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Many of the domain name registrars in India offer .in and some offer cheap first-year deals, but in the second year, they try to charge a much higher fee to make up for the discounted prices.

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Best cheap & fast Domain Registration in India with the SeekaPanel

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Why get a .in Domain with SeekaHost?

We have already highlighted how affordable and fast SeekaHost web hosting and domain registration is for Indian users. But check out the benefits of a .in domain and you’ll be completely convinced.

Better For SEO

The domain extension ‘dot in’ affects the SEO rankings of a website because search engines based in India give preference to websites that have the domain extension ‘dot in’. A .in domain is trusted and has a reputation of being one of the major domain extensions in India.

The reach of every website depends on SEO. If you select a domain name that is unique but difficult to remember, even the search algorithm doesn’t prefer it.

Easy To Remember

One of the most important reasons for the popularity of the dot in domain is that it is the easiest to remember. Whenever people in India are not able to recall the extension of a website they want to visit, they automatically prefer to go with .in first. This is how this domain extension has influenced people. That is why human behavior plays an important part in the power of the .in domain.

Trusted By Indians

All Indians are familiar with the dot in domain. You should choose a domain name that is preferred by the people in the country where your website will be accessed mostly.

Search engines listings and rankings are important, but the preference of the visitors matters when you decide on the domain extension. That is why you need to choose the one that is trusted by Indians mostly.

Since the .in domain is used by almost every popular and trusted website in India, people always assume a domain as dot in domain when they are not sure about the actual extension.

Few Final Words

If you aspire to monetize your Indian business or personal websites like never before, do not hesitate even once in selecting the dot in domain.

Try to build a solid base for the website with SeekaHost’s trusted domain registration and web hosting services. It will give your website longevity in the coming years while it serves as an online reference for both professional and personal development. It is therefore inevitable to name and create a website very carefully only using the best service provider offering the best solutions.