3 Major Classes of IP Addresses Used for Blog Hosting & PBN SEO

Such topics on the different classes of IP Addresses for web hosting and private blog networks (PBNs) set up are hot in the SEO verticals!

The building of private blog networks for SEO requires that the blogs should be hosted on unique multiple IPs which does not reveal who owns the network of blogs. Because Google will penalize those blogs if they get to know or perhaps, your competitors could find and report them to derank your money site.

In this article, we’ll discuss the 3 major classes of IP addresses, and you’ll get to understand what makes C Class hosting sold as SEO Hosting and PBN Hosting with regard to the servers’ performance.


Search engines like Google take IP addresses very seriously, and as such, they rank websites or blogs with unique IP addresses higher. So you should as a website owner opt for unique IP Hosting if you want to rank higher in search results.

But before we delve into the SEO game of IP addresses, let’s first take a look at what an IP Address actually means!

What is An IP Address?

An IP address is a number that is used to identify a computer or other device on the Internet, and quite similar to a mailing address, which denotes where a postal mail comes from and should be delivered.

These IP addresses identify the source and the destination of data transmitted on the Internet.

It takes the form of a unique 4 blocks of up to 3 digits each in the format of xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx and all the digits must be between 0 and 255, with some numbers reserved for specified use, like multicasting and loopback. It allows for 4.3 billion combinations as 32 bytes.

What is PBN?


PBN is a short form for a private blog network, which are private blogs built with the sole purpose of building backlinks to main websites in order to increase the organic rankings in the SERPs.

Mostly, PBNs are built with expired domains that can pass great link juice and thus help to increase the authority of your main site(s) and the powerful backlink profiles, that is, high-quality domains with decent metrics (DA), means higher ranking on search engines.

However, there is an important point in knowing which expired domains are worth investing on and which are not, so that your private blog networks can actually benefit your money site.

3 Major Classes of IP Addresses Used for Web Hosting & PBN SEO

While there are five classes of IP addresses, namely: A, B, C, D, E and the third octet of xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx which is known as C Block, but the major 3 ones which we will be concerned with are A, B, and C for SEO Hosting and PBN SEO.

1. A Class IP Addresses

A Class IP addresses are for huge networks, most likely those deployed by ISPs. It supports up to 16 million hosts, which are devices connected to the network such as computers, servers, routers…etc. and Class A network is divided into 128 different networks.

A Class IP Hosting provided by SeekaHost comes with manually configured Private Name Server and SOA record which gives you the safety and confidence that the search engines can’t find the server origin or hosting company.

It helps your website or blog to stay away from footprints that can come through the Name servers as we provide you with a totally different one for your domain name.

Ensuring a Unique IP is a way of avoiding footprints on your domains. And the Unique A Class IP Hosting provided by SeekaHost for your websites is much cheaper and better than any alternative service.

2. B Class IP Addresses

B Class IP addresses are for medium and large-sized networks, especially in the enterprises and organizations verticals. They are able to support up to 65,000 hosts on 16,000 individual networks.

SeekaHost offers B Class IP hosting packages that comes with manually configured Private Name Server and SOA record to give you the confidence that the search engines can never find out the hosting company or server origin, and thus maintain a safe PBN.

And by staying away from footprints that come through the Name servers, you also get totally different IP for your domain name.

3. C Class IP Addresses

Class C IP addresses are used in small business and home networks. And they support up to 256 hosts on 2 million networks.

The C Class IP addresses are the most used and popular among the SEO experts in the market. And for a good reason, you can buy Unique Multiple Class C IP Hosting packages on tow setups at SeekaHost, manually assigned IPs and cPanels for your PBNs and the other is the easiest hosting for PBNs, personal blogs via the SeekaHost web application.

In fact, you can buy up to 50 unique Class C IPs for your PBN SEO hosting or to host your main website that is also supported by your PBN SEO work.

It is advisable if you have several websites on the same C Block, to change web hosting provider immediately. Even if you own just a single domain, it is a good practice to go with multiple Class C IP hosting provider like SeekaHost because you may need to expand your website or business in the future.

Why Should You Choose SeekaHost for PBN Hosting?

PBN SEO is a task which should be left in the hands of experts to handle safely in order to sustain the normal website ranking. SeekaHost’s CEO, Fernando Raymond is a renown PBN expert with several years actively in the SEO game.

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