How to build a PBN (Private Blog Network) – Steps to building blogs for SEO


The SEO industry has been using PBNs for almost a decade now and some of you are still looking at how to build a PBN.

I’ve shown the steps to build a private blog network in our Facebook group, however, I feel still the newcomers to the SEO industry struggling with how to start a PBN.

You can watch the below video to see how we used to build PBNs at our SEO agency back in 2015-16

PBNs built that way worked great and still works, however in this guide I want to show you how to build a PBN with the concept of going public.

Read how to make more from PBNs for more details.

When you build a PBN the way I will show you, there are no worries for deindexation, and I bet the SEO power is huge.

We’ve built so many PBNs this way and it works so well to rank and bank.

Check these sites first to get an idea of how a well-built PBN looks like:


I bet you expected to see such level PBNs. I call them blogs that are public for guest posting services and make money online blogging.

You cannot build blogs privately and try to hide from search engines if you wish to rank on them. However, you can publish the blogs in a manner they are acting as privately owned and hosted by many people on the web.

What is a PBN?

A PBN is a private blog network that hides their hosting IPs so no one can guess it’s owned by one owner.

By using whois guard and unique IP addresses a blog can be hosted to look like it’s owned by a unique person.

Why do you host PBNs on unique IPs?

Because then search engines like Google or competitors can’t quickly pick it’s owned by one/same person who is using it to manipulate SEO activities.

Let me tell you something about my personal experience.

At ClickDo we have registered thousands of domains for our own blogs and clients. Every blog is registered by ClickDo and shows that they are owned by ClickDo.

I’ve tested it if that matters when it comes to building blogs and linking from those blogs to same money site, I wouldn’t have done it. To be honest, nothing happens when you build authentic blogs to support the web.

But if you are worried use whois guard to be on the safe side. You can get it when registering an expired domain name at SeekaHost.

If you build the blogs to look real and publish good content that will not save yours from any horror.

Should you use unique IPs to host expired domains and build PBNs?

YES. Because this is good to keep diversity and it shows that each domain is hosted on a unique IP and referring domain profile looks great.


Because search engine like Google may not like to see all domains that link to a money site are hosted in the same neighbourhood. At least as of now, that’s what we can say and following that will save your PBNs.

That’s why pioneers in the SEO industry use the multiple IP SEO hosting and PBN hosting solutions from SeekaHost.

In this guide, I wanted to take a different approach on how to build a PBN and show you what matters and how to build blogs that really help the SEO work.

What do you need to build a PBN?

  1. Expired domains
  2. A reliable registrar to register the domains
  3. Multiple IP PBN Hosting
  4. A CMS to build your PBN (Use WordPress or HTML for ease)
  5. Content for blog/s
  6. Images
  7. Knowledge to start a blog/site with On-page SEO (Ask me for the SEO course)

Those are the top 7 things to know when you want to build a PBN.

There are many people who have covered about how to start a PBN, how to find the expired domain and show the details on how to build a PBN.

So, let me link you up with the best recourse to learn how to build a PBN.


If you have more questions about how to create a PBN, email to me or ask on our live chat support.

You can also ask Praneet about PBNs on the Facebook group.

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Why should we host PBN Domains only under PBN Web Hosting Packages?

Host PBN Domains Under PBN Hosting

What is PBN?

PBN(Private Blog Network) – It’s a network of websites/blogs which are used to build backlinks to money site for the purpose of ranking higher in Google Search Engine.

PBN domains are the deleted or expired domains that have high domain authority. If your money site is getting links from the domains with high domain authority, search engines will consider your money site as a quality one and it influences the ranking. It is best for business sites, affiliate marketing sites and many other types of sites.

But PBN domains have more possibility to get hacking attacks and maybe de-indexed by Google as it’s against Google’s guidelines.

Why PBN sites get de-indexed by Google?

As we know that PBN is one of the most effective ways to rank your websites. You should have spent a lot of time and money to find the right domains and getting all the content on them. But at last, your site will be de-indexed just for a simple mistake and loses all its ranking power.

