How to Correct Image Size in WordPress

Short and simple answer to correcting your Image Size in WordPress. Its crucial to have well sized images with good links to build up a good SEO score and look more professional.

Why Correct Image Size in WordPress?

As we all know pictures come in all shapes and sizes, especially after cropping or editing. And there is nothing worse that reading someone’s interesting post to then have images that are too small to see. Or on the other hand images that take up far too much room a and might not be functional for mobile devices.

So its best to not only optimize your images but also correct their size to suit. Make sure they are viewable on as many devices as possible (you can use analytics to see what devices view your site the most) and make sure they fit on the screen of smaller devices.

Correct Image Size in WordPress

Correcting Image Size in WordPress Guide

  1. Firstly insert your image to your post or page using your block editor or choice. Make sure to insert it on the correct box or line you want it to be on.

2. Now Click the image to select it and bring up the block editor section for the image.

Correct Image Size in WordPress

3. You can now choose a size from the drop down menu.

  • Thumbnail
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Full Size

For custom dimensions you can manually type in the new Width or Height you would like your image size to be.

In addition to this you can use the percentage marks located under the Width and Height adjusters.

4. As well this you have the ability to drag and resize the image with most block editors. Simply select on of the sides and drag it to a size that you would prefer.

Correct Image Size in WordPress

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Correct Image Size in WordPress