How to Install WordPress through cPanel Access?

If you are hosting a website, you may receive the cPanel Login Details through Automated Mail or manually by submitting tickets. So you will get the full control over your domain, so you can install or work with your domain as you need.

How to Install WordPress through cPanel?

  • Login to your cPanel Account using the provided details.
  • Your Hosting provider will provide the easy install options through One Click Installer or Softaculous.
  • In cPanel Search,  type “Softaculous” and click on it.

softaculous search

  • To view your previous installation made in this account, follow the below steps.
    • Once you enter into that particular window then you can click on Installation Box which is highlighted in the below Image.
    • You can see installed application or CMS like WordPress, etc.
    • If you want to edit the login details or database details you can edit directly using this panel.

all installations

  • To install new WordPress you want to click on Install option which shows over the WordPress. For Reference please check the below image.

wordpress install

  • But You must check these things before installing new WordPress.
    • No WordPress exists in the current installation path.
    • If you want to install new WordPress by deleting existing WordPress, you must delete it before installing it.
    • Make sure you want to create a new database or to use the existing database in which you have the content.

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  • Forgot (or) I don’t have the Email Id or Password to login into the WordPress Website.
  • I want to clear unwanted files by reinstalling the website but I should not lose my data.
    • Check – How to Install New WordPress with the Existing Content.
  • Facing Error in Connecting the Database.
  • Facing Internal Server Error and I am unable to rectify the things.