food, and even Parenting. This way, our readers get a mix of different insights.
  2. In the past, most business owners in India were men. But now, with technology, things are changing. Our list shows this change. We have many women bloggers who are doing great work.
  3. Success isn’t just about earning a lot of money. We looked for bloggers who did something new, faced tough times, or became leaders in what they do. Their stories show that success has many sides, not just a price tag.

So, in no particular order, we list different blog niches and upcoming and established Indian bloggers along with their achievements. Please bear in mind that the information shared was correct at the time of publication, but that it may be subject to change.

Indian Business & Finance Bloggers

1. Manish Chauhan


Topics covered: Financial education, insurance, mutual funds, reviews, money-saving, investment, and workshops

Approximate monthly income: $5,000+

Key income sources: Selling financial books and consultation

Manish Chauhan’s Blogging Journey:

  • Calling Manish a blogger, would be an understatement. He’s a finance expert who makes money matters relatable for everyone.
  • He started “JagoInvestor” in 2007. It is a blog that makes complex finance topics easy to understand.
  • He travels across the country and hosts workshops to help people take charge of finances.
  • He wrote two well-received books: “16 Personal Finance Principles Every Investor Should Know” and “How to Be Your Own Financial Planner in 10 Steps.”
  • His passion for finance guides people to a brighter, more confident financial future.

Twitter followers: 14.6K Followers

2. Pritam Nagrale


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Topics covered: Online earning, money saving, online jobs

Approximate monthly income: $25,000

Key income sources: Paid reviews, sponsored articles, and affiliates

Pritam Nagrale’s Blogging Journey:

  • Originally from Kota, Manish started his blogging journey when he moved to Mumbai in 2008. That was after he completed Engineering at LIT Nagpur.
  • Soon, became a trusted source for online earning tips. This solidified Nagrale’s online presence.
  • Nagrale, however, didn’t stop at one blog. He also launched “”. focuses on online job opportunities and also performs well.
  • Pritam’s journey from modest beginnings to prominence is inspiring for many in the Indian blogging scene.
  • He also founded DMatic Digital, a digital marketing institute.

Instagram followers: 18.2K followers

Indian Fashion Bloggers

1. Malini Agarwal


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Topics covered: Bollywood industry, fashion, beauty tips, lifestyle, arts, culture, career, health and wellness, gadgets

Approximate monthly income: $50,000+

Key income sources: Google AdSense, Sponsorship, etc.

Malini Agarwal’s Blogging Journey:

  • Malini’s journey started from being a DJ on Radio One. Later on, she became the Head of Digital Content for Channel V India.
  • She started her blog as a hobby in 2008, but her dedication and vision turned it into a thriving career.
  • Today, Malini is a prominent celebrity blogger. She has also won the hearts of her readers with her captivating content.
  • While the primary focus remains on Bollywood, Malini’s blog covers a range of topics. These include fashion, beauty tips, lifestyle, arts, culture, career, health and wellness, and gadgets.
  • Malini also extends her success beyond the blogosphere. She has active (and financially rewarding) partnerships with prestigious shows such as Lakme Fashion Week, Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour, India Resort Fashion Week, and more.

Instagram followers: 204k followers

2. Nandini Shenoy


Topics covered: Bollywood news, entertainment, fashion, celebrity gossip

Approximate monthly income: $25,000

Key income sources: Paid reviews, sponsored articles, affiliates, advertisements

Nandini Shenoy’s Blogging Journey:

  • The brains behind PinkVilla, Nandini’s story is one of dedication and transcontinental success.
  • Nandini was born and brought up in India, but she went to the USA for her master’s degree. And that’s where she started (and operates) the blog from.
  • While working at Microsoft, Nandini’s passion for all things Bollywood and fashion led her to start a blog in 2007.
  • Nandini’s husband soon joined her and by 2009, Nandini had quit her job to take up blogging as a full-time career.
  • Today, PinkVilla is a go-to portal for Bollywood enthusiasts and fashion fanatics.

LinkedIn followers: 7,273 followers

Indian Digital Marketing Bloggers

1. Harsh Agarwal


Topics covered: SEO, digital marketing, WordPress, affiliate marketing, making money online

Approximate monthly income: $60,000

Key income sources: Affiliates, Adsense

Harsh Agarwal’s Blogging Journey:

  • Harsh Agarwal is a promising blogger whose name resonates throughout the blogging world.
  • Harsh started his remarkable journey by leaving his job at Convergys in 2008 to follow his passion for blogging.
  • An engineer by profession, he pivoted his career towards blogging. Now his blogs have become a treasure trove of knowledge.
  • Harsh sold ShoutMeLoud in 2021 and announced that he would be turning to a new venture.

