Best WordPress Security Plugins

Best 5 Security Plugins For WordPress

Best WordPress Security Plugins

Nowadays, every website is secured either with SSL certificate or WordPress security plugins. Security is a necessary part of a website. If you show less concentration on security than other works, then you must be the loser.  Also, most of the data are transmitted online and the payments too are taking place on the website. If any hacker steals the data from your website, this shows the strength of the website security. If you have already using SSL certificates on your websites, you can also WordPress security plugins for additional security.

In this article, we have listed the five Best Security plugins for your WordPress sites. They are


WordFence is the most popular security plugin used by millions of people for their WordPress sites. The plugin protects the sites from the brute-force attacks, providing a firewall to the site, blocking harmful IP’s and so on. WordFence automatically blocks malicious or harmful issues by scanning at a regular period of time.  You can also use the plugin for a full scan for your website. For more additional features, you can use the premium version of this plugin which provides you with tons of premium features.

WordFence - WordPress Security Plugin

All In One WP Security

The All In One WP Security plugin comes with a lot of features such as firewall, monitoring the website as well as for accounts, blocking IP’s etc., It can be easy to configure and use. It also provides graphical data about the protection of the website. The plugin comes with the security scanner which protects the website from the hackers in stealing the data.

All In One WordPress Security Plugin

iThemes Security

This plugin is available under free and paid versions. The free version has only limited features. You can go for the paid version which has more features offering at affordable prices. The plugin has a nice and beautiful interface, which impresses the users a lot. The features are 404 detections, brute-force attacks, two-factor authentication and lot more. But in this plugin, it does not comes with the firewall and scanning features.

iThemes security wordpress plugin


Sucuri is one of the best WordPress security plugins. It was downloaded and used by most of the people. Best security plugin in the market. The plugin is available at both free and paid versions. Sucuri Security plugin provides all types of security needed for the website. It also provides DNS firewall security with CDN for high website performance and speed. It offers you the cleaning option for the site when it is attacked by the malicious contents, spam, etc.,

Sucuri Security Plugin for WordPress

Anti-malware Security

An anti-malware security plugin is one of the most used security plugins by the users. Both free and paid versions are available.  It also comes with the malware scanner which scans the inner files, folders, backdoors, and pattern of malicious attacks. If you are a contributor, in other words (Developer) you can also make some changes to code for the update of the plugin.

Anti Malware security plugin

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