How to Download a WordPress Theme

How to Download a WordPress Theme in a few steps with our easy tutorial guide. Use a Free theme to customise your sites appearance to gain more view on your blog/site.

Why to Use a WordPress Theme on Your Site?

There are many beneficial reason why you should use a theme for your site. To start with appearance is key as when people land on your page you want them to be greeted with great visuals, related images, and a good structure to navigate around pages.

It is important to choose wisely, as I mentioned before the structure of the theme is important as most have widgets, menus and other features placed differently. So always pick a theme that will suit the style you are going for and that it will also provide the functions you require.

Download a WordPress Theme In a Few Steps

How to Download a WordPress Theme Guide

1. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard and head to the appearance option on your left hand side, then select Themes.

WordPress theme

2. Here you will find any previously used themes or ones that came as default. At the top of the page click on Add New to bring up the list of Themes you can choose.

WordPress theme

3. From here you can use the search bar to find new Themes to use. If you like the like of a theme you can preview it first. Once happy with the theme you can go ahead and click install and then activate.

WordPress theme

4. Once activated your can now start to customize it to your liking.

Want to Customise Your WordPress Theme?

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