Top 10 SEO Tools for WordPress Website search engine optimization


WordPress is, without doubt, the preferred CMS for many webmasters because of the huge availability of SEO plugins and tools that aid your website to rank higher on search engines.

The fact that over 60 million websites are running on WordPress makes it the most popular content management system in the world.

WordPress is also used for other applications such as the pervasive display systems (PDS). And as it is based on PHP and MySQL, allows for the use of MariaDB or MySQL databases, even SQLite database engine can also be used along with WordPress.

In this post, I will be highlighting the top 10 SEO Tools for WordPress search engine optimization that will help your site to gain more visibility on search engines.

Top 10 SEO Tools for WordPress based Website

The importance of optimizing your website can not be overemphasized, more reason these SEO tools and plugins will come handy to help in improving the SEO of your WordPress sites.

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

Any listing of the best tools for SEO on WordPress that fails to make SEO by Yoast the number 1 should be disregarded. SEO by Yoast boasts of over 5 million installations, and have been downloaded for more than 189 million times; they sure didn’t arrive at those stats for anything!

Yoast SEO

Yoast effectively takes care of the optimization for meta title, description, and meta keywords for each of your post or page to ensure the best performance on search engines. It also allows you to write custom title for your site, category and tags, or even to add Open Graph data, such as Twitter Cards, and Sitemaps to ping search engines whenever your contents are updated.

If we are to list all the capabilities of Yoast, we’d be stuck writing it for far longer. You can visit the official site to see all the benefits of this wonderful SEO tool.

2. Broken Link Checker

The Broken Link Checker is a WordPress plugin that comes completely free and allows you to discover links that are broken on your site. It affords you the tool to fix such links without even the need to edit your posts.

Broken Link Checker

In case you’re not aware, broken links can cause some real trouble for your site performance on search engines. So making sure you have a tool that takes care of broken links is of paramount importance.

3. Rel NoFollow Checkbox

The Rel NoFollow Checkbox is a plugin that adds an easy to use the checkbox in the link popup of WordPress post editor so that you can easily check the box to open links in a new tab and make them nofollow as well.

Rel NoFollow Checkbox

It should be noted that whenever you add an external link to your site, it should be nofollow and this tool makes it easier by simply checking a box.

4. Pingdom Speed Test

This tool enables you to measure how long your site actually takes to load, even down to the millisecond. You only need to enter the site URL to test and pick any of the server locations, within a few seconds you’d be provided with a detailed site speed report.

Pingdom Speed Test

Pingdom also helps to compare your site speed with others, to enable you to know how well it stacks up against those other sites on its database, and it will provide you with actionable performance insights you can use to improve your site.

5. All in One Schema Rich Snippets

While there isn’t any inbuilt method to implement rich snippets with WordPress, the All in One Schema Rich Snippets is among the top plugin that makes it work for your site.

All in One Schema Rich Snippets

Such rich snippets come in the form of visual elements like star ratings, and other important data that might usually attract users’ attention by offering something that’s quite different from the regular web search results.

It is often useful for eCommerce product pages and reviews, which data is highly recommended by Google because they are visual ways to see the importance of such products, without unnecessary intrusion, and still reveals valuable information to users.

6. WordLift

This WordPress plugin uses AI to avail you some advanced SEO which is relevant to content editors, as it helps to organize your content while easily automating the structured data markup.


WordLift amply improves on content discoverability with the addition of recommendation widgets, internal links and semantic-rich data.

7. SEO Squirrly

This tool is meant for newbies in SEO, with complete SEO suite for content creators that eliminates all the complicated SEO elements. The SEO Squirrly plugin generates recommendations for different scenarios which you can start by typing in your topic.

Squirrly SEO

And the desired keyword is punched in as you continue writing your content, with a series of green lights activated in real-time. It’s just like having an expert guide you as you go about writing your contents.

8. Rank Math

Rank Math is perhaps the swiss army knife of WordPress SEO, as it comes with almost everything you’ll need to fully take off with your on-page SEO, allowing you to control noindex, nofollow, noarchive meta tags for all individual posts.

Rank Math

It combines the features of multiple plugins to bring all the essential thing into a light-weight and easy-to-manage plugin for WordPress.

