Top 10 Philippine Bloggers And How Filipino Blogs Make Money Blogging

The Philippines is home to some fabulous top Filipino bloggers, and these will be forming our top 10 Philippine bloggers who we think are worth to follow – and you’ll surely agree with us after going through the list.

While these best Philippine bloggers are also social influencers who command so many engagements from many enthusiasts from around the world with their super-unique style of blogging, ranging from tech tips, and innovative beauty and style trends.

Whether in the Philippines or even across the globe, these top bloggers have made themselves demigods with their online presence, by attracting huge followers who engage and share their unique contents, with tips and advice for all to get inspiration.

The Top 10 Philippine Bloggers


1. Abe Olandres

Abe is the founder of YugaTech, which is the topmost technology blog in Philippines. The blog averages 3 million page views per month, with earnings coming mostly from direct ads and sponsorship.

Abe Olandres

YugaTech also won the Tatt Awards in 2014, and the blog is still waxing stronger.

Blog & Abe Olandres’ Net Worth


2. Vince Golangco

Vince Golangco is another successful Filipino blogger with more than 1.5 million page views per month on his blog, WhenInManila.

Vince Golangco

The blog covers topics on mainly entertainment, lifestyle and travel, while it makes money via affiliate marketing, direct sponsorship and ads.

Blog & Vince Golangco’s Net Worth


3. Gretchen Gatan

Gretchen Gatan is a beauty and lifestyle blogger, who has previously worked as a managing editor for a beauty magazine and online shop, plus as a makeup artist.

Gretchen Gatan

She is very influential on Instagram with 19.6k followers, and also uses her blog, Greta’s Junkyard, as a creative outlet for writing on beauty and lifestyle topics, as well as random posts on her favorite stuff.

Blog & Gretchen Gatan’s Net Worth


4. Daniel Gubalane

Daniel Gubalane is a popular Pinoy tech blogger, and his blog ( cover technology tips, ranging from the latest tech news, tutorials and mobile device guide.

Daniel Gubalane

He makes money through his blog with AdSense, affiliate marketing and freelancing.

Blog & Daniel Gubalane’s Net Worth


5. Mark Macanas

Mark Macanas is the brain behind TechPinas, which covers mainly technology news, from tech tips and tutorials, down to gadget reviews, this is your go-to tech blog as far as the Philippines is concerned.

Mark Macanas

TechPinas is hugely popular and ranks amongst the best blogs in the world.

Blog & Mark Macanas’ Net Worth


6. Laureen Uy

Laureen Uy is a Filipino fashion blogger and also co-founder of the clothing line, Stylebreak.


Her blog is known as Break My Style, it covers the latest fashion and style, with her travel adventures and other miscellaneous updates!

Blog & Laureen Uy’s Net Worth


7. Kryz Uy

Kryz Uy is one of the highly-rated bloggers in Philippines. With her lifestyle and travel blog covering her sartorial adventures and beauty tips.


She is also highly influential on Instagram with over 600k followers.

Blog & Kryz Uy’s Net Worth


8. David Guison

David Guison is behind the top menswear blog DGMANILA, which he launched in 2009, and has consistently provided quality content that covers a wide range of topics like fashion and fitness, and food to tech, travel.etc


He is equally influential on Instagram with about 350k followers on Instagram and 187K subscribers on YouTube.

Blog & David Guison’s Net Worth


9. Jackie Go

Jackie Go is a lifestyle blogger, she started her blog “Go Jackie Go” in 2010 and has continued to do great stuff online which has paved the way for her to collaborate with some major brands, like Smart Telecommunications, P&G, Dyson and Estee Lauder.


Her blog is a true window into her life, profiling all her victories & triumphs, first as a parent, and then her food discoveries and workouts to maintain a healthy life.

Blog & Jackie Go’s Net Worth


10. Seph Cham

Seph Cham is from Manila and runs a lifestyle blog that covers men’s fashion, urban grooming, and lifestyle, as well as food and travel.


He is quite active on Instagram with an impressive following!

Blog & Seph Cham’s Net Worth


These are without doubts the very top bloggers in the Philippines and they are there to motivate and inspire the upcoming bloggers with their unique style, innovative and engaging personalities.

Now you know who are the best blogging experts in the Philippines and the list of their blogs.

You can get in touch with these bloggers or follow their blogs to learn how they blog.

These Philippine bloggers have their social media channels and they are active as well.

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