Top 10 Sri Lankan Bloggers that are doing great stuff worth to follow

Sri Lanka has several historic places, which attract tourists from all over the world, and so getting to know the top Bloggers in Sri Lanka won’t be quite out of place!

Just like its neighbour India, Sri Lanka is becoming a huge IT hub with talented individuals, and what better way to appreciate these set of special people, if not by profiling the best Sri Lankan Bloggers and how they have improved the Internet economy.

A little info about Sri Lanka, also known as Ceylon is a beautiful island country surrounded by the blue waters of the Indian Ocean with an astonishing landscape coupled with a soothing climate.

Find below our Top 10 Sri Lanka Bloggers that are doing great stuff worth to follow!

Top 10 Sri Lanka Bloggers


1. Fernando Raymond

Fernando Raymond is a Sri Lankan blogger, though based in London, the United Kingdom, he has never failed to show his immense love for his home country.

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Fernando Raymond

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Personal Blog & Social Media Stats

Twitter Page: 2.7k Followers

2. Natalie Shenelle

Natalie Shenelle was born and raised in the US but now resides in Sri Lanka and blogs about her amazing life on the island, as well as her beauty styles, makeup, and best places to see.

Natalie Shenelle

Her blog, is filled with great tips and styles to compliment the everyday woman style.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Instagram Page: 72.3k Followers

3. Shadini & Malith

Shadini & Malith are a couple that runs the Sri Lankan Travel blog, Let’s Go Ceylon, which explores the splendor of Sri Lanka.

Shadini Malith

Let’s Go Ceylon is chronicle of their travelling all over the beautiful island nation, with all the exotic destination unveiled to show the unique splendor of the island.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Facebook Page: 3.2k Likes

4. Rajindra and Chamintha Jayasinghe

Rajindra and Chamintha Jayasinghe are yet another Sri Lankan couple that are doing great stuff with their travel blog, AYU In The Wild.

Rajindra and Chamintha Jayasinghe

The blog contains stories by Rajindra and Chamintha Jayasinghe, a widely traveled couple who are experts in awesome destinations on the island.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Facebook Page: 2k Followers

5. Christina Plate

Christina Plate is a fashion blogger in Sri Lanka, also a model, who is always travelling between Abu Dhabi and Sri Lanka.

Christina Plate

She created her blog, LovePlate, to shocase her beautiful experiences in places she’s travelled to, including hotels, restaurants and cafes.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Instagram Page: 55.7k Followers

6. Nicky Desilva

Nicky Desilva is a Sri Lankan lifestyle blogger with elegant lifestyle shots and adventure that has earned her a huge following on instagram.

Nicky Desilva

She has collaborated with major brands such as Pulse, Pastamania and Clubhouse Vivaldi.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Instagram Page: 41.8k Followers

7. Alice Luker

Alice Luker is a photographer and travel blogger from Sri Lanka that splits her time between her country and the UK.

Alice Luker

Her blog, Style in Sri Lanka, aims to inspire the future travelers with her over 10 years of experience traveling the Island.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Instagram Page: 33.3k Followers

8. Sarani Tillekeratne

Sarani Tillekeratne is an Instagramer with her page called, from which name you can easily guess that she is a fitness model.

Sarani Tillekeratne

She’s a certified trainer and model, offering inspiration to her over 32k of loyal followers.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Instagram Page: 36.3k Followers

9. Maria Yusefovna

Maria Yusefovna is a model and beauty queen, who knows a thing or two about fashion and beauty.

Maria Yusefovna

She shares it all with her vast followers on her Instagram page.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Instagram Page: 112k Followers

10. Meliza Leitch

Meliza Leitch is a popular Instagrammer who is dedicated to fitness, health, and diet with her inspiring tips on healthy living.

Meliza Leitch

She is one of Sri Lanka’s most followed on Instagram and never fails to wow her followers.

Blog & Social Media Stats

Instagram Page: 109k Followers

That’s just about it! The very best of bloggers in Sri Lanka for 2019.

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