Blog Post Format

How to write a blog post?


Blog Post Format

Before getting into the topic, everyone should be very clear about what is  blog and  the benefits of blogging?

Most of the readers will have confusion that what is a blog and how it differs from the website? Here I will make you very clear about the blog.

Blog is nothing but a type of website. These are created by an individual or a group of companies to share the information. The person who is blogging  known as the blogger. The bloggers will update/share the information regularly.

The main difference between the blog and website is that blogs consist of the most recent content, updated with the new content regularly. Whereas the website is static in nature and contents are organized in pages and are not updated regularly.

Benefits of Blogging

Is there any benefit of blogging? Yes! There are huge benefits of blogging.

If an individual person is blogging(personal blog), the person will have the following benefits,

  • Improves Communication Skills: Once you start blogging, you will be forced to think about the sentence structure to communicate with others. If you have this practice regularly, the process will come naturally. So, you will be a better communicator in all areas of your life.
  • Learn New Things: When you start blogging, you will search for new topics to support your audience. So that you will have the opportunities to learn new things.
  • Developing Brand: It will improve your personal brand in the field that you choose. So that you can drive traffic to your money website or profit by using Ads and affiliate links.
  • Boost Search Engine Optimization: Search engines love fresh content. Blogging helps to improve ranking by giving them fresh content.
  • Make money blogging: If your website drives more traffic, you can earn by AdSense, affiliate marketing, sponsored blog post, Paid reviews.

Blogging Format

We’re in the digital world. Everyone wishes to earn through online. So blogging is the best option for them.

Probably all will blindly just start the blog, but most of us will not be familiar with the format of the blog. There are a few things that you should consider while starting a blog which helps to earn a profit. Below I will brief you such things.

Step 1: Title

The first and foremost thing is the title of the post. As the first impression is the best impression, the title of the post should be impressive. The reader who visits your blog should be admired with the title.

Blog title

Step 2: Introduction

The next thing is the Introduction. Here you should give an overview of the blog. What is the purpose of this post and why should you write this? Just give a quick overview which makes the reader continue the reading.


Step 3: Sub Headings

The next thing you go for is the content of the post. The body of the content should have subheadings. It should not be just a paragraph that makes the readers bored in reading. Give subheadings each with 5 to 6 lines paragraph.

Step 4: Backlink

Another important thing is the backlink. You should give relevant links to other websites. By linking to other websites will make you and your company more expert.


Step 5: Conclusion

At last, the conclusion, which summarizes your post. End up the conclusion by asking some questions. These questions will make the reader leave a comment. These comments will create more engagement which increases your sales.


Follow these simple blogging formats and get the benefit from it.