How Web Hosting Affects SEO And Boost Ranks On Google

It is really very challenging to launch the website with the right web hosting company because if you haven’t got the right web hosting it will affect your website’s search engine optimization and gaining optimal ranking on the web.


While choosing the web hosting company, have you ever thought, “How the web hosting can affect website ranking?”


How Web Hosting Affects SEO?

Needless to say that after launching the website, you will like to rank it in top Google search results. But, it is not very easy as it sounds.

Even, you put your best efforts for SEO, but may not get the expected results if you have chosen the wrong web hosting service. Because all the web hosting companies don’t guarantee that the website will also be well ranked in search results.

The hosting service you are selecting should not be like you are paying the full annual amount of hosting and not getting any SEO results.

I am not saying that ranking completely depends on hosting service, but it is a small factor that may impact the ranking to some extent.

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Thus, it is important that you know what can be the SEO downsides of wrong web hosting.

  1. Server location –

The server location tells Google that in which geographic location, the website is hosted. If you want to target UK users and you have hosted the website on the server outside of the UK, then it has fewer chances of getting ranked in UK search results. Because most of the UK users will surely use google.co.uk as their primary search engine.

Some website owners host their website at cheap rates without focusing on the location of the server. But this mistake may sometimes keep them aside from the SEO benefits. If your business belongs to eCommerce, then the wrong server location may cause low annual revenue because of low traffic.

Thus, the best thing is to host the website in your targeting location and if you are targeting multiple region/country then prefer multiregional domains. If still you are confused about “Should I host my website in my country or another”, you may watch this video by Matt Cutt.

2. Speed of website –

In the long list of 200 ranking factors, page loading speed is one of the important factors.  Generally, the users expect the site to be loaded in less than 2 seconds. A little delay in page loading time can cause the visitors to immediately leave your website.


However, website speed is can be affected by a lot of factors such as web page size, unnecessary javascript, size of images etc, but wrong hosting is one of the factors generally ignored by most website owners.

In shared hosting, the hardware resources are limited. If a lot of requests are coming at a time, the server will be overloaded and show the error “Try Again”. When this error comes repeatedly, it is noticed by search engines resulting in the negative SEO impacts. It will also irritate the users and they will never come back to your website.

Therefore, the website loading speed must not be overlooked. Research properly before choosing the server and pick the one which is less busy and provides enough resources to handle all the visitors at a time without giving any error.

3. Downtime/Uptime

Downtime is “the time in which the users can’t access your website due to the server problems”. But search engines are completely unaware about the downtime of your website and they have no scheduled time for crawling the website. They can crawl it at any time, which means that your website should be available for 24*7 hours.


When the crawler repeatedly finds your website unavailable, then it will be marked as unreliable consequently downgrading the rankings in search results. On the other side, the unavailability of the website also vitiates the performance when users don’t find it.

4. IP address

In a shared hosting server, all the website uses the same IP address. If this IP address is used for other over-promotional or suspicious activities, then your website may get penalized. Thus, make sure there are no such activities on the shared server you have hosted your website.

5. Connection Failure

While browsing, you may have seen the errors like “Internal server error”, “Connection failed”. These errors are due to the slow internet connection or server issues.

When the server is overloaded with bulk requests, it will show the connection error which is probably not liked by search engines as well as users. Thus, to have a good user experience and ranking, ensure that your website is free from such kind of connection errors.

How you can choose the right SEO friendly web hosting service 

It is obvious that all the web hosting service providers are not good in all terms. So, am giving you some tips about how you can choose the ideal SEO friendly web hosting service provider.

  • The reputation of hosting company – Before you decide to take hosting service, firstly see the reputation of the company in the market. Is it providing SEO friendly web hosting services or not?
  • Past customer reviews – Take a look at what the past customers are saying about the company. Whether they are satisfied with the service or not?
  • Years of experience – No doubt that the quality of hosting services would be better of the company which is existing over the years than the new one which has recently established.
  • Your requirements – Deeply think about what you exactly need in your website and decide which hosting package would be perfect. 


Today’s SEO is all about to provide better user experience to the visitors. SEO is not just to optimize the website for content and gaining backlinks. If you want the best results, you should not miss even a single chance of getting ranking benefits. Website hosting is one of the factors that should not be ignored. A wrong choice of web hosting can lead to negative SEO impacts. Hence, choose the right one which meets all your requirements and also optimal for SEO purpose.

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