There are various simple reasons that cause your PBN website to get de-indexed. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Unreliable Hosting Company
  • Footprints
  • Thin Content
  • Spinning contents
  • Site ownership
  • Backlink profile

SeekaHost – PBN Hosting Package

PBN Web HostingThe first and foremost thing you should take care of before building the PBN site is choosing the reliable Web Hosting company. Don’t fail to care for basic PBN hosting safety because it may break all your ranking efforts.

SeekaHost is having a team of SEO expert who knows the importance of using PBN in a very careful way. So in order to secure these PBN domains, we’ll host these domains only under the PBN hosting packages which have special features. As we know how to properly hide their tracks and footprints with the below-mentioned features:

  • Unique IP Address
  • Private NameServer
  • Individual cPanel Account
  • Customized Disk Space
  • Free SSL certification

Unique IP Address

Usually, most of us will host a number of PBN domains. If the IP address is the same, then Google easily tracks the footprint and you will need to face the risk of de-indexation. We’re providing a unique IP address to all sites that are hosted by a single client. So it’s difficult to identify that all these domains belong to the same person.

Private NameServer

Even if you have a unique IP address for your domains but if the nameservers for all the domains are the same, then it will be definitely a big footprint. Most of the hosting providers will provide their domain name as the nameserver. Suppose if a client having 10 domains, then for all the 10 domains the nameserver will be the same. But here, we provide you private NameServers for each domain. This means the nameserver will be the same as your domain name. So nameservers will differ all domains that will not leave any footprint.

Individual cPanel Account

Instead of providing the single access for all your domains, we provide you individual Cpanel account for each domains. So that clients will have full control over their websites.

Customized Disk Space

Disk Space is the amount of data stored on the server. For PBN Hosting, it doesn’t require more disk space because usually, it won’t have high-quality images or heavy files. Disk Space is one of the factors that influence the web hosting price.

Free SSL certification

As we know, SSL is important and mandatory for all kind of websites. In SeekaHost, we will provide you with free SSL for all the domains hosted with us. Security is very much important than ever. SSL ensures a secure connection between the user and the website.

Security Check at Regular Intervals

PBN domains are expired or deleted domains due to some security issue or some other legal issues. So it may receive critical attacks frequently and may be affected by malware. For PBN domains, it’s important to have a regular check.

SeekaHostIn Seekahost PBN hosting, we will do a regular security check to identify any suspicious activity. We provide the regular Security checks which will identify the suspicious activity and malware presence on your websites. And that’s why top blogging tips site Bloggers Ideas listed SeekaHost as the #1 hosting provider on their PBN Hosting Review.

The Practical PBN Week by SeekaHost



It’s the practical PBN week where we answer any question you have about PBNs, how to build a PBN, how to find expired domains and how to use PBN hosting etc.

We are the leading PBN hosting services provider in the world and since 2015 we are providing PBN hosting services and domains to the SEO community.

So, use this practical PBN week to learn everything about PBNs and let’s start with how to make money by monetising your PBNs.

Our mother company ClickDo has done a course showing how to earn from blogs and it’s called the Blog for profit blueprint.

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You can try our PBN hosting this week free of charge for 30 days.

Use the coupon code “PBN” at checkout for 5IPs packages to test us.

Ask anything on our live chat support and our web hosting experts will help you personally.

You can also call us to get more details about PBN hosting services and how to buy expired domains and what to looks at when buying expired domains.

Read the below guides now:

Expired Domains:

How to find Expired domains:

Expired domains finder tools:

Invest in expired domains:

Expired domains buying guide:

If you looking to register PBNs, just head over to

And our expired domain finder tools will be live for you all soon, but you can see it here for which is still be to completed with all TLDs. So do not use it for now as the latest system is not on that page. just have a look for now and maybe play a little bit.

For any question about PBNs email to and Fernando Raymond will personally get back to you with all the answers.

How to build your PBNs footprint less for SEO advantages?


Are you looking to learn the tips on how to build your PBNs footprint less for SEO advantages? Then you are on the right web page.

What we say is to build blogs to add value to the web readers. Then SEO boosts!

pbn-sitesThinks about your private blogs like public blogs and build great blogs that people want to read. Look at the UK business blog and that’s the standard we recommend you build your blogs. how about you build your blogs like > ? – I know that’s tough work but that’s how you build blogs that move mountains on Google.

