Website Full Backup In cPanel

How To Take Full Backup In cPanel?

Website Full Backup In cPanel

Taking backups of your website is a much necessary thing. The purpose of taking full backup is that when your site has been hacked or deleted you can’t able to get the important data of your website. Once any malicious or unfortunate things have happened, you will lose the site including data and other files entirely. The advantage of taking backups, you can restore your data and files on your website and able to bring the site back to live, even though when the site is deleted or hacked.

Taking full backups of your site on a regular period of time is appreciable. You can take backups on a weekly or monthly basis depending on the users and website content.

NOTE: This method of taking full backup is a backup of a complete Cpanel account with whole data, where it can only be provided to hosting providers to restore it.

In this article, we have guided you on how to take full backups of your website by using cPanel. This can be done easily by users.

STEP 1: Login

Firstly, log in to your cPanel

STEP 2: Backup Wizard

Under the ‘Files’ section, click on the ‘Backup Wizard’ option

Backup Wizard

STEP 3: Backup

To take a full backup of your website, click on the ‘Backup’ option. To restore the data for your website, click on ‘Restore’.

Taking Backup

STEP 4: Full Backup

Click on ‘Full Backup’ to download your full website files under a compressed folder. You can also even take partial backup such as

  • Home Directory
  • MySQL Databases
  • Email forwarding & Filters

Click on the required file in which you wanted to take backup.

Taking Full Backup

STEP 5: Generate Backup

To start generating a backup, click on ‘Generate Backup’. Also, you can choose the destination, in which you want to download the full backup.

Generating backup of the site

After clicking on ‘Generate Backup’, you will be notified through the email id mentioned as the backups will be available for download. if you click on it, the full backup of your website will be downloaded.

Backup In Progress

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