9. The SEO Framework

This tool offers a fast, lightweight SEO plugin for your WordPress website without any intrusive ads. It completely strips the bells and whistles you’d probably won’t need to focus on helping you in keeping your site speeds high while expending less time.

The SEO Framework

The SEO Framework is considered one of the greatest alternative to Yoast, and as it offers visual SEO ratings, along with flexible options for targeting top keywords.

10. SEOPress

This is a freemium plugin for WordPress SEO without ads, and completely white-labelled with no footprints even on the free version. It offers a simple and powerful tool, that allows you to manage all of the titles and meta descriptions on posts or pages with ease.


It also creates XML sitemaps, and track your visitors using Google Analytics (RGPD compatibility), and optimize tags with Open Graph and Twitter Cards for your content on the social networks.

Additional tip: Always ensure you have a caching plugin installed on your WordPress site. As it boosts your site speed even more, which will greatly improve your page load times.

So now you know how to optimize a WordPress website using those SEOs.

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How Web Hosting Affects SEO And Boost Ranks On Google


It is really very challenging to launch the website with the right web hosting company because if you haven’t got the right web hosting it will affect your website’s search engine optimization and gaining optimal ranking on the web.


While choosing the web hosting company, have you ever thought, “How the web hosting can affect website ranking?”


How Web Hosting Affects SEO?

Needless to say that after launching the website, you will like to rank it in top Google search results. But, it is not very easy as it sounds.

Even, you put your best efforts for SEO, but may not get the expected results if you have chosen the wrong web hosting service. Because all the web hosting companies don’t guarantee that the website will also be well ranked in search results.

The hosting service you are selecting should not be like you are paying the full annual amount of hosting and not getting any SEO results.

I am not saying that ranking completely depends on hosting service, but it is a small factor that may impact the ranking to some extent.

Thus, it is important that you know what can be the SEO downsides of wrong web hosting.

  1. Server location –

The server location tells Google that in which geographic location, the website is hosted. If you want to target UK users and you have hosted the website on the server outside of the UK, then it has fewer chances of getting ranked in UK search results. Because most of the UK users will surely use as their primary search engine.

Some website owners host their website at cheap rates without focusing on the location of the server. But this mistake may sometimes keep them aside from the SEO benefits. If your business belongs to eCommerce, then the wrong server location may cause low annual revenue because of low traffic.

Thus, the best thing is to host the website in your targeting location and if you are targeting multiple region/country then prefer multiregional domains. If still you are confused about “Should I host my website in my country or another”, you may watch this video by Matt Cutt.

2. Speed of website –

In the long list of 200 ranking factors, page loading speed is one of the important factors.  Generally, the users expect the site to be loaded in less than 2 seconds. A little delay in page loading time can cause the visitors to immediately leave your website.


However, website speed is can be affected by a lot of factors such as web page size, unnecessary javascript, size of images etc, but wrong hosting is one of the factors generally ignored by most website owners.

In shared hosting, the hardware resources are limited. If a lot of requests are coming at a time, the server will be overloaded and show the error “Try Again”. When this error comes repeatedly, it is noticed by search engines resulting in the negative SEO impacts. It will also irritate the users and they will never come back to your website.

Therefore, the website loading speed must not be overlooked. Research properly before choosing the server and pick the one which is less busy and provides enough resources to handle all the visitors at a time without giving any error.

3. Downtime/Uptime

Downtime is “the time in which the users can’t access your website due to the server problems”. But search engines are completely unaware about the downtime of your website and they have no scheduled time for crawling the website. They can crawl it at any time, which means that your website should be available for 24*7 hours.


When the crawler repeatedly finds your website unavailable, then it will be marked as unreliable consequently downgrading the rankings in search results. On the other side, the unavailability of the website also vitiates the performance when users don’t find it.

4. IP address

In a shared hosting server, all the website uses the same IP address. If this IP address is used for other over-promotional or suspicious activities, then your website may get penalized. Thus, make sure there are no such activities on the shared server you have hosted your website.

5. Connection Failure

While browsing, you may have seen the errors like “Internal server error”, “Connection failed”. These errors are due to the slow internet connection or server issues.

