7 Factors to Consider before Choosing A Minecraft Server Hosting

Playing Minecraft online with friends is hugely popular and millions of people are playing Minecraft online each month, according to the Business Insider article.

The recent article by Fernando Raymond explains why he started the Minecraft server hosting services business and what inspired him to start the best game servers in the market.

Buying a Minecraft Server hosting

As multiplayer gaming needs a secure, dedicated and optimized server resource, with support for several mods and plugins, choosing a perfect Minecraft host is a huge challenge.

In the other guide I wrote, I did go into detail about how to buy a Minecraft server and it’s the updated version to this guide.

Minecraft is a hugely popular sandbox video game released as a public alpha for PCs in 2009 and officially available in November 2011. It features vibrant, block-like characters and scenes, which is a heavy hit with kids today.

As one of the most popular games on the internet and a multiplayer game, Minecraft is very huge and requires a dedicated server setup, but depending on what you really want from the server.

If you take a close look at the mechanics of setting up a Minecraft server, first is the host and what control panel it has, which matters a lot, as Minecraft needs the most powerful control panel.

How to create a new Minecraft server? 

Are you looking to create a new Minecraft server? Before committing to one, it’s important to figure out what’s the exact cost. And what server is right for you, as the wrong server can lead to frustrating gameplay. It’s also vital to support the number of players you want.

Again, there is the issue of deciding between buying Minecraft server hosting versus running it on your own machine.


7 Factors to Consider before Choosing A Minecraft Server

You need a Minecraft Server, if you’re looking to play Minecraft with friends, as it allow users to connect to a central computer which will host the game software for all other players to use. Before choosing a minecraft server, you need to look at these factors below to decide what applies to your situation.

1. The Version of Minecraft

The two major versions of Minecraft are Java and Bedrock. And depending on the version you’re looking to run, you should choose an appropriate host as the cost of the different Minecraft Server could be higher or lower.

The java version is the most common Minecraft Server version for Mac and Windows PC, it’s also the default version on While the Bedrock version, also known as Pocket Edition (PE) or Pocketmine, is for mobile devices like iOS and Android.

Therefore, the Minecraft Server type you want to run is important because java and Bedrock users can’t play on the same server. You need to set up two different servers if you want both Minecraft java and Pocket Edition, which will definitely increase the costs.

2. Flexible Pricing

The main factor in choosing a minecraft server hosting provider is price, as Minecraft requires basic mechanics if you want to play with friends, so it need a cheap plan.

Now, what is a cheap price, may depend on how you want to play the game with friends or you can make a server, for example with a peak playerbase of 100 for about $70.00 per month, which cost you can easily recover in donations with your playerbase.

3. Seamless Upgrade

Minecraft 1.14, which is the vanilla version will run on as little as 1.5GB of RAM for 1-to-5 players. And this would be the lowest recommended RAM for a Minecraft Server, but if you want to run plugins or mods or play with more people, you’ll need more RAM to accommodate it.

So, your host should afford a seamless upgrade should you need more RAM or other resources to support your expanding gameplay. For instance, Minecraft Feed The Beast requires about 3GB of RAM ro run with only a couple of players.

However, 2GB of RAM is good starting point for most people, but you can always upgrade or downgrade later.

4. Number of Players

You should try to figure out the number of players to engage in your minecraft server, which is a bit tricky decision. But as the server can handle more players with more RAM, so the best estimate is 250MB of RAM per player.

Though newer versions of Minecraft like 1.14+ is more memory intensive, and you’ll need more memory depending on the number of players. And bear in mind that you can always upgrade or downgrade later.

5. Proximity to Players’ Geographical area

As your server location impacts on speed and response time, the geographical area of your players have to come into considerations when choosing a minecraft server hosting.

That is, if the minecraft server is located closer to the players, they can expect faster data transfer. And your game will load quicker if the server is closer to you. Generally, gamers don’t like to wait long until a game gets loaded.

So, before deciding on your minecraft server hosting, try to find out where your target player base lives. If you’re in London but with majority of your players are in Southampton, it still makes sense to choose a server in London.

6. 100% Uptime Guarantee

100% uptime guarantee means that someone is always watching the server operation. And given any potential points of failure and the cost of maintenance, this main reason many gamers opt to buy minecraft server hosting, instead of running it themselves.

Additionally, a remote server gives a faster, and more improved performance, with no lagging at all. And your server will always be online and accessible round the clock with a 100% network uptime guarantee.

7. 24X7 Support

The fact that serving customers without any delay is the key to business success, makes customer support availability for 24/7 good responsiveness.

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Ensuring an excellent customer service involves surpassing expectations, and that is the hallmark of SeekaHost. And by showing the customers how important they are to the business by interacting with them in a friendly helpful and positive manner.

In conclusion, the Minecraft game is by far the best that kids can play to improve their creative thinking while at the same time having fun with the survival mode. If you want to play the Minecraft game online for free, visit this page. And if you are looking to learn how to make a Minecraft server, see the details here.