He also owns several other websites, like ShoutMeTech, CoinSutra, and more.

  • His primary mission: liberate individuals from traditional jobs and empower them to become their own bosses.

Twitter followers: 41.9k followers

2. Sourav Basak


Topics covered: Business, technology, digital marketing, SEO, social media marketing

Approximate monthly income: $4,000

Key income sources: Sponsored articles, affiliates, contextual ads (Google Adsense), direct ads, guest posting, social media bookmarking services

Sourav Basak’s Blogging Journey:

  • Sourav Basak is a software engineer turned professional blogger from Kolkata, India.
  • Hailing from a middle-class family, it is Sourav’s insatiable passion for technology and blogging that made him the influencing blogger he is today
  • He embarked on his career in the IT industry in 2007 and gained valuable knowledge and technical skills. Later in 2015, Sourav started Namaste UI.
  • Additionally, Sourav manages two other blogs, and ReBlogIt also has a YouTube channel, further expanding its reach in the online world.
  • All his blogs offer a wealth of knowledge on various Internet marketing topics.

Facebook followers: 701K followers

Indian Travel Bloggers

1. Shivya Nath


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Topics covered: Travel experiences, inspiring travel stories, sustainable travel, environmental conservation

Approximate monthly income: $5,000

Key income sources: Affiliate products, sponsored posts, collaborations, book sales

Shivya Nath’s Blogging Journey:

  • At just 23, Shivya Nath broke free from her corporate 9-to-5 job to follow her dream of traveling the world.
  • She took an even bolder step by selling her possessions and becoming a full-time nomad.
  • Shivya’s storytelling talent led her to write a bestselling book “The Shooting Star” in 2018.
  • Passionate about sustainability, she launched The Shooting Star Collection in 2019. With TSSC, she uses fashion to support forest conservation.
  • Beyond her blog, Shivya founded Voices of Rural India in 2020 to empower rural communities through digital storytelling. In 2022, she embarked on a unique project on an island off Chile, working on renewable energy and conservation alongside locals

Instagram followers: 113K followers

2. Anuradha Goyal


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A post shared by Anuradha Goyal (@anuradhagoyal)


Topics covered: Travel, Culture, History, Book Reviews

Approximate monthly income: $1,377

Key income sources: Blogging, Book Reviews, Public Speaking, Workshops

Anuradha’s Blogging Journey:

  • Anuradha began her travel blogging journey in 2004, driven by her passion for exploration.
  • Her blog, IndiTales, is a captivating platform for sharing her adventurous travel stories.
  • Anuradha’s wanderlust led her to explore every corner of India and visit over 15 countries. That’s what enriches her blog with cultural and historical insights.
  • Beyond travel, she delved into book reviews and authored “The Mouse Charmers”. With that, she earned a place in the Limca Book of Records for reviewing over 700 books.
  • Anuradha also assists aspiring non-fiction authors, reviews manuscripts, and promotes books. All this cements her status as a prominent figure in the Indian blogging scene.

Instagram followers: 4,325 followers

Indian Food Bloggers

1. Archana Doshi



Topics covered: Indian recipes, diets, world recipes, healthy diet plans, lunch box ideas, cooking techniques, drink recipes

Approximate monthly income: $7,000

Key income sources: Ads, Brand endorsements, affiliate marketing, and more

Archana’s Blogging Journey:

  • Back in 2007, Archana Doshi embarked on a culinary adventure to promote healthy eating.
  • Through her blog, Archana’s Kitchen, she encourages people to cook nutritious meals themselves.
  • Her blog is a treasure trove of easy-to-follow recipes, complete with quick cooking videos.
  • Archana has become a culinary sensation with a top cooking website and a popular YouTube channel.
  • She’s expanded her influence with a dedicated app, and you can even buy her culinary products on her website!

Instagram followers: 372K followers

2. Swati Sucharita


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A post shared by Swati Sucharita (@sucharita_swati)


Topics covered: Cuisines, Chefs, Indian Cultural Diversity

Approximate monthly income: Not specified

Key income sources: Blogging, Content Consultancy

Swati’s Blogging Journey:

  • After nearly 30 years in print journalism, Swati Sucharita made a digital leap.
  • Her personal blog, “Eatopians Chronicles,” is a food lover’s paradise, featuring diverse cuisines and talented chefs.
  • If you’re passionate about exploring cuisines, Swati’s blog is your culinary compass, offering insights and tips for your gastronomic journey.
  • Beyond food, Swati’s blog uncovers the rich cultural tapestry of Indian cuisine, adding depth to your culinary knowledge.
  • Alongside her blog, she now runs a content consultancy firm while fully embracing her role as a food blogger.