When the server is overloaded with bulk requests, it will show the connection error which is probably not liked by search engines as well as users. Thus, to have a good user experience and ranking, ensure that your website is free from such kind of connection errors.

How you can choose the right SEO friendly web hosting service 

It is obvious that all the web hosting service providers are not good in all terms. So, am giving you some tips about how you can choose the ideal SEO friendly web hosting service provider.

  • The reputation of hosting company – Before you decide to take hosting service, firstly see the reputation of the company in the market. Is it providing SEO friendly web hosting services or not?
  • Past customer reviews – Take a look at what the past customers are saying about the company. Whether they are satisfied with the service or not?
  • Years of experience – No doubt that the quality of hosting services would be better of the company which is existing over the years than the new one which has recently established.
  • Your requirements – Deeply think about what you exactly need in your website and decide which hosting package would be perfect. 


Today’s SEO is all about to provide better user experience to the visitors. SEO is not just to optimize the website for content and gaining backlinks. If you want the best results, you should not miss even a single chance of getting ranking benefits. Website hosting is one of the factors that should not be ignored. A wrong choice of web hosting can lead to negative SEO impacts. Hence, choose the right one which meets all your requirements and also optimal for SEO purpose.

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What High Quality Content Can Do For A Business Blog

Quality content for best business blog

There’s a ceaseless obsession amidst companies, entrepreneurs and businesses to gain high revenue by being placed and ranked at the top spots on Google.

You wonder what the quality of the web content for blogs and websites has to do with that?

Well, search engines like Google constantly check to assess what your content is about, how relevant and genuine it is for your industry and whether your readers or website visitors stick with it.

So, before you go ahead with creating content for your business blog or website, let’s understand what exactly quality content signifies?

How can you turn your average web text into celebrated reads?

Any text or image that’s being displayed on your site is considered web content.

‘Quality Content’ as framed by Google refers to the following: the purpose, specification and uniqueness of each web page’s content.

Does your business website provide enough information about your business and services offered? And have you checked that your content is not plagiarized, but unique, well researched and documented?

By not abiding to the above and instead driving traffic via other means than using comprehensive content your site might be blacklisted. Consequently, your sources of online revenue could vanish.

To avoid that, it is a good idea to have a look at Google’s guidelines for quality content:

  1. Valuable and Helpful

The effectiveness of your writing relies upon whether the end user can gain the required information and if their questions are being satisfactorily addressed. Text that only contains crammed in keywords to increase rankings does not meet these criteria. Google bots will quickly detect in the statistics of your website that readers quickly lose interest and leave. To improve the so-called bounce rate of your site visitors, you should provide enriching content that answers questions or offers innovative ideas.

  1. Useful and Exciting

Audiences crave something new and unique. If your business blog or site is offering exactly what is already prevailing in the online content market, then they will not spend time reading about something they already know. Make your content exciting by revealing new approaches, concepts or simply by offering some food for thought with controversial ideas.

  1. Precise and Trustworthy

Inaccurate facts and figures will degrade the quality of your content, lower the site’s reputation and impact its authority. Cross verify and validate your information before you serve it to your audience and ensure to provide accurate references of the sources you use. High-authority links and interlinking content on your own websites demonstrates relevancy and improves ranks.

  1. Maintain Quality

Great writing also resembles error free and grammatically sound content. It needs to flow and should be easy to read, but highly informative and contextual at the same time. That’s why the structure also matters. Make use of bullet points, different headings, sections or images. Think about the order and how you keep your readers’ eyes glued to your page. In my online course about SEO-friendly content I explain a few success criteria for this, and I show some examples.


There are more factors to consider when trying to create high-quality web content – if you want more check out our SEO copywriting page and services at ClickDo!

How your business can grow with irresistible content

Being aware of what quality content is all about, the next step is to understand how to maintain the above features to aid with driving more traffic and attention to your business website or blog.

  1. Connection with Audience

Remember, sustaining and growing an online presence solely depends on how effectively you attend to your visitors. You can only retain them for a longer period, if they are genuinely satisfied with the information and services you provide. And if you really impress them, they might even share your articles or services on social media channels. Achieving people talking about your content, ideally also the press, is the ultimate goal.

