Bandwidth in terms of web hosting

What is Bandwidth in Web Hosting

Bandwidth in terms of web hosting:

We know, that most of the hosting companies provide bandwidth in their plans at a specific rate. Some companies offer unlimited bandwidth to their customers. Hence, before choosing a hosting plan, a person should know exactly what is bandwidth in terms of  web hosting.

Bandwidth in Web Hosting

So, What is bandwidth?

Bandwidth describes the amount of data that can be transferred between the users, site and servers. In other words, it can be said as the capacity of the connection between the user and server. It is expressed in terms of MB/s (Mega Bytes Per Second).But usually, the web hosting companies offer bandwidth in terms of GB/s (Giga Bytes Per Second).

To put it in a simple way, if you are allocated with 5 GB of bandwidth usage for a website and a user visits your website to click on an image. It creates a request for 10 KB (say), so if there are 10 clicks on same image, then it will be accounted for 100 KB in allocated 5 GB bandwidth for your website. Likewise, it varies based on the particular situation and process. In SeekaHost, we reset bandwidth at the start of every month, so the bandwidth resource will start from zero.

Network Bandwidth:

The performance of the website depends on a important factor called ‘Bandwidth’. In shared hosting, it depends on the network bandwidth of  a server. More bandwidth, results in easy accessing and faster data transfer of the website. If the bandwidth is limited, more visitors in your site makes the transfers slow.

Web hosting companies offers bandwidth depending on their hosting plans. Even if a hosting company provides unlimited bandwidth it depends on the three major components. They are:

  • Networks
  • Connections
  • Systems

Right. Now we know what is bandwidth in terms of web hosting.

There is another thing you have to know is that how much bandwidth needed for your website. This is the question arises on everyone while choosing a web hosting package.

You can estimate and calculate a website bandwidth in a simple way.

Bandwidth needed = Average Page views x Average Page size x Average daily visitors x Redundant factor x No. of days in a month.

If you allow the visitors to download files from your sites, the bandwidth can be calculated by,

Bandwidth needed = (Average Daily visitors x Average Page views x Average Page size) + (Average Daily file downloads x Average file size) x 31 x Fudge Factor.

Is there any other ways to reduce the bandwidth usage?

Yes. It’s possible. You can simply reduce the website bandwidth by designing a website with very less scripts. It reduces the webpage size. And also try to avoid the usage of images, videos and downloads in your website. Keep your plugins, themes and CMS up to date, so the old scripts used in these will not take higher resource.

Need of hosting packages at affordable price with unlimited bandwidth?

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