Instagram followers: 3,258 followers

Indian Tech Bloggers

1. Amit Agarwal


Topics covered: Technology, Software, How-to Guides

Approximate monthly income: $80,000

Key income sources: AdSense

Amit’s Blogging Journey:

  • Amit graduated in Computer Science from IIT Roorkee, showcasing his early interest in technology.
  • After initially pursuing a job following his studies, Amit Agrawal ventured into the world of blogging in 2004. He started his journey by writing how-to guides on various technology topics.
  • In the early days when the concept of blogging was relatively new, Amit’s blog, Digital Inspiration, quickly gained traction, and he started earning a substantial monthly income, around INR 10,00,000, within a short span.
  • His expertise in technology blogging also earned him recognition in prestigious publications such as TWS, Forbes, and more.
  • Today, he is renowned as one of India’s foremost bloggers. He holds the distinction

of being the first Indian professional blogger to create web apps and Google add-ons.

LinkedIn followers: 8,840 followers

2. Faisal Farooqui


Topics covered: Consumer Reviews, Product Reviews

Approximate monthly income: $50,434

Key income sources: Affiliates, Ad placements

Faisal’s Blogging Journey:

  • Faisal Farooqui, not your typical blogger, is the brains behind, a big deal in consumer research and services.
  • He studied Information Systems and Finance at the State University of New York before making his way to India.
  • In 2000, he kickstarted, a place for truthful consumer reviews on products and services, filling a need for honest evaluations in India.
  • His dedication to unbiased reviews earned him recognition as one of India’s Top Business People by Entrepreneur Magazine in 2012. A pretty historic moment!
  • Faisal Farooqui has made a big impact in the world of consumer reviews, turning into a trusted platform for anyone looking for candid opinions on products and services.

LinkedIn connections: 500+ connections

Indian Gadget Review Bloggers

1. Varun Krishnan


Topics covered: Mobile Phone Reviews, Technology Updates

Approximate monthly income: $22,000

Key income sources: AdSense, Direct Ads, Affiliate Marketing

Varun’s Blogging Journey:

  • In 2005, Varun embarked on his blogging journey, just as the mobile technology landscape was taking off.
  • His blog, Fone Arena, has grown into a treasure trove of mobile phone reviews, the latest updates, releases, and more.
  • Varun’s commitment to delivering unbiased and insightful analyses quickly caught the eye. By 2009, Fone Arena was crowned as India’s leading telecom site, solidifying its status as a must-visit for tech enthusiasts.
  • Today, Fone Arena has evolved into one of the most extensive repositories of information about phones and tablets on the internet.
  • Varun’s expertise transcends borders, as his blog earned the prestigious title of the most influential gadget blog globally. This recognition underscores the international impact of his work, making Fone Arena a trusted source for tech aficionados around the world.

LinkedIn followers: 4,021 followers

2. Amit Bhawani


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Topics covered: Gadget Reviews, Tech News, Web Development, SEO Services, Web Hosting

Approximate monthly income: $15,000

Key income sources: AdSense, Advertisements

Amit’s Blogging Journey:

  • Amit Bhawani is a big tech fan who loves checking out smartphones, staying up-to-date on tech news, and sharing tech insights.
  • He turned his passion into a career and started tech blogging in 2007, turning his gadget enthusiasm into useful content for tech lovers.
  • His blog, Phone Radar, is known for its honest gadget reviews, which are super helpful for tech newbies and fans.
  • Amit also runs, where he shares his knowledge in web development, SEO, hosting, and blog consulting.
  • On top of all that, he owns a company that specializes in SEO and marketing services, showing off his wide range of skills.

Instagram followers: 98.1K followers

Indian Programming Bloggers

1. Srinivas Tamada


Topics covered: Programming, PHP, Web Development

Approximate monthly income: $16,000

Key income sources: AdSense, Direct Ads

Srinivas’s Blogging Journey:

  • Srinivas Tamada, hailing from Chennai, is a passionate blogger with a focus on programming, PHP, and web development.
  • Srinivas’s blogs are highly regarded not only among general readers but also within the programmers and developers community. His content is a treasure trove of programming knowledge and web development tips.
  • Srinivas wears multiple hats; he is not just a blogger but also an entrepreneur, thinker, and UI architect.
  • In addition to his blogs, Srinivas is known for creating and selling his codes. One of his renowned creations is “Wallscript,” a software that allows users to create custom networking sites according to their needs.

