15 Profitable and Untapped Blogging Niches

15 Profitable and Untapped Blogging Niches in Nigeria for 2020

Are you looking for a profitable and untapped niche in Nigeria for your blogging business?

Starting a blog in Nigeria is pretty challenging, especially with the major niches of entertainment, technology and news already saturated. While there are so many niches out there, but only very few are quite profitable. At times you might find yourself frustrated with lack of ideas for starting a blog, as finding relevant blogging ideas that can make good money is hard.

If your answer to the above question is yes, then read on, as we’ve compiled the 15 most profitable niches to blog in Nigeria for 2020 to make your search easier.

But unfortunately, a lot of new bloggers don’t know much about niche blogging, let alone the ones that are profitable in Nigeria.

Choosing a blog niche will help you to succeed by focusing your content on a specific audience. After all, success in any venture is more about satisfying the needs of your audience, with blogging it is no different.

15 Profitable and Untapped Blogging Niches

15 Profitable and Untapped Blogging Niches

For clarity on what a niche is, it is basically a subset of a market or industry with its own particular needs. These needs are sometimes different from that of the larger market. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the topic!

1. Personal Finance

What niches are most profitable

Personal finance, which also falls under personal management, is the financial obligations on how a person or a family budgets, save, and spend money over time, taking into account various risks and future events. So, your knowledge of finance would definitely give you an edge here.

While many people have troubles with their finances, and they are not always able to manage their spending habits, especially the younger generation.

This niche could be an excellent one to exploit in Nigeria, where topics of finance or anything money is gold.

2. Home Decor

What are the most profitable blogging niches

If you find inspiration in home and outdoor decor this is perhaps the niche for you. What is more relaxing than returning to a beautiful home, that is something everyone that can afford it will surely want.

You can come up with ideas to help people create the home of their dreams, and affiliate marketing will go well with this niche.

3. Travel

What are the most profitable blog topics

Travel niche is a very demanding area and you’ll need creativity to scale through the content creation. You will have to show people not only where, but how to travel and cost-effective ways to do it.

Such blogs are magnates to affiliate commissions and ad revenue, mostly from direct ads, sponsored posts and affiliate marketing.

4. Oil and Gas Focused Blog

untapped blogging niches in Nigeria

This is not a niche for a sissy or newbie, as it requires inside knowledge and expertise, with a lot clout to attract audience. And don’t forget that Nigeria is a country with great oil and gas interests, and as one of the top exporters, you could establish yourself as an authority in no time.

The Oil and Gas niche has far less competition, and it will drive a lot of traffic and turn out pretty profitable if you are ready to put in the necessary works.

5. Automobile Hacks

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Automobile hacks include vehicle repair advise, maintenance, safety tips and much more. This niche makes you an auto-expert, and it requires that you possess some level of mechanics knowledge.

The market is really a vast one, even car tweaks and decorations are nor ruled out. And there are several ways to make money in Nigeria from your blog in the auto niche.

6. Political Commentary

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Politics in Nigeria is both big and dirty, it requires some clout to go the way of political commentary and be ready for some legal tussles.

But if you succeed in establishing a huge audience for your blog, you’ve hit a jackpot! And during election times, you will have a handful space to monetize with ads and sponsorship offers.

7. Food

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Anything that caters for the stomach is never seasonal, and food is certainly without season. Food blogs are great for caterers and culinary experts to showcase their expertise.

A food blog will afford you the opportunity to partner with leading restaurants in the city and of course, having an unforgettable experience savoring the delicacies.

8. Professional Writing

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If you are talented in writing, then why not explore this rather untapped niche in Nigeria. Your job is simple, create tutorials to help up coming writers.

You could create professional writing courses as well, as lots of people are hopping into writing these days, whether talented or not, you should capitalize on that to teach more people.

9. Agriculture

Profitable Blog Niches in Nigeria

Before the oil boom in Nigeria, agriculture was the mainstay and still very important sector of the economy.

Building a blog in this niche will make you an authority in no time, with such topics as sourcing for fertilizers, government loans and incentives for farmers, and mechanization of farming, among others.

10. Parenting

Profitable And Untapped Blogging Niches In Nigeria

Parenting is becoming harder by the day, and there are several family issues that need professional advice to deal with than ever before.

If you are such an expert in psychology, then this niche is for you. You can also be on the lookout for parenting topics online. The parenting niche is hot anytime.

11. Insurance

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This is really an untapped niche in Nigeria, and with people beginning to take insurance more serious, you could leverage on this trend to build your audience.

The benefits of insurance are becoming more obvious and there are several big insurance companies in Nigeria to partner with and promote for revenue.

12. SEO

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The days of creating a website and leaving it to luck to rank on search engines are over! Local businesses are realizing the importance of SEO, how about creating a blog that profiles the latest happening in search engine ranking and how to help local businesses to rank their keywords.

You’ll not only amass traffic, but also revenue as you position yourself as an expert in local SEO. Start your journey to mastering SEO by taking advantage of SeekaHost University Free online SEO Training now!

13. Dating & Relationship

Blog Niches in Nigeria

Relationship niche is hot! And you can never go wrong with a dating and relationship niche blog.

The relationship topics will keep bringing in traffic year after year, as they are evergreen content. And affiliate marketing is an ideal monetization method for this very niche.

14. Education and Online Learning

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Online learning is gaining traction in Nigeria with the proliferation of the Internet. If you are a teacher or educational instructor, starting a niche blog in education will avail you the opportunity to reach more students.

You can create online courses and tutorials on various subjects, and even invite or partner with other teachers in your locality or internationally for collaboration. The best monetization method for this niche is paid membership and premium courses that require subscription to access.

15. Humour

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Nigerians are fun people and love to laugh a lot! Jokes and comedies falls under humour blogs which are good catch for those talented in comic shows.

You can even be more creative by featuring live Stand-up comedy shows, with a comedian performing on live streaming video, which could be presented at intervals.

Whatever niche you settle for, always remember that the web hosting service plays a crucial part in your blog success. SeekaHost is offering Nigerian Bloggers the chance to get their blogs running without breaking the bank, with unconditional support and mentorship along the way!