Wordpress comment Plugins

6 Best Comment Plugins For WordPress Website

Wordpress comment Plugins

Generally, comments are used to describe the feedback or the review about a thing by the people. It may be a product, film, food, anything else.  The comments are posted by the visitors according to their vision to the product etc. when it comes to the website, it plays a major part. The readers, visitors can comment on your content or the website. It depends on the individual.

These comments can help the user to develop the blog or the website. Also, the comments can make the other visitors get attracted to the website. The comments can be of positive, negative, funny, questions, discussions, images and it goes on.

In this article, we have given you the 6 Best Comment Plugins that can enhance your WordPress Website.

SEO Friendly WordPress Comment Plugins:


Jetapck comment plugin

Jetpack is the widely used comment plugin, which was released by Automattic. It was one of the popular comment plugins used for WordPress websites. The reason for the usage of this plugin is their UI. Yes, the User Interface is simple and it attracts the people too. It also enables visitors to comment by using different social mediums. The major plus is the developer & support team which helps you for taking regular backups and updating the plugin.

The Jetpack comment plugin is designed to keep secure the website from the spam comments, etc., the Added advantage is that it also takes care of the SEO score of the website.


DisqusThe Disqus is also the most popular comment plugin. This plugin enables the visitors to stay on the website because of is lovely commenting section. It is a plugin packed with additional features. Some of the features are: It can increase the SEO score of the site by the visitor’s content. The visitor can get notifications and updates about the site by email and web.

The added features are it can be easily used to export comments to another host easily. If you are looking for earning revenue, the monetization option is also provided. The analytics feature is also included to view the site’s traffic and engagement.

Yoast Comment Hacks

Yoast Comment hacks

The Yoast Comment Hack is also the best comment plugin for WordPress sites. It has rich and unique features when compared to other comment plugins. The user can receive the email notifications for cleaning the comments.  Redirecting the visitor to the greeting page for the maiden comments. Restricts certain comments if it is lengthy or short and much more. These are some of the unique features combined with basic features in this plugin.


wpDiscuz - WordPress Comment PluginwpDiscuz is the native WordPress comment plugin, which can help you to enhance the commenting system in WordPress and customizable. It also keeps your comments in your database.

wpDiscuz is the fastest self-hosted plugin. It works perfectly with dozen of thousands of comments per post. It has an intuitive user interface, nested comments, and multiple comment sorting methods.

The plugin enables lazy-loading, which means the comments section is only loaded as and when it’s needed. AJAX realtime comment system with custom comment form and fields. With the help of these visitors won’t have to reload the page to use the comment section.

If you want to publish an article on your website in terms of speed, ease of use, functionality, and design, then it is the perfect comment plugin for you.

Features of wpDiscuz WordPress comment plugin

  • Auto-update to load latest comments
  • Responsive comment form and comments thread design
  • Comment list sorted by newest, oldest and most voted comments
  • Automatic URLs to link conversion in comment texts
  • Logged in user and guests can edit their comments, templates.
  • Automatic image source URLs to image conversion in the comment text
  • Built-in anti-spam protection
  • Comment voting with positive and negative ratings
  • Post sharing options
  • Comment author notifications
  • Ajax button for load more comments
  • For long content – “Read more” button
  • Fully integrated and compatible with WordPress
  • Quick tags on the comment form
  • Option to load all comments on the first page.

If you want you can also purchase premium add-ons to unlock more functionalities. Few of the add-ons here.

  • wpDiscuz Emoticons – to enable smiles and emotions in your comment sections.
  • wpDiscuz Media Uploader – It will allow you to upload images, video, audio, and files in your comment sections.
  • wpDiscuz Comment Author Info – To know the details about comment author.
  • wpDiscuz Frontend Moderation – It is a toolkit to manage all the comments in the front end

To know about wpDiscuz WordPress comment plugin add-ons click here.

Thrive Comments

thrive comments pluginThrive comments plugin is the premium self-hosted WordPress comment plugin. It works perfectly with any WordPress theme and integrates with the native WordPress comment functionalities.

It has a bunch of improvements on both front end and backend.


The highlighted features of the Thrive comments

  • Up-votes and down-votes on individual comments.
  • User can log in via social media to leave a comment
  • Leave the comment button on both the top and bottom of the comment feed. So users don’t need to scroll the full comment list to leave the comment.
  • Users can also subscribe to the comments to get email notifications.
  • Users can also interact with the people after they leave a comment. With this feature, you can
    • Display custom message
    • Ask them to share on social media
    • Redirect them to a page or another URL.
    • Display related posts
  • Comes with its own custom moderation area which gives you an easy way to moderate comments and it provides keyboard shortcut to speed up your work.
  • Award badges for Gamification, So that active users can get special recognition. You can also upload your own badges.

All your comments are stored in the WordPress database. Even if you stop using thrive comments plugin all your comments are still kept work with the native WordPress comments system.


Replybox Comment Plugin for WordPressReplybox is a simple and honest comment system. It is platform-independent and super easy to set up with WordPress.

Here your comments are live from Replybox servers. So there is no need for user tracking. It provides the option to import your existing WordPress comments.

According to developer Replybox embed weighs in at 17KB. So it offers a lightweight solution and it couldn’t increase the load time for the user.

Replybox uses Akismet for spam filtering. It allows only a registered user or log-in via Google to leave a comment.

The features of Replybox are,

  • Commenters can edit their comment after submitting( If enabled)
  • Email Subscription for new comments
  • Markdown comments
  • SEO friendly

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