Uninstall and Reinstall WordPress for Troubleshooting

How to Uninstall and Reinstall WordPress for Troubleshooting?

Uninstall and Reinstall WordPress for Troubleshooting

Uninstalling and Reinstalling WordPress due to some common issues does not affect you much. But, if you are looking to make troubleshoot, then you must have to keep things in mind like what are the do’s & dont’s while uninstalling and reinstalling WordPress. Below mentioned are the steps which should be followed while reinstalling WordPress. They are:

STEP 1: Backup

If you are decided to make some changes to your WordPress account such as installing the plugin, software, or disabling it or troubleshooting, take a full backup of your WordPress account. It is a precautious and wise method which everyone has to remember. The purpose of taking backup is that if anything goes wrong, the backup will be much helpful for the user.

STEP 2: Exporting Content

To restore your important files, you can also use the ‘Export’ feature available in various plugins. The best plugin which is good for export, import & database is the All-In-One WP Migration. It is the simple plugin with a clean user interface that allows the user to export or import the files very easily.

STEP 3: Wp-Content

The Wp-Content is the major WordPress folder contains themes, plugins, images and the uploads are stored in this available folder. You can also connect the WordPress account via FTP and download easily the Wp-content folder.

STEP 4: Deleting & Installing WordPress

You can create a Database, instead of deleting the existing database. Download again the WordPress software from the official website wordpress.org

After installing, upload the downloaded files using FTP. It also asks confirmation to connect the WordPress with your Database Account.  Once everything is done, you can install your WordPress and restore your data.

STEP 5: Restoring Data

After making things done, you can upload your content by connecting to the FTP Client.

These are the important steps that should be followed while Uninstalling and Reinstalling WordPress.

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