Different Class IP Address

Different Classes Of IP’s In Hosting

Different Class IP Address

In Web Hosting, every user hosts their sites on a different class of IP’s. But, some users aren’t aware of the advantages and disadvantages behind the IP’s. Also, the different class IPs are allocated according to the needs. For example, if the domain should not contain footprints and also to be rank higher in search engines, Unique C class IP’s are the best.

In this article, we have explained to you the different classes of IP and their uses.

The different classes of IP’s are:

Class A

Class A IP’s are majorly used for large networks. Also, this kind of IPs are generally used by large organizations such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., The huge benefit in this type of IP is you can host many numbers of devices to the IP address. The main thing is that class IP’s are generally used by Internet Service Providers (ISP). Additionally, the A-class IP’s are not used by many of the bloggers.

Class B

Class B IP’s are not mostly used by bloggers or business websites. These kinds of IP’s are used by medium-sized organizations and networks. The advantage of this kind of IP is, you can also host devices, but little less than the class A IP’s. Class B IP’s are not recommended for hosting the sites and also most of the users are not using these IP’s

Class C

When coming to class C IP’s, most of the PBN and SEO hosting sites are using it more. Because of the various benefits. This range of IP’s are used by the bloggers, business sites and personal sites. This C class IP’s are used for PBN and SEO hosting. The advantages of using c class IP’s are

  • Helps to boost the SEO of your sites
  • Improves ranking in search results
  • Increases traffic to the sites
  • Generally used for blogging and business sites

Class D & Class E

The Class D & E IP’s are used very less by the users. The D-class IPs are not used widely by the users and they are used only on special occasions. Whereas the class E IP’s are the reserved ones, which are used for research, scientific studies, etc., These two class IPs are not used in the public sector. Only used in private sectors. Also, the class E IP’s are not provided by the hosting providers for hosting the sites.

If we take an example, let say is an IP address, here

51 is A-Class

91 is B-Class

173 is C-Class

31 is D-Class

IP Address Range

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