Top Bloggers in South Africa

Top 10 South African Bloggers to follow for Inspiration

The rainbow nation as South Africa is fondly called, has got some really colorful and top bloggers up her sleeves!

As a country on the southernmost part of the African continent, it is no wonder that the several distinct ecosystem makes it a great travelling destination, but also you’d be more obsessed with South African bloggers – whose influence covers everything from technology, lifestyle and travel to fashion, they’ve got it all!

Now, we present the top 10 South African Bloggers for you to follow if you need some Inspiration!

Top 10 South African Bloggers to follow

Top Bloggers in South Africa

1. Elsa Lacock

Elsa Lacock is a hugely popular South African blogger that is notable for her blog Dirty Pink City, which covers Lifestyle and fashion.

Elsa Lacock

Dirty Pink City is all about music, art, travel, festivals and fashion from the different parts of South Africa.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Facebook Page: 2.8k Likes
Instagram Page: 3k Followers
Twitter Page: 3k Followers

2. Alida Ryder

Alida Ryder is the blogger behind Simply Delicious blog, which started as a personal blog, but quickly grew into a well-known brand.

Alida Ryder

Her blog label is seen on cookbooks in many South African kitchens and Alida’s recipes are simple and perfect for that everyday cooking, for best taste and quality always wins!

Blog & Social Media Stats

Facebook Page: 46.8k Likes
Instagram Page: 14.6k Followers
Twitter Page: 4.2k Followers

3. Kathryn Rossiter

Kathryn runs a blog on topics relating to lifestyle and inspiration, while informing the modern woman through her inspiring content.

Kathryn Rossiter

Her blog, has received several accolades and it’s numbered among to blogs in South Africa.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Facebook Page: 15.7k Likes
Instagram Page: 8.2k Followers
Twitter Page: 7k Followers

4. Sergio Ines

Sergio Ines was inspired to start his blog by an ex girlfriend who loved documenting his outfits and posting them on Instagram.

Sergio Ines

He started his own blog, “What My Boyfriend Wore” for to showcase what and how of men’s style as well as offer a peek into what it feels like living a true gentleman’s life in South Africa!

Blog & Social Media Stats

Instagram Page: 213k Followers
Twitter Page: 3.9k Followers

5. Dawn Bradnick Jorgensen

Dawn Jorgensen is a popular South African travel blogger, with hey blog on sustainable travel within South Africa and beyond.

Dawn Jorgensen

She features amazing images along with beautifully crafted help articles to showcase South Africa and its many awesome experiences and adventures, as well as her personal travel discoveries, experiences, tips and insights.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Facebook Page: 4.4k Likes
Instagram Page: 4k Followers
Twitter Page: 12.8k Followers

6. Lawrence Jugmohan

Lawrence Jugmohan is the founder of Digital Street SA, which blog is the winner of SA Blog Awards best Best Science and Technology Blog for 2018.

Lawrence Jugmohan

The blog is hugely popular and covers gadgets review, tech tutorials and many more tech related topics.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Instagram Page: 1k Followers
Twitter Page: 5k Followers

7. Sara Essop

Sara Essop is a travel writer and blogger, based in Johannesburg.

Sara Essop

Her blog, In Africa & Beyond, covers her travels in African and from around the world, and certainly, one of South Africa’s most popular travel blogs.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Facebook Page: 6.7k Likes
Instagram Page: 12.4k Followers

8. Leigh van den Berg

Leigh lives in Cape Town, where she also work for magazines, TV shows and ad agencies.

Leigh van den Berg

Her blog, Lipgloss is my Life is ranked among the top beauty & lifestyle blogs in South Africa.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Instagram Page: 9.8k Followers
Twitter Page: 11.2k Followers

9. Natalie Roos

Natalie Roos is behind the blog, Tails of a Mermaid, an award-winning blog that covers her exploring of Cape Town, writing, taking pictures, and of course, Cats!

Natalie Roos

The blog offers contents filled with somewhat refreshing honesty, everything from her fabulous stays at 5-star hotels to her struggles with depression.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Facebook Page: 3.4k Likes
Instagram Page: 20.4k Followers
Twitter Page: 15.7k Followers

10. Carlinn Meyer

Carlinn Meyer is a lifestyle and travel blogger from Cape Town that profiles her travels, both locally and around the world.

Carlinn Meyer

Her blog, Campsbay Girl offers a deep insight into getting around some popular and remote destination, with personal experiences to guide you along.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Facebook Page: 11.7k Likes
Instagram Page: 157k Followers
Twitter Page: 8.7k Followers

You would surely agree with me that these are certainly the top Bloggers in South Africa, and so deserves to be in this top list!

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