SEO Issues In E-commerce websites

Common SEO Issues With E-Commerce Websites

SEO Issues In E-commerce websites

If you own a personal or business websites, the way of making SEO is different. But, when it’s coming to E-Commerce websites, they have to make the website unique and also different kind of approach has to be enabled.  So, when you have an E-Commerce website, and you can’t see your website ranking in the search engines, you need to realize that the website may have some SEO issues.

The E-Commerce websites are totally different from the personal and business websites. As we know, it holds a lot of pages, images, content etc., While making SEO for an E-Commerce website, you should be optimize your website carefully. At sometimes, we may leave or lack some stuffs during optimization of the website. This will lead to some issues and the site struggles to get rank in search engines.

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In this article, we have explained you the common five SEO issues with E-Commerce websites.

Long URL Structures

For a website, the URL structure is necessary as it plays a major role in ranking factors. When you have long URL structures it will be major issue. Yes, instead of using long URL structures, you can simply apply short URL structure in a crispy form. The purpose of short URL structure is that it enables the user as well as the search engines to read it easily. Also, it will be easy for the search engines to crawl your contents. So, the long URL structure is a major and foremost issue to be addressed by the user.

According to the study, if you use short URL structures for a website, it can be easily ranked in search engines.

Necessary of Image Alt Tags

For example, if you take big e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Flipkart etc., you might see they have used lot of images more than the content. At each and every page you can able to see the images that are used to visualize the products, guiding the user etc,. So, when you are optimizing your E-Commerce website, you must add the Alt Tags to the images. By adding the Alt Tags to an image, it helps the search engines to read the image like What it is, What’s the purpose etc.,

If the search engines find the image and it was relative to the keywords that are searched by the user, then it will be crawl and can be ranked easily. By using Alt Tags, you can add additional information such as name, description etc., which enables the users and the search engines to identify easily.

Responsive Design:

You can also keep the visitors engaged within your website by the help of the design. The design of the website is the first & foremost impression for the visitors as well as for search engines. Since, for an E-Commerce website the design should be unique and easily reach to the visitors. If you have designed your website for Desktop versions, you must take additional care while designing the same website for the mobile version.

According to the study, if the website for the mobile versions (responsive design) is not at a level, then it can’t be ranked easily in the search engines and also, the bounce rate for the website will be increased.

Product Description

Generally, the E-Commerce website is about selling of products in online. For example, let’s take a product as Mobile Phone. If a visitor, searches a particular brand of mobile and finally clicks on the product. The very first thing, the user will read is the description of the product. If the product description is very less or more, the visitor will find it as uncomfortable. For every products selling in online, the description must be informative, clean & crispy.

URL Parameters

While creating a website, you should consider the important URL parameters. For an E-Commerce website it may have lot of pages, images etc., For, every page it has an specific URL. Also, the user has to keep in mind that the individual URL’s of a page does not indexed by the search engines or even by robots.txt file as a separate page.

The user should use the URL structures unique and short for the website as well as for the single page of the website.

These 5 things are the most common seo issues with e-commerce websites. Optimize your websites by avoiding this issues and rank your sites.

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