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We have many blogs with SeekaHost domains and mainly the

SeekaHost.com Blog

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SeekaHost.in Blog

are looking for people to submit a guest post or send over their well-written content.

We also have many blogs at our digital agency site under ClickDo, which we are equally growing to the level of the SeekaHost blogs as you can see here:

62 Best Guest Posting Sites List for Blogging & Content Marketing

So you can create amazing content and submit it to us via this page https://www.seekahost.com/write-for-us/ or just create an account at SeekaHost and let us know about your content.

If you are keen to get your author profile and get published on multiple blogs with SeekaHost as well as our other sites, you can do that. Just emails us to fill the form below for inquires about guest posting services blogs.

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    What content are we looking for?

    We are keen on content covering the below topics:

    1. Blogging
    2. Web hosting
    3. Domains names
    4. investing in domains
    5. Online Business
    6. Online Marketing
    7. Business Starter guides
    8. SEO tips and tricks
    9. Remote Working
    10. Digital Entrepreneurship

    Those are the top 10 areas in which we are looking for well-written content.

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    How to write for us and get paid?

    Submit your articles via this page https://www.seekahost.com/write-for-us/ and mention your prices for the content.

    We do pay from $1 per 100 words. And keep in mind that you get exposure, so we like it when you give us the best prices when aiming to get paid for your content.

    We do accept links from the articles including your author bio but are not welcoming links just for the sake of linking with no relevancy or value. Please don’t add any commercial anchors as we have the right to tweak the article to suit our audience.

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