Now let’s get into how to build your PBNs footprint less for SEO advantages….

PBN (an abbreviation for Private Blogging Network) can be considered as a link building strategy. It’s a pool of numerous websites holding high authority along with good referring domains that being framed for taking backlink to your very own website.

how-to-build-a-pbnBloggers and Marketers create a PBN with the man motto of getting ranked highest in Google search results. Mostly, websites within PBN are not linked since this leads to so-called ‘footprint’ in Google’s vision.

The PBN website ensures to traverse link benefit directly to the revenue generating website (money website). Hence these links directing towards your money website should appear very obvious else you can be penalized by Google.

Now how effectively PBN works to uplift the ranking of your websites can be a dependable question. Like for instance links falling under the authority and timely updated sites beneath a similar niche have great chances of working. But on the other hand, unrelated links won’t solve this purpose.

Building websites without leaving any Footprints

Thumb rule is to consider and make every PBN website of your appeal as a primary domain. Moreover, keep the following checklist while creating every website:

  • Unique Theme

Work upon different themes for different websites. And what best than exploring WordPress to achieve the same. Do add some genuine content and pages rather than merely hushing towards creating backlinks.

  • Custom Logo

A logo is like your website badge. Try to create a new one for all your domains. Hire a logo designer or the creative ones can create using Canva.

  • Unique Content

Now, this is hard work. Keep the contents of your blogs different to avoid footprints. Keep them posting at a certain day interval rather than flushing it at once back to back. Of course one can also opt out for restoring the content from expired domains. But do check for plagiarism!

  • Build Backlinks

Avoid interlinking PBN websites if you have a small network within the PBN network. Though you can quiet high raise in SERP at the same time it does invite getting detected and caught by Google. However, if you PBNs are built like real websites with authentic blogs that’s fine.

  • Build Basic Pages

There are some basic pages that your site must possess. Like for instance

About Page – with up to 400-500 words. Alter the title to ‘Know Us, ‘about who we are’ etc…

Contact Page – this should be near to 200 words with some contact details and images to show little authenticity. And other pages like Privacy Policy Page, Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer and few more if you can

  • Unique IP Address

This is the very basic concept to build the PBN without leaving a footprint. If all your blogs were under the same IP Address then it’s a clue that everything may belong to the same person. So if you are allocating Unique IP Address for the blogs under your network, then it will show some difference for the bot.

  • Private NameServer

When it comes to NameServer hosting provider used to mention their brand name which will be the same for all the websites hosted under that server. As it will be the same for all the websites under the same hosting, it is not a recommended action and so we provide private nameserver configuration. In private nameserver, the nameserver details will have your domain name & it will vary for each domain.

For example: If your domain name is then your private nameserver will be & In this case, it will vary for each domain & it will never expose the details of the hosting provider.

  • Different Location

This is an optional requirement to show more variation when you have 100+ domains under your PBN Network. If the IP’s allocated to your websites belongs to the same location then it may act as a footprint. If you have 100+ domains under your PBN Network then you can choose a PBN Hosting provider like SeekaHost who can show variation in IP Location and the Server.

Key advice would be to build only a few PBN sites and cater to them. This makes your blog management much easier. Once traffic increases, new PBN’s can be created at any point in time.  Grow the PBN links and scale your network for hundreds of thousands of blogs as most of the SEO agencies doing it.

You can read more about how to build a PBN at written by Praneet Thakur

(Note: to avoid competitors, hide them by the means of blocking crawler.)

Well, the good news is that a good PBN hosting takes cares of all of the above checklist that depends on the hosting provider and avoids any footprints. Check out PBN Hosting @ SeekaHost to get hassle-free building of your PBN.

pbn hosting

Reseller Hosting For PBN – Should You Get Reseller Or Best Private Blog Network Hosting?


Are you in the SEO business and managing hundreds or thousands or PBNs online? – Then you may be in need of PBN hosting reseller options to sell your hosting services for clients.  On this page, you will learn everything about reseller hosting for PBN from the best private blog network hosting services provider in the world.

It is common knowledge that the number one cause for de-indexing of PBNs comes from bad hosting. While cheaper hosting seems really cool, it puts great risk on all your hosted sites. These hosting options are often ‘bad company’ with less carefully run PBNs which may ultimately lead to yours being axed too.

