5 pages every website needs

The 5 Pages Every Website Needs

5 pages every website needs

As everyone knows, Website acts as an ‘Identity’ for a Business. Without a website you can’t run or even start the business. So, for every business there will be a website which shows their identity of who they are & what are their business goals, their products & services etc.,  For example, if a visitor visits your website and at a point he/she might feel or disappoint in a way that some important page or information that has been missed in the website. If it happens, then you can’t able proceed your business in a most successful way.

Also, if you have a website & you have multiple pages which are irrelevant to the visitors, then this too will be a disadvantage for the business. So having business website with relevant pages can increase your sales as well as the traffic to your website.

The five important pages that must be present in your website are:


Home Page

The Home page is the gateway for the visitors to your website. As the Home Page is the necessary than any other pages of the website. The Home page of a website must be attractive to the visitors. So to create an attractive page, use some short & crispy content which helps the visitors to understand what’s your business is about. Also, use some pictures to convey the matter to the visitors.

Home Page

Make an impressive home page, to create a best impression to the visitors. Use some navigational buttons or gestures to continue surfing or scrolling your home page.

About Us Page

About us page is the next most important page after Home page. Everyone knows, the purpose of ‘About Us’ page. This page is used to convey or introducing about yourselves to the visitors. Every business people should be clear that the statements or information published on this page must be original. Using ‘About Us’ page the visitor might get attracted by reading the stories or concepts of the business.

About us

Even, you can share the business team members which will be more helpful to your business purposes.

Products/Services Page

The Products/Services is a page where you showcase your product/services of your business. In this page, you will be displaying the products/ services with some information. When it comes to information, it should be clear and clean. For example, if you are likely to buy a smartphone in a website, at first you will be searching for brand name & it’s price. So the basic information should be visible to the visitors. If not, the visitors can become frustrate and he/she never comes to your website again. Therefore, publish clear information about the products & services of your business.

Blogs Page

Blogs are the page where the visitors are mostly likely to visit. For example, let’s consider a tech gadget website. This kind of website will be posting things such as review of smartphones, laptops & other devices, new product to the market, tips for how to use devices. If the website keeps updating things & posting blogs with valuable information, surely it will attract the visitors. Always understand what the visitor needs. Because their needs are the possible ways to develop or enhance your business to the next level.

Blogs Page

Contact Us Page

The Contact Page is the most fundamental page for every websites. The contact page helps the visitors to contact to the relevant business people to assist. The information provided in the contact page must the original and also try to avoid mistakes. Even a single mistake can turn business in other way. The necessary information that should be present in Contact us page are the Address, Business Email ID, Social Media profiles & Phone numbers.

Contact us

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