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Top 10 Bloggers in Singapore and How the Bloggers make money

Singapore, one of the Asian Tigers, is a city-state classified as Alpha+ global, indicating its great influence on global economy; also influential are the top Bloggers in Singapore.

As a global financial center, Singapore has a multicultural population, and the only Asian country with an AAA sovereign rating from major rating agencies, meaning its a major tourist destination. And perhaps, Singapore has the most vibrant online community and internet powerhouse in Southeast Asia.

We bring you the top bloggers in Singapore, even though there are tones of other famous blogs; we duly appreciate the hard working ones for creating the valuable contents that make our life truly beautiful!

Top 10 Bloggers in Singapore

top Bloggers in Singapore

1. Vinod Nair

Vinod Nair is the chief executive officer of MoneySmart Group, and also a blogger at which offers finance related news.

Vinod Nair focuses mainly on personal finance, property, investments and lifestyle, with a rather firsthand experience to share.

The blog is operated under the MoneySmart brand, and it has grown into a very popular web portal with audience cutting across the financial and banking sectors in Singapore.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Twitter Page: 1.7k Followers
Instagram Page: 6.9k Followers
Facebook Page: 172k Likes

2. Bryan Choo

Bryan Choo is the founder of TheSmartLocal, a hugely popular blog in Singapore that originally covers local news, and travel & lifestyle.

Bryan Choo

The blog which was founded in 2012 has witnessed a phenomenal growth, as one of the fastest rising online publications in Singapore.

Bryan had successfully bootstrapped his online business from $0 to a multi-million annual revenue in only 5 years, with TheSmartLocal disrupting the Singapore lifestyle publishing scene.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Twitter Page: 4.5k Followers
Instagram Page: 123k Followers
Facebook Page: 394k Likes

3. Seth Lui

Seth Lui is a popular food blogger in Singapore, with his eponymous blog covering foods, travels and nightlife in Singapore.

Seth Lui

As someone having a keen interest in eating good food, and traveling, Seth covers everything from ordinary hawked foods to premium restaurants like Morton’s and Long Bar Steakhouse, among others.

The blog try to give some rather honest, and balanced reviews, of course without getting sued by the restaurant owners.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Twitter Page: 1.7k Followers
Instagram Page: 104k Followers
Facebook Page: 376k Likes

4. Daniel Ang

Daniel Ang is a top food blogger in Singapore behind where he shares his love for good foods in Singapore.

Daniel Ang

The blog is hugely popular and draws large following on social media with audiences from around the world.

Daniel is also a corporate trainer and lecturer on Mass Communications and Social Media at various top institutions in Singapore.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Twitter Page: 4.5k Followers
Instagram Page: 231k Followers
Facebook Page: 385k Likes

5. Brad Lau

Brad Lau, also known by the pseudonym LadyIronChef, is a top Singaporean food blogger and online personality.

Brad Lau

He is the founder of the food and travel blog,, which is one of the leading food and travel blog in Singapore.

Ladyironchef as one of the leading food and travel blog in Singapore started from a very humble beginning in 2007. With the chief editor, Brad Lau’s strong passion and hard work, it has grown into a great portal covering food, traveling and other finer things in a Singaporean life.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Twitter Page: 17.5k Followers
Instagram Page: 604k Followers
Facebook Page: 646k Likes

6. Kristen Juliet Soh

Kristen Juliet Soh is a top beauty blogger in Singapore, behind the blog where she shares her beauty and lifestyle tips.

Kristen Juliet Soh

The top Singapore-based beauty blog covers beauty tips, product reviews & news for fashionistas in Singapore.

You can also find discounts on many beauty products & promotional offers on the blog!

Blog & Social Media Stats

Instagram Page: 10.9k Followers
Facebook Page: 42.7k Likes

7. Maureen Ow

Maureen Ow is the founder of, a food blog that brings a true tatse of the delicious cuisine and incredible culture of Singapore.

Maureen Ow

Misstamchiak covers topics ranging from street vendors or hawkers to cafes and even the top restaurants, to help you discover the most palate-pleasing dishes available.

And there is always a new food adventure awaiting you just around the corner!

Blog & Social Media Stats

Twitter Page: 15.5k Followers
Instagram Page: 143k Followers
Facebook Page: 109k Likes

8. Alvin Lim

Alvin Lim is the founder of Alvinology, a weblog covering food, travel, entertainment, and lifestyle.

Alvin Lim

The blog was established in 2007 and now, developed into a full-fledged publication website with a dedicated professional editorial team.

Alvin is a huge advocate of digital and social media freedom, and he is very proficient in both English and local Mandarin language. He has worked with may top brands including News Corp, Singapore Press Holdings, and the Olympic Games.

Alvinology is a hugely popular web portal for travel tips in Singapore!

Blog & Social Media Stats

Twitter Page: 38k Followers
Instagram Page: 68.7k Followers
Facebook Page: 33.6k Likes

9. Teoh Yi Chie

Teoh Yi Chie, also known by the alias parka, is a popular comic artist behind the top art blog Parkablog where he shares his love for arts.

Teoh Chie

Parkablog covers art related stuff, plus reviews of art-books that he has read and collected over time.

And the featured art books are mostly related to animation, comics and movie.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Twitter Page: 4.9k Followers
Instagram Page: 18.3k Followers
Facebook Page: 15.3k Likes

10. Leslie Tay

Leslie Tay is behind the food blog, which is essentially a chronicle of the best foods in Singapore.

Leslie Tay

The blog is all about food, not just a place to find where to eat, but also to explore the origins of the different foods, with the ingredients, recipes, art and history behind the food.

Leslie considers himself a culinary explorer, and wants you to come along as he dissects the best cuisines and restaurants in Singapore.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Twitter Page: 18.6k Followers
Instagram Page: 124k Followers
Facebook Page: 295k Likes

And these are the top Bloggers in Singapore for 2019!

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