If you want your PBNs to last, you need to choose a great hosting plan that will hide them in plain sight among thousands of other real websites.

What Is PBN hosting?

PBN hosting involves acquiring SEO hosting services for your newly acquired expired domains. These domains require to be designed and hosted to contribute to your SEO rankings. Web hosting will be used to host blogs that are purely used for SEO purposes. The PBN hosting comes with unique IPs that hide your websites among billions of other within the internet.

Why Would You Need PBN Hosting?

Most SEO service providers use private blog networks (PBNs) to improve their SEO rankings. They are used for SEO advantages to increase the ranks of business websites. While most search engines do not accept people paying for sponsored links or articles for the sole purpose of building backlinks, it is still widely common.

Bad hosting plans may cause your PBNs to be penalized and de-indexed. You may lose everything by using an SEO hosting plan that leaves behind footprints. You need to choose a reliable host. A web host with minimal downtime, superfast load times, easy to use and is secure. The host should also offer cost-effective services and of course leave no footprints behind.

SeekaHost PBN Hosting Service

Best-PBN-Hosting-servicesOver the course of the last five years, we have established ourselves as the leading PBN hosting service for PBN networks. We provide cheap web hosting services for bloggers who intended to use SEO hosting to boost their rankings.

After our founder Fernando started a PBN Demystified Facebook Group, he realised most webmasters required a reliable web hosting platform for their newly acquired domains. Our services since then have set an industry standard for quality and safe web hosting. We are proud to have over 13000 happy customers around the globe who enjoy our services.

Our dream is to offer excellent and affordable web hosting for their private blogs and websites. Our hosting also assures of web security with the necessary tools in place to secure your sites. With Seekahost PBN hosting, you are assured of zero hosting footprints allowing your sites to hide plainly among hundreds of real and legitimate business websites.

Growing Your SEO Skills With Our Hosting Service.

We understand that good ranking of your websites means more visits and cash flow to your sites. Our affordable PBN hosting plans come with free lifetime access to ClickDo online SEO training academy when you buy it as an annual package. We meant it when we promised to help you grow your business till the end of time.

Even better, when you purchase the 10 IP plan or higher, you get full access to the local SEO blueprint developed by our founder, Fernando. You will get to learn about the latest SEO services and tricks to hacking the ranking menace. You also get to add your knowledge about how to build a thriving SEO business and finally expand the consultancy services you currently offer.

What are you waiting for? Join the over 13000 satisfied clients who have entrusted us to host their PBNs and grow their businesses.

What Do You Look For When Buying PBN Hosting?

There are many factors that make up a perfect hosting plan suitable for your PBNs. You do not want all your blogs to be hosted in a web host that will finally lose all your domains and websites. Here are some of the factors to consider;

  1. The number of sites you can host- A good site will allow multiple domains to be hosted on their platform. Some of the poor hosts will only allow the hosting of a single domain, restricting your ability to set up a perfect PBN network.
  2. C-panel- The admin panel makes it easier for you to set up your site. The hosting company should provide an easy and clear method to upload and review information put up in the sites.
  3. WP Support- A good hosting site worth its name ought to have a one-click WP install plugin. You don’t have to manually install all the sites.
  4. Security- The web hosting should provide excellent security features to protect your sites from malware and viruses. Security lapses on their end will cause your sites to be de-indexed within no time
  5. Customer support- A great hosting company will provide 24/7 technical support to their customers. They should have the technical expertise and knowledge to handle all queries about their hosting.

How Can SeekaHost PBN Hosting Service Help?

super fast web hostingSeekaHost is your best choice to grow your PBN domains for the best SEO advantage. Here are some of the reasons why;

  • You get an individual cPanel account for each domain under PBN hosting that allows for easier management and editing of your website.
  • Our powerful servers guarantee of a 99% uptime for your sites
  • We offer 24/7 premium customer support to all our clients. Our experienced team will help you in your web hosting challenges and solve the issues you have with your site.
  • We have put in place security features such as regular scanning and Anti DDOS to secure your websites under our hosting plans. You rest assured that your content is safe and secured.
  • You are assured of no hidden cost within our packages helping us to serve you and your website better.

