Ecommerce hosting

Best Web Hosting Package For E-Commerce Websites

Ecommerce hosting

Before choosing the best web hosting package for E-Commerce Websites, the user should consider some major factors. Some of the necessary factors that are much needed for an E-Commerce website,

  • High Speed
  • Secure
  • More Uptime, Less Downtime
  • Customer Support
  • Backups

High Speed – High loading speed of your will gives you high traffic. Without speed, if the site delays while loading then it will be a huge drawback for the e-commerce sites. Because the visitors will reach your site in search of a product. For example, if a visitor searches a product ‘Belt’, then the search results should be available in a fraction of second. If it loads slow, then the visitor will leave the website immediately. Speed is the most important factor majorly for e-commerce sites.

Secure – Security is the mandatory thing for all business sites especially for e-commerce sites. As the e-commerce sites handle most of its payment online and also stores the details of the customers. The hackers or scammers can inject virus which can attack the software and also can redirect the visitors from the sites to the spam sites. These are the threats that should be monitored periodically by the e-commerce business people.

More Uptime, Less Downtime – If a site goes down due to server maintenance, hackers or malware attacks or others, it can make the site unavailable to the visitors. So, the right web hosting company should be able to bring the site back at the right time. If the sites go down on some occasions, then it can also affect the SEO of the website.

Customer Support – The site may undergo issues due to some technical problems. So, customer support must be available at the right time for the clients. Especially for e-commerce sites, it should be rectified immediately. Or else, it can lead to a huge loss for them.

Backups – The Backups for e-commerce sites is very much necessary. Even a little issue can lose the data on the site. So, for these bigger sites, the hosting provider should provide additional backup features for the e-commerce sites and also huge storage.

The above mentioned are the most essential factors that should be remembered before choosing the right web hosting package for e-commerce sites. Now, let’s get into the best web hosting packages for e-commerce sites that satisfy the above-mentioned factors.

Ecommerce Websites

Shared Web Hosting

Most of the users don’t prefer much for shared web hosting. It can be suitable for small businesses. But when it comes to e-commerce sites, it doesn’t suit. Because in this kind of hosting the site will share with other sites in the server. Also, the IP is shared with other sites. Traffic will be low which can’t expect more. So, shared web hosting suits for small business people. It doesn’t match or suit the requirements of the e-commerce sites.

Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS)

The VPS is also a little similar to shared web hosting. But, using VPS has many advantages than the shared web hosting package. By using VPS, you will get part of the server but, it is shared with few sites. This kind of hosting can receive a lot of traffic to the sites, high speed. Also, the server can be configured by the user. So, it’s a mixer of dedicated and shared web hosting packages. For e-commerce websites at the early stages, this package suits well.

Dedicated Server Hosting

If your website has tons of traffic and it must be speedy online for the users every time, you can prefer this kind of hosting. This kind of hosting has powerful servers which is well suited for powerful websites. E-commerce websites are eligible under this hosting. You can get your dedicated servers, IPs, high speed and secure, regular backups, huge storage, high traffic, more uptime, etc., all these features are fully packed. Additionally, the server can be modified, configured by the user.

Cloud Hosting

When it comes to cloud hosting, you will get tons of storage, traffic, speed. In a short span of time, the website can be grown big. The advantages of this hosting are dedicated IP & server, automated backups, instant setup & support, new technologies involved. Therefore, it can be easy to use, fully dedicated resources, and fully managed by the technical team experts. Also, the websites do not be affected to hackers & malware.

So, these are the essential factors and the best web hosting packages for e-commerce websites.

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