How to get a domain name in Sri Lanka with free web hosting and get online?

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We launched to offer the best domain name registration opinions and best WordPress web hosting services for the mother country.

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Now it’s time to help every Sri Lankan who wish to get online to give the opportunity get a domain name they wish and host it with a hosting package to start the online journey.

How to get a domain name in Sri Lanka with hosting?

Register your domain name at or and request for a free website hosting package. Currently, we offer personal website hosting plan when you get a domain name in Sri Lanka. Please note the duration may change and for students we give priority.

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Once you get the domain name and host it with SeekaHost, we do provide you with the SEO course and the ultimate blogging course which will show you how to start a blog or website and do SEO for the site.

This will help you not only get online in Sri Lanka but also to build your brand website online and get reach towards your targeted audience.

If you need any support in how to get a domain name or want to talk to one of our web hosting services experts in Sri Lanka, request information or call back via the live chat.

Visit the and check for the domain names and aim to get online right now.

Please act today and register a domain name and get online.

If you want .lk domain name you may have to get it from

Hope this helped you with ideas and tips about how to get a domain name in Sri Lanka.

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