Get PBN Reseller Hosting From SeekaHost.

Join the 8000 plus happy clients currently enjoying our reseller hosting service. We will not only help you to host your domains and website, but we will also guide you on the best way to rank your site for SEO. Go through our offers today and choose your preferred hosting plan.

Do not get reseller hosting for PBN, but get reliable PBN hosting from SeekaHost to host the private blogs for SEO. Visit

How PBN Web Hosting in SEEKAHOST Functions?


PBNPrivate Blog Network is very much important to increase your ranking in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). It is nothing but deleted or expired domains with high domain authority.

Getting links from high-quality blogs will influence in ranking money sites.

If a High-Quality Site is giving a referral link to your website, then search engines will consider your money site as a quality one and it influences the ranking.

danger of poor web hosting

PBN Web Hosting Features

Every SEO Expert knows the importance of using the PBN domains in a very careful way. Because it is not legal to get paid links from High-Authority domains. So if search engines found that you getting links for money, then there is a possibility to penalize your website.

As SeekaHost having a team of SEO Experts who listed the features such that it is not possible for the search engines to identify.

web hosting service


Normally, people will host a bunch of PBN Domains so if all the domains were hosted on the same IP then it is easy to identify that the domain belongs to the same person.

Private NameServer

If you host a website then the nameserver details will be the domain name of Hosting provider. But here we create the private nameserver for your domains, such that your domain will be present in your nameserver details.

Customer Details

In PBN Web Hosting, we were not using client details to host the domains. Instead, we use our constant Email Address on the public display but we use the client email id for their hosting account.

customer reviews

Individual cPanel

Instead of providing Ad-On Domains, we give full access to the clients by providing individual cPanel for each domain. For example: If you choose 5 IP PBN Hosting, you will get 5 individual cPanel Accounts for each domain.

Disk Space Restrictions

Normally, PBN domains won’t need much disk space because it won’t have high-quality images and heavy files. So even if you use CMS like WordPress, 300MB is more than enough. But here you will get 500MB disk space in Seekahost PBN Web Hosting.

Disk Space is one of the factors that influence the web hosting price.

secured server

Periodic Security Check

Security is very much important for every PBN Domains. PBN domains are high-quality domains, which is not renewed or maintained may be due to continuous security attacks or any other security issues.

So while hosting the PBN domains, the possibility of getting security issues is more and in Seekahost PBN Web Hosting, we provide the regular Security check which will identify the suspicious activity and malware presence in your websites.

PBN Hosting Helps SEO – Boost Your Ranks

website hosting company

PBN – Public Blog Network is a network of authoritative websites which is used to build the quality links to the website so that it helps to boost the ranking in Search Engine Result Page.

Ranking higher in Search Engine gains more visibility from the users and also helps a lot for money websites through which we grab the money.

This also refers the client websites which will rank on the top of search results to make the conversions.

Choose the Best PBN Hosting

It is very important to choose the perfect PBN Hosting because it matters a lot to boost up your ranking. So before choosing the PBN Hosting, you want to consider a few factors like Network Size, IP Address, Network Records and so on.

proper website migration

Network Size

If it is a PBN Hosting, then it may be the people one who hosts the PBN Sites to get backlinks for their sites or to sell the backlink packages for someone after getting money.

This is not a recommended way of boosting the site results but google can’t identify the spam sites or the PBN Sites.

In terms of hosting, you may choose the hosting for 5, 10, 20, 50 or more sites based on your needs.

Choosing the hosting plans for 5 PBN hosting is so easy but if you are going to deal with 100+ websites then it is the riskiest task. Here the creativity comes into the play.

IP Address

There are various features available in terms of IP Based Hosting like Shared IP and Dedicated IP. So it is important for a deep variation results and to provide some good backlink strength.

If you are hosting a PBN in a server at an IP then no other PBN should be hosted on the same IP. Because getting links from a Single IP address helps google to mark it spam and it can assume that the links were provided by the same person.

Nowadays everybody started thinking smart and also the clients who request backlinks for money we’re asking these questions Whether the Links were generated from the same IP or from a different IP address. Because getting backlinks from a single IP address is not a good idea.