Use of Email Spam Filters In cPanel

How To Use Spam Filters In cPanel?

Use of Email Spam Filters In cPanel

Email is one of the efficient ways to communicate with others. Also, emails are very much necessary for business communications. We are using the emails in our daily routine work. We have to keep the emails more secure and safe from the spams, hackers, etc., If any spam emails received when the users open it, the personal data and other valuable information of the business, etc., will be lost.

In order to avoid these circumstances, you can use ‘Spam Filters’ which is available default in the cPanel. In this article, we have guided you on how to use spam filters in cPanel.

What is Spam Filters?

Spam Filters is an option that is used to identify unsolicited bulk mails, commonly know as Spams and it is sent separately to the spam box by filtering from the normal mail.

STEP 1: Enabling Spam Filter

Enable the Apache Spam Assassin. By enabling it, the suspicious emails are filtered from the email and marked as Spam.

Enabling Spam filter

STEP 2: Spam Threshold Score

You can also set a score for the spams. Click on ‘Spam Threshold Score‘ which is available under the enabling of spam filter. The Spam Threshold Score is calculated based on the level of spam. When the user’s allocated score is less than the spam score, then the email is considered spam. For normal users, you can use the default setting of 5. For ISP’s, it is recommended to set the score to 8 and click on ‘Update Scoring Options’ to update it.

Spam Score Setting

STEP 3: Auto-Delete Spam

The user also has permission to delete the spam emails which are received. The spam emails are deleted permanently only when the calculated spam score is greater than the Auto-Delete Threshold score.

Enabling Auto delete option

There are some advanced configurations available in the spam filters. They are

STEP 4: Whitelisting mails  

Whitelisting the spam mails, allows the mail to start receiving to your email account. Click on ‘Edit Spam Whitelist Settings’  to whitelist the emails.

Whitelisting emails

STEP 5: Blacklisting mails

You can permanently stop receiving emails by enabling the ‘Blacklisting’ by clicking on ‘Edit Spam Blacklist Settings’.

Blacklisting emails

STEP 6: Total Spam score

Calculated spam score shows the spam score of the spam emails which are received to your account.

These are the possible ways available default in cPanel to protect your websites and other valuable information.

Configuring Calculated scores of email

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