SEO Web Hosting: Everything You Need to Know

The online domination game is becoming more intense, with everyone now talking about SEO Web Hosting as the next hosting technology innovation!

Formerly, no one gives a thought about how the web hosting service will impact a website’s SEO (search engine optimization) performance, neither does anyone border to select web host provider based on who scores well on such issues as server location, speed and the up-time availability.

But whether you believe it or not, the web hosting does affect SEO and can drastically boost your website visibility in search engine results beyond what even the keywords can ever achieve. With such propositions as website speed, server location, and unique IP capable of affecting how websites are ranked by search engines.


Here is the information you need to know on how web hosting really affects a website’s SEO and what is the necessary criteria in choosing a web host provider for your business website.

What is SEO Web Hosting?

SEO Web Hosting revolves around the deployment of super-fast hosting technologies to guarantee the highest level of performance possible for any website.

It offers your website multiple IPs, which are made up of unique IPs from several servers from around the world so that your website can respond faster irrespective of where your website is visited.

And since many SEO professionals understand the importance of using unique IP addresses in hosting, they are increasingly recommending it for their clients’ websites, as it gives the website a better advantage on search engines to rank higher, thus increasing the traffic and conversions to the business websites.

Even if you’re hosting PBNs just to get links or support your main website, they should be done the right way so as to add value to the web, and the need for unique IP should be mandatory!

seo hosting vs pbn hosting

Major 3. Factors for SEO Web Hosting

When it comes to SEO Web Hosting, there are several factors that are taken into considerations, and also many web host providers claim to offer the best services, but without ticking all the below points they should never be trusted at all.

1. Multiple & Unique IPs

As the speed of a website is increasingly a ranking factor, it makes a big difference to use multiple IPs and SEO Web Hosting to give the best speed using top of the range C Class IPs and it is also the best WordPress hosting.

SeekaHost provides you with multiple class IPs so that your website will have natural IP profile. You also get unique DNS for each of your domains, which all guarantees faster response for your website. As having a high load time will result to increase in bounce rate which affects the website directly on search engine rankings.

In fact, Whenever it comes to SEO Web Hosting you must first look at the provision of C Class unique IPs, with improved bandwidth for better performance.

2. Local Server To Target Local Audience

The importance of having local servers where your main customers are located is a top factor for SEO Web hosting, as it guarantees faster response time for your business website.

And providing visitors to your website a swift browsing experience by having server located close to them results in faster redirection of the audience to your site.

Mostly, businesses that target local customers are more likely to go for SEO Web hosting. For instance, Quick Wasters that is London-based, recently decided to move to SeekaHost SEO web hosting, as they realized that having their website hosted in SeekaHost London server will greatly help the performance and give them a better SEO advantage.

So, after reading some case studies about how the London server hosting is advantageous, they knew right away that it’s the right decision to move to the fully managed London web hosting service. The SeekaHost team even helped to move the website smoothly and now it’s running from the London server.

If the server is located near the website audience, it will make the fetching of data quicker as the download speed is relatively faster when compared with a server located far away.

3. Security

Security is perhaps the most important factor for any website, and SEO Web Hosting is configured from the ground-up with Free Malware & Virus Scanner options as a bonus. Also, you get a free SSL certificate which ensures security for websites by providing authentication and encrypted connection.

SSL communicates to client that the web host demonstrated domain ownership to the certificate authority at the time of the issuance. If your website don’t have SSL certificate, secure connection won’t be established, which means, your customers and your business information will be exposed to hacking, as they data are not digitally connected to a cryptographic key.

But, if an SSL certificate is used, the information sent from your website becomes unreadable to anyone except for the server that the information is sent. Also, your website requires SSL certification (HTTPS setup), so that your domains are perceived as secure to gain more trust from users and search engines, like Google.

Additionally, SEO Web Hosting does not leave footprints, which could also depend on your website content, such as theme, plugin and more. But SeekaHost will ensure no footprints, even when you use your own nameserver.


While many business owners may not have an advanced level of expertise in SEO, but the web hosting provider they choose can make a whole lot of difference in how their websites will rank in the search engine results.

SEO Web Hosting is the way to go if you want to have an advantage over your competitors, especially local business owners in London, it is highly recommended that they go for the London server. As having the business website hosted in London servers will make it rank higher for UK searches.

And it is also vital to have the opportunity to reach out to your web hosting company for any important issue, even SEO related if they are located near you. At SeekaHost, we offer the best customer care service with 24/7 support for your website, ensuring the security and efficiency of services.