Top 10 Brazilian Bloggers Blogs And How They Make Money Blogging

If you think Brazilians are only good in football, then you’ll be amazed at how spectacular the top Brazilian bloggers are on this list!

Blogging in Brazil is really hot and the country is fortunate to have the very best of bloggers who can equally stand toe-to-toe with any of the top-gun countries, like America and India.

If you’re passionate about following the latest tech news, fashion or beauty tips, then you don’t want to miss these Brazil’s hottest bloggers.

You can easily find the hottest fashion trends, or learn some new beauty tips, and even find a business idea for your next Startup, especially if you are looking towards establishing in the huge Latin American countries.

Brazil, as the largest country in Latin America with about 208 million people, and the fifth most populous country in the world isn’t one you can ignore.

Top 10 Brazilian Bloggers and their Blogs


1. Camila Coelho

Camila, a self-proclaimed beauty addict, who has previously worked as a makeup artist, is obviously the person to follow for beauty & fashion tips because she has got the experience and expert tips.


Her blog is where she chronicles her vast experience in fashion and beauty, and it has grown to be among the very best of blogs in Brazil.

Camila Coelho is also very influential on social media, like Instagram with about 7 million followers, 3 million on YouTube and over 3 million on Facebook and she is a full-time professional blogger, making money off her web assets!

In fact, Camila is a member of the famous YouTube Star list, offering both Portuguese and English language fashion and beauty tips on her YouTube channel and eponymous blog.

Blog & Camila Coelho’s Net Worth

Net Worth: USD 2.8 Million

2. Marcos Lemos

Marcos is a popular tech blogger known for his blog, which publishes tutorials, tips and tech help articles, as well as content on new media and social networks, services, equipment and systems.


The Blog also made the finalists from all categories for Top Brasil Blogs in 2011 awards. He makes money through AdSense, Affiliate marking and freelancing.

Blog & Marcos Lemos’s Net Worth

Net Worth: USD 100k – 1M (Approx)

3. Patty Martins

Patty Martins is famous for her food blog,, which name ”Aqui na Cozinha” literally translates to “here in the kitchen” and it’s a collection of original recipes with Brazilian flavours.


If you like good food, then the blog should be on your favourites list.

Blog & Patty Martins’s Net Worth

Net Worth: USD 100k – 1M (Approx)

4. Lia Camargo

Lia is a fashion designer based in São Paulo, who is now turned to a fashion blogger. Her website, Just Lia, was launched in 2001, where she covers all about her life and tips on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.


She also gave some great followings on social media, including Instagram and YouTube.

Blog & Lia Camargo’s Net Worth

Net Worth: USD 100k – 1M (Approx)

5. Luis Nassif

Luis Nassif’s blog ( is provides an alternative view to regular Brazilian political news, as well as critical analysis on current events.


As a well-established journalist, Luis Nassif is locally known for his expertise as well as strong criticism of major mainstream media reporting.

Blog & Luis Nassif’s Net Worth

Net Worth: USD 100k – 1M (Approx)

6. Luiza Brasil

Luiza is hot! She is a Brazilian fashion blogger who has been featured in popular media like CNN and has a cult-like following on social media.


Her blog ( is quite popular among fashionistas who surf for fashion and beauty tips. In fact, she is described as been at the front and center on the Brazilian fashion scene.

Blog & Luiza Brasil’s Net Worth

Net Worth: USD 100k – 1M (Approx)

7. Camila Coutinho

Camila Coutinho is best known as a social media influencer, with her Instagram channel reaching over 2 million followers, and her blog ( was awarded the Best Blogger at Glamour’s Generation Awards in 2016.


She has partnered with some luxury brands like Dior, Harrods, and Jimmy Choo, in their promotional campaigns.

Blog & Camila Coutinho’s Net Worth

Net Worth: USD 100k – 1M (Approx)

8. Mariah Bernardes Maia

Mariah Bernardes is a graduate of FAAP fashion, with her blog ( started in 2007 to share fashion ideas, hair tips, makeup, recipes, and just about anything she fancies!


She is an astute Blogger and businesswoman living her dream life in São Paulo, Brazil.

Blog & Mariah Bernardes Maia’s Net Worth

Net Worth: USD 100k – 1M (Approx)

9. Helena Lunardelli

Helena started blogging as early as in 2012, with her own blog ( showing her true passion for fashion, beauty tips and home decorating.


She is pretty popular on the gram, with over 400k followers on Instagram alone, which makes her definitely one to watch!

Blog & Helena Lunardelli’s Net Worth

Net Worth: USD 100k – 1M (Approx)

10. Lu Ferreira

Certainly not the least of them all, Ferreira’s blog, Chata de Galocha is filled up with top fashion and beauty tips, and she also has own clothing line, has partnered with some of the top fashion brands, like Kate Spade, Clinique, and Lacoste, among others.


If you are looking for the best travel tips or latest fashion news, and even the unusual most delicious recipes, don’t fail to check out her blog!

Blog & Lu Ferreira’s Net Worth

Net Worth: USD 100k – 1M (Approx)

Congratulations to you, if you made this list! As this is a very comprehensive list of the best individual top bloggers in Brazil at the moment.

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