  1. Improving Conversion Rates

Once you have built a steady stream of regular visitors to your site you can observe and analyse their data and behaviours with tools like Google Analytics for example. These insights can be highly useful in reselling and enhancing conversions as you can create more targeted and tailored content campaigns, ads and deals to attract more users.

  1. Increasing Reputation

The better the content quality, the higher your brand’s reputation and authority will be on the online market and in your industry. It could potentially lead to industry experts referring to your blogs, articles or websites and sharing your valuable content with a wider audience, offering you more exposure. You could possibly even be featured in newspapers or magazines.

These are only a few tips and tricks to learn and apply for your business website content.

I have created web content for ClickDo clients that has helped them gain higher ranks on search engines, achieve more traffic and visitors to their websites and ranking for a wider range of keywords that are relevant to their business and niche.

I still work on my own blogs at the same time and have set them all up with SeekaHost.

Content writing for clients business websites

When I started blogging and content writing, I had no clue about WordPress and web hosting. With the very helpful staff and guides at SeekaHost I managed to learn and build my own web content writing skills and earn money online with it.

You can do this too, but you must take the first step and register your domain! Start the journey to online success.

How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners?


Every blogger starting their career with the dream to learn how to make money blogging through it.

If you are looking to jump into it, then you must decide what kind of platform you looking for to build a blog.

Blogging is an art and it helps a lot in sharing the knowledge and information over the web.

Can I make money blogging?

It is not an easy way to make a blog, you must put some efforts to grow it effectively.

There are millions of blogs and many people have started their online careers by starting a blog.

You can see there are so many top bloggers who claim to earn millions of dollars blogging.

Just search for top bloggers in the world and you will see the pros. These are some of the top-earning blogs, that you can see here.

This article about how to make money blogging is specially written for the beginners who start their blog and looking to make money online from their blogs.

How to make money blogging?

First, you must start a blog by doing some keyword research and then get a domain name for the blog.

Build your blog on WordPress as that’s the best blogging platform. This blog is also built on WordPress so we can easily blog publish.

Design the blog in a manner it can be monetized.

Things to be Taken Care:

-> Don’t copy the articles or contents from anywhere. Make sure all your article were unique.

-> Make sure your articles are relevant to your topics and your domain. Avoid publishing irrelevant content.

-> Don’t write a 100 or 200 words articles, because it won’t have elaborate and clear answers. Also, it won’t have any satisfying content in it.

-> Elaborate your answers clearly with Images and Videos on your blog. Make sure your article is not for the words and it is only for the knowledge.


Best ways to make money blogging

Before getting into the steps mentioned below, you must have a blog by yourself. Then after you can start to money blogging.

Most of the people were worried to create a blog because they feeling it as too difficult and technical. But actually it is a simple process and you can get help from our experts to set up your own blog with SEEKAHOST.

If you want to start your blog, then just go through the simple steps in


#1 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the efficient ways to make money online. If you recommend a product or service over online through the customized referral link, then you will get the referral commission if the purchase happens through your link.

If you are decided to start with affiliate marketing, then it is good to recommend the products or services related to your domains. Because it will be easy to promote the product or services relevant to your blog or articles. Also, affiliate marketing is available for every industry.

#2 Adsense

Adsense is another easy way to make money on your blog. There are various online service providers, who will pay you if you show some ads on your website. Google Adsense is one of the best ways to implement it and all you need is to place some scripts on your websites.

Google Adsense for bloggers

Also for WordPress websites, there are various plugins available over the web using which the space for each Advertisement will be allocated automatically. It is the pay per click process, where you will be paid for each click.

#3 Direct Ads

Instead of promoting by inserting codes or plugins or with other service providers, you can allow people to promote their business by placing an Ad on your website. Here you can charge them based on your interest like Pay per click, pay per impression, regular monthly pay or others. So get connected with the right people, promote their business in the right way and earn the profits.

#4 Sponsored Blog Post

If your blog has a good number of visitors with better authority, then people would like to get a referral through your blog as well. Because through the sponsored blog post, someone will be promoting their business by posting on your blog. This will give them some benefits like authority, a good referral, and more conversion as well.

