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How to Choose a WordPress Theme for a Website?

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Choose a WordPress Theme

Before choosing a WordPress theme for your website, at first know the changes that can affect the website’s seo. According to the changes, settings followed then you can start changing your theme for the WordPress website. The themes are the design which is used to visualize the website for the visitors. Without themes, most of the websites doesn’t rank in the search engines. So, the themes plays an important role in the seo too. Before changing or choosing a wordpress theme for your website, there are some factors that should be taken into the account.

The themes comes out with tons of customization options, which will be a huge benefit for the users. Also, a good, simple and nice theme is a first impression of the people.


The design is the important requirements for choosing the theme. If you have chosen a theme which is simple, neat and clean then you can apply or install the theme in your wordpress website. Also, people’s impression for the website only depends on the theme design. If it is worse, then it won’t attract the customers or visitors.


Additionally, more than computer devices only the mobile devices are used by the most of the people. So, keeping in mind that the theme must support both in desktop and mobile versions. If it doesn’t support, kindly don’t use the theme for the site.


Look for customization options too. If the theme is rich with customize options, them you can alter the changes according to your needs. Even, if the theme doesn’t have customizing options, you can edit the css code of the theme. But it’s risky at times too. So the best is to search and find the themes with customizing options that helps your website.



Speed of the website is determined by various factors. The theme is one of the major factors that determines the speed of the website.  Using light theme for the website will helps the website to load fast in the browsers. If your website doesn’t loads fast in the browsers, it may also results in affecting the rankings of the website.

SEO Friendly

As we said earlier, the themes are one of the major factors in seo. To make your website more seo friendly you should make changes to your website according to the theme. At times, the theme may not supported by the website. Due to this, it may affect the ranking factors. So, the user should be careful in choosing the themes for the website.

Update & Security

SecurityIf you find any updates for the theme, kindly update it. Because,  the updated version will be more compatible with the wordpress than the older version. Also, check that the theme is more secure and doesn’t get affected by the malware etc,. Updating the theme also safeguards the website from malware etc,.


Customer Support

Support is necessary, when you have gone something wrong. Always before installing the theme, you need to check that there is availability of the customer support. If some error occurs, it may solve with the help of customer support. If you don’t have support, then you can’t solve the complex issues by yourselves.

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