How PBN Web Hosting in SEEKAHOST Functions?

PBNPrivate Blog Network is very much important to increase your ranking in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). It is nothing but deleted or expired domains with high domain authority.

Getting links from high-quality blogs will influence in ranking money sites.

If a High-Quality Site is giving a referral link to your website, then search engines will consider your money site as a quality one and it influences the ranking.

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PBN Web Hosting Features

Every SEO Expert knows the importance of using the PBN domains in a very careful way. Because it is not legal to get paid links from High-Authority domains. So if search engines found that you getting links for money, then there is a possibility to penalize your website.

As SeekaHost having a team of SEO Experts who listed the features such that it is not possible for the search engines to identify.

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Normally, people will host a bunch of PBN Domains so if all the domains were hosted on the same IP then it is easy to identify that the domain belongs to the same person.

Private NameServer

If you host a website then the nameserver details will be the domain name of Hosting provider. But here we create the private nameserver for your domains, such that your domain will be present in your nameserver details.

Customer Details

In PBN Web Hosting, we were not using client details to host the domains. Instead, we use our constant Email Address on the public display but we use the client email id for their hosting account.

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Individual cPanel

Instead of providing Ad-On Domains, we give full access to the clients by providing individual cPanel for each domain. For example: If you choose 5 IP PBN Hosting, you will get 5 individual cPanel Accounts for each domain.

Disk Space Restrictions

Normally, PBN domains won’t need much disk space because it won’t have high-quality images and heavy files. So even if you use CMS like WordPress, 300MB is more than enough. But here you will get 500MB disk space in Seekahost PBN Web Hosting.

Disk Space is one of the factors that influence the web hosting price.

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Periodic Security Check

Security is very much important for every PBN Domains. PBN domains are high-quality domains, which is not renewed or maintained may be due to continuous security attacks or any other security issues.

So while hosting the PBN domains, the possibility of getting security issues is more and in Seekahost PBN Web Hosting, we provide the regular Security check which will identify the suspicious activity and malware presence in your websites.