#5 Paid Reviews

Paid reviews are similar to the sponsored post. Mostly, the paid reviews will be written by the person who promotes his brand or service. Sometimes the blogger administrator will also take care of these things for better reach. Also, you can place the affiliate links through the reviews to get paid for conversions.


How to get quality backlinks for a Website to boost SEO?


So you built a business website and now want to rank higher on Google first page? – So to get quality backlinks for a Website to boost SEO?

rank-higher-on-GoogleOk, so you have landed into the zone of building backlinks. For those who are wondering what exactly are backlinks? A backlink basically reaches your website via some other website. These are a jackpot for your SEO. Many highly ranked websites simply create numerable backlinks arriving from different websites, irrespective of how worthy it is. But not every backlink will generate benefit for you. Clearly, there are both good and bad backlinks. And our Google master keeps on updating its algorithm to categorize the backlink as positive, negative or neutral.

Though, link building if used wisely and effectively can enhance and boost your SEO rankings else can degrade it too. So, how are some key factors as to how to develop quality backlinks for a Website?

  1. Generate competitive and appealing content

One of the secrets towards building quality backlinks is to showcase your creativity and uniqueness that is unmatched. Incorporating images, catchy titles, good word count aids and enhances SEO. Besides grasp information from everywhere, this will give you an overview of what is being practiced latest. Eventually, use the developed content and post it to maximum sites possible.

  1. Build public relations

Ultimately it’s the individuals who will explore your backlinks. Building a well reputed public domain by advertising, mouth to mouth word, being active in social networking sites. Though initially, it may take time, in the long run, this public circle of yours will be the ones hitting your backlinks. So be active, genuine and social as much as you can.

  1. Infographic Content

There is no doubt that images/graphics are quite appealing. They give a quick glance to the user and makes the content easier to understand instead of running through the black and white text. Besides this, anyone finding your infographic quiet significant can share it on their website giving a backlink to your page.

  1. By the means of Testimonials

This is a tried and tested strategy! Writing testimonials, Reviews and feedback may actually generate backlinks to your site. Though it may feel like going against the competition rules ultimately you are helping yourselves too. After all, everyone understands the intentions behind. As a courtesy, you are going to get backlinks to your websites.

  1. Activate Social Networks

This being a foolproof strategy to develop quality backlinks for your site. Social networks are in a high rise as of date. It’s easy to get connected to millions of people, friends of friends and markets your business by just being active on major social networks. Be careful that you post quality content so that people can willingly share it. Some of the great options which can be explored are LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr and many more.

  1. Utilize Quora

This platform basically for answering the questions posed by a group of expert team members. It’s being popularly used for fetching quick answers. One needs to answer these questions according to your expertise and add a link to your site/blog too.

Though there exist various other ways which can be helpful enough to create quality backlinks to your site but the most important and essential is establishing public relations. As this will be fruitful in the longer run.

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With that being said, if you are interested in learning all the vital SEO skills, you can learn it online at the ClickDo SEO training.

Security Features You Need in Web Hosting

support team

Web Hosting is necessary for all the websites. Web Hosting is the service that makes your website to be viewed by the users. In other words, it is the physical location of your website on the internet. Web Hosting service allows organizations or individuals to post their website or webpage onto the Internet. The Web Hosting provider provides the technologies and services needed for the websites that should be viewed by the other Internet. Websites are hosted on the special computers called Servers. The server act as a storehouse for the data that connects your website with browsers.


Why You Need Secure Hosting

Hosting is very important for every online business. Security is one of the important concern for hosting their websites over the internet. It very important to ensure that your website is secure. Lack of security will create many problems for the business and results in losing revenue. In this online world, safety is very much important and having a secure website is non-negotiable. Without the secured hosting, it doesn’t matter what else if you have going on in your business. The following five features will make your data safer and your visitors friendlier.

 website security

RAID (Redundant Array Of Independent Disks)

It is a way of storing the same data in different places on multiple hard disks to protect the data when your server crashes. RAID is used to improve overall performance and increases the storage capacity in the system. It is a good sign that a web host has servers with RAID. But this feature is rather expensive, so most of the shared plans won’t be included and some can offer an extra fee.


