Private Blog Network Link Building Benefits: 10 Reasons Why SEOs Still Invest In PBN

PBNs are what smart SEOs employ as search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, and PBNs have been around because it is a successful SEO strategy.

Getting a favorable ranking on search engines like Google and Bing is increasingly a nightmare, with endless algorithm update which has made it difficult to actually sustain any meaningful gain in rankings. Thus, more and more SEO experts are investing in PBNs.

If you are new to PBN, it better you start by reading our earlier post on What is PBN? Now, you may want to ask, what are the benefits of using private blog networks link building strategy?


Below are 10 reasons why SEOs still invest in PBN.

10 Reasons Why SEOs Still Invest In PBN

Without any doubt, PBN allows you to build links to your money site and pass on link juice, which you are totally in control of what anchor keywords to use, niche and so forth. Find the other major benefits below:

1. Benefits of Competitive Niche

The sheer number of competing pages on SERP can be overwhelming, and the competition is usually handled by either spending money on Google Ads and creating a stronger site in the same niche that will offer better quality to rank higher.

Now, PBNs can afford you many backlinks that are of good quality to fuel your campaigns and rank higher on search engines. This is perhaps what some websites are using to rank higher as many tend to buy links and rent PBNs for such purposes.

2. High-quality Backlinks

The need for links of a high-quality nature is perhaps the main reason SEOs are investing in PBNs, and that has been to convert their efforts into direct search engine traffic.

And the challenge of how to build backlink and rank high on search engines from the use of anchor keywords to get direct traffic to your money site, makes PBN the best way to go.

3. PBN SEO is a Faster Approach


As always, you can build links by outreaching to bloggers, which is another technique used by SEOs in the field who are after getting a quality backlink and coverage. However, the process of outreach is slow and cumbersome, that many would not want to continue with it.

Now, PBN SEO demands no outreach, as you are the owner of the network of blogs and you are able to build as many links as needed in the shortest possible time. Thus, PBN make the process easier so that you can do the link building without delays.

4. Rank for Desired Keywords

Since you are able to build links with your chosen anchor keywords with PBNs, it means you can easily rank for your desired keywords.

While also getting links from aged domains, and older sites, with quality content, is perhaps another reason for building PBN links or even buying links from private blog networks to use for their SEOs.

Therefore, it is best to build your own private blog network and ensure you have great content and the best link building strategy.

5. Effective SEO Campaign Strategies

PBN SEO is never a hit or miss approach, as the result is certain and effective as the links are tailored according to your specifications.

Also, building a blog network that covers your chosen niche could prove beneficial in providing the much-needed link juice.

6. Easily Change from Private to Public Blog Network

Public blog network are essentially private blog networks that are now monetized. Therefore, you have to go through the change from private to public blog so that you can earn more from your websites in the future.

7. Additional Earnings with PBNs

There is the fact that you can change your PBNs to public blogs and could get additional earnings.

And quite a good number of PBN owners would prefer to rent out their PBNs for links at costs that are so high. PBN owners in some cases will charge also high costs to make the quality of service as highly selective. The private blog network should also give the appearance that it is an authentic site if you want the best results.

8. Get Natural Traffic To Your Money Site

The best PBN link building strategy is that the keywords should be used in a way that they appear and give a natural look. The PBN that has been created with great content will be solid and will receive plenty of traffic from Google as they will never be suspicious of the PBN.

And the traffic received from Google will all be for the benefits of the money site, as the traffic can be redirected to the money site if it is a relevant niche to the PBN.

9. PBN SEO Strategy is More Constant

SEOs mostly depend on the number of high-quality links they can get for the main website and referring domains for ranking is the strongest factor in SEO.

But, you can easily create a PBN on a good domain and the PBNs and links would prove very helpful in ranking for the keywords in your chosen niche.

10. Ranking Of The Money Site As A Long-Term Goal

The investment in PBNs requires time and dedication, as the actual building, developing, nurturing and maintenance of private blog networks may prove quite costly.

And the PBN has to give an authentic appearance, so that the search engines would index and rank them normally.

Google will de-index any site that is of poor quality contents or with cheap hosting that fails to meet up with its webmaster guidelines. Therefore, PBN investment should be thoroughly researched to ensure the network will achieve a great result.


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