LinkedIn followers: 4,776 followers

2. Sandeep Jain


Topics covered: Programming Concepts, Algorithms, Interview Questions, Competitive Programming, Online Courses

Approximate monthly income: Information not provided

Key income sources: Advertisements, Online Courses

Sandeep’s Blogging Journey

  • Sandeep Jain, an IIT Roorkee alumnus, is a computer science whiz who started as a software developer and became an Assistant Professor at JIIT, Noida.
  • He founded “GeeksforGeeks,” a go-to platform for programming excellence, built on his diverse experiences.
  • Through GeeksforGeeks, Sandeep shares programming wisdom, covering concepts, algorithms, and computer science topics.
  • But it’s not just tech stuff; his blog offers interview questions, guidance for freshers, and insights from job seekers.
  • GeeksforGeeks packs in the top 10 interview questions, competitive programming tips, online courses, and real-life experiences from interviews with big-name companies.

LinkedIn followers: 228,837 followers

Indian Parenting Bloggers

1. Shruti Bhat


Topics covered: Children’s Art, Creativity, Parenting Tips, Fun Activities, Healthy Recipes

Approximate monthly income: $1,000 to $2,000

Key income sources: Affiliate Marketing, AdSense (Display Ads)

Shruti’s Blogging Journey:

  • From Bangalore, Shruti has a profound passion for children’s art and creativity. Her love for this domain inspired her to start a blog dedicated to these themes.
  • Her blog, ArtsyCraftsyMom, is a platform that serves as a source of inspiration for parents seeking ways to nurture their children’s creativity.
  • Her contributions to the field of children’s creativity led her to co-author a bestselling book titled “Learn with Play.” The book’s success further solidified her position as an authority in this niche.
  • Shruti’s expertise and blog have been featured in numerous publications, underscoring the impact of her work in promoting children’s art and creativity.

Instagram followers: 9,073 followers

2. Priya Sachan


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A post shared by Shishu World (@priya_shishuworld)


Topics covered: Parenting Tips, Pregnancy Care, Newborn Care, Home Remedies, Rhymes & Stories, Food Charts & Recipes for Babies and Kids

Approximate monthly income: $50,000 to $100,000

Key income sources: AdSense (Display Ads), Brand Partnerships (Sponsored Content)

Priya’s Blogging Journey:

  • Priya Sachan embarked on her blogging journey with the goal of sharing parenting tips that blend traditional wisdom with modern advice. Her blog serves as a valuable resource for parents seeking guidance rooted in Indian perspectives.
  • Sishuworld covers a diverse range of parenting topics, including pregnancy care, newborn care, forgotten home remedies, rhymes and stories for children, and food charts and recipes tailored for babies and kids.
  • Priya’s influence extends beyond her blog; she also manages a YouTube channel with nearly 40,000 subscribers. This platform complements her blog by providing video content to her audience.
  • Priya’s ability to blend traditional wisdom with modern parenting insights has made her blog a go-to resource for parents.

Instagram followers: 1,218 followers

Indian Blogging & Entrepreneurship Bloggers

1. Pradeep Kumar


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A post shared by Pradeep Kumar (@spradeepkr)


Topics covered: Social Media, WordPress, SEO, Business Tips, E-commerce, Web Hosting

Approximate monthly income: $7,000

Key income sources: AdSense, Paid Advertisements, Affiliates

Pradeep’s Blogging Journey:

  • Pradeep Kumar began his blogging journey in school with “Hellbound Bloggers” on
  • HellBound Bloggers covers a wide range of topics like SEO, WordPress, social media, and more, earning him popularity and reader admiration.
  • It later transformed into an internet magazine, offering insights into WordPress, tech trends, and more.
  • Despite initial challenges, Pradeep persevered, becoming one of India’s top bloggers today.
  • In 2011, he expanded his online presence with “SlashSqaure,” a blog network and web consulting site, embracing blogging as a powerful platform for knowledge-sharing and discussions.

Instagram followers: 3,441 followers

2. Shradha Sharma


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A post shared by YourStory (@yourstory_com)


Topics covered: Entrepreneurship, Startups, Success Stories

Approximate monthly income: $80,000

Key income sources: AdSense

Shradha’s Blogging Journey:

  • Shradha Sharma, a visionary, founded YourStory in 2008, a leading media website focusing on entrepreneurship and startups.
  • Her blog is a treasure trove of inspiring stories and guidance for aspiring business leaders.
  • With a diverse educational background, including a history master’s degree and an MBA, Shradha is well-equipped to lead YourStory.
  • Before YourStory, she held roles at CNBC TV18 and the Times of India, gaining invaluable media industry experience.
  • Her global recognition, awards, and spot on the list of top LinkedIn influencers worldwide highlight her profound impact on the blogging community and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Instagram followers: 18.4K followers

How to become a top Blogger in India?

We invite you to take a cue from our top bloggers in India that we have showcased here, and read their stories and see how you too can take your blogging career to the next level.

Now that you know the top Indian bloggers and their blogging incomes what are you going to do after reading this blog post?

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