Uptime is nothing but the time of your website stays online. It is one of the important things that your hosting provider should have an uptime percentage. So that your website will not go down at any time. If your website goes down and search engines are trying to access it, this will affects ranking.

Customer Support


Taking backup is the most important thing. If you have back up of your website, there is nothing to worry even if the data crashes. There are various options available for taking backups such as daily backup, weekly backup and monthly backup. Among these daily back-ups is the best. This will let you restore the latest version of your website in case if the server goes down.


Manual Reboot is the service which is included in the VPS and Dedicated packages. This allows you to use control panel for restarting your dedicated and VPS server. It is very useful for important updates on the website. Manual reboot is helpful to fix if any problems on the server.


dns server error

A secure data center is also very important. In any case, the data center should not get affected when there are a power shortage and earthquakes. You need to have more attention for selecting the location for data centers which will not get affected due to natural disasters.





Why Should You Choose WordPress?

install Wordpress

      WordPress is one of the simplest and most popular way to create your own blog or your website. Many people think that WordPress is just a blogging tool. But WordPress is actually a highly flexible Content Management System that enables you to build and manage your websites. The best part of WordPress is that, it is flexible to do anything and this is the major reason for how WordPress becomes most popular. This is because it is an open source software.  It is capable of creating any style of website from simple blog to full featured business website. You can even use WordPress to create an online store using popular Woo-commerce plugin.


Reasons for using WordPress


  • WordPress is an open source, which means that the source code of the software is available so that anybody can able to study or modify it, free to download and install. You can install WordPress software on your own web server quickly.
  • The main reason why people adapt to WordPress is because it is easy to learn and use. The person without having the knowledge of coding can also create a website. There is no need to contact the web designer for any changes that you want to made in your website. If you know to use the basic formatting tools in a program like Microsoft, you can easily edit your website.
  • WordPress is flexible and extensible. There are thousands of free templates available to make your website beautiful as how you think. There is perfect theme available for any kind of website. WordPress themes are easy to customize, allowing you to change colours, change background, creating beautiful sliders, upload logo without using single code.


  • In WordPress there are number of free plugins. These plugins extend functionality to your website or add extra features to your WordPress website. They can also be used to secure your website.
  • WordPress is the most popular way to create even an eCommerce store.
  • WordPress is SEO-friendly. WordPress is written using standard compliance high quality code and produces semantic markup which makes your site very attractive to search engines. By design WordPress is very SEO friendly and you can make it even more SEO friendly by using WordPress SEO plugin.
  • WordPress sites rank high. Searchability is key to ranking high on Google and other search engines. WordPress sites tend to rank high for their keywords largely, because they are constantly being updated and includes variety of tools and plugins for optimizing content for SEO.





Does Your Web Hosting Type Affects Your SEO?

super fast web hosting

Hosting your website with the reliable web hosting company is a challenging task. A website is a base for every online business, it is important to choose the best web hosting service. When it comes to business, people need their website to rank for some keywords with more search volume.

What is SEO?

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is the way of optimizing and satisfying the search engine factors. As search engines were configured to list the site based on certain factors, the SEO people will optimize it accordingly. So if the site satisfies the maximum factors will rank in the top. So the factors used to determine the ranking were termed as Search Engine Optimization Factors.

Web Hosting Packages and SEO

Before choosing the web hosting package, you may have a question that “whether web hosting packages may affect your site SEO?”. Actually, the web hosting packages will not affect your Site SEO directly but it may affect directly.

google seo

Do you think how?

If your site doesn’t have enough resources to load faster then it is the restriction because of your web server. Also, if your hosting package doesn’t have enough resources for your website then your website will result in errors like “Internal Server Error“, “Error in Establishing Database Connection“, “Server not found” and so on. It is not the only reason for this errors but it may result in such errors too. So it is better to calculate your requirements before choosing the hosting package and get the reliable one for you.

Recently, all the search engines were strongly mentioning the factor that “Website should be fast enough to rank well”. So they directly mentioning that the website must load properly without any errors so that it can at the top of search engine results. It shows that the web hosting packages must be suitable for your website to rank effectively.

How to Do On Page SEO For Your WordPress Website?

on page seo for wordpress website

SEO is the way to optimize and boost your website ranking on the top of search results. When you search for something in the web, then the search engines will display a list of 10 web pages on each page. Here the websites were listed based on some ranking signals called Search Engine Optimization Factors.

Based on the implementation and work involved, the Search Engine Optimization factors were classified into two types as; On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization.

on page optimization

On-Page SEO

Optimizing your website based on the ranking factors that involve the activity to happen on your website is termed as On-Page SEO. The On-Page SEO is completely based on the site owners or administrators. It is the core and most important one to make the users understand all about your website or a webpage. If it looks confusing, then you can appreciate the things well when you check the on-page factors listed below.

On-Page SEO Factors & How to Do it

Before going to the On-Page SEO factors, you must do some basic website configuration.

Go to Settings -> General, there you will find options to update the site title, site tagline and so on.

Make sure the Site Title is your Business name or a Blog Name and Update your Tagline as well. Once after updating the title, the most important thing to be updated from the start is Link Structure.


If you have a question “Is Link Structure very much important?” then my answer is yes. So make sure the link structure is having SEO and User-Friendly appearance. For example, you can check the URL Structure of each article and main pages in our SEEKAHOST Website.

Also, If you change the link structure for a well-established blog, then you want to redirect every post published in it.

To make sure your site is SEO Friendly and all the content present on your web page is well optimized, you can install the SEO Plugins like Yoast SEO (or) All in One SEO WordPress plugins. Through this plugin, you will get various options to optimize each webpage.

SEO Title

Title of the Blog post or a page must be well optimized based on the Keywords. The title tag appears at the top of every web page listed in the search results. It says more about the content, and that’s the reason it should have the keyword at least once. It is one of the most critical ranking signals as well.

on page seo

SEO Description

The description is also called as the crispy content. It will be elaborating the web page content bit more than the title tag. The character limitation for the description tag is 320 characters, and it is recommended to have the description with 300 to 320 characters. Also, make sure Keyword is present once or twice in it.

SEO Plugin Check

The above two options also will be included in the SEO plugins. In addition to that, you will find various other factors that will be suggested by the SEO plugins as well.

To know more information about “How to On-Page SEO for a WordPress Blog?“, Check the below video which is explained with Step By Step Instructions.

If you are looking to start a WordPress blog, then you can get all the needed information right here


How to Disable Plugins through cPanel or FTP Access?

secured website

In WordPress, plugins makes the job very easy. WordPress brought a change that there is no need of coding to design or to develop a website. It is the simple way to update contents and to design a website. Few years back, to integrate something new we must have coding knowledge or else we must edit some core theme files. If you do anything wrong, then it will collapse the entire website. But nowadays you can find more plugins to configure the changes whatever you want. So plugins making the changes so easy and it is safe to do.

Why we need to Disable Plugins through cPanel or FTP?

Sometimes you may face issues in logging into your WordPress dashboard. Due to some improper updates and cache issues site may not load, so during that time it is difficult to login into the website. During that time, it is not possible to design the entire website from the start so you must do something to check whether the website issue is getting sorted. During the critical time you must try to disable plugins through cPanel or FTP.

How to Disable Plugins through cPanel?

  • You must have cPanel Access to make the changes.
  • Login into your cPanel Dashboard
  • Go to file manager.
  • Go to public_html -> wp-content -> plugin
  • To disable the plugin you must select the folder with plugin name & just rename it as disable or some other words.

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How to Disable Plugins through FTP?

  • Login into your FTP Account using the access details.
  • Go to public_html -> wp-content -> plugin
  • To disable the plugin you must select the folder with plugin name & just rename it as disable or some other words.

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How to check by disabling the Plugins?

Just rename the plugin one by one and check whether the site is loading fine or not. Also don’t check the plugins randomly. Just make sure you disabling the cache or security plugins during the start. Because security and cache plugins alone will restrict the access. If you still facing this issue, then get support from the web hosting provider to recover your website at the earliest.