101 Online Business Ideas in India 2020

101 Online Business Ideas in India 2020

In this Modern Era, most people in India have a great interest in new online business ideas and want to learn how to earn money online in India. And still many of the people consider it an additional income for them in a comfort zone.

Even students in India are now looking at how to make money online to fund their studies and possibly build an online business for the future.

At SeekaHost we get many customers who have started a blog after reading our 67 ways to make money from home.

Moreover, “Entrepreneur” is the best idea for an individual who loves working anywhere and at any time, since the world is Digitized. Creating an online business is the simple form of building the network and Expanding the business in a smarter way.

Online business is growing rapidly with a double-digit rate. It is being noticed that the online Business according to E-market has increased by 25% in the previous years. It would have a great impact and boom in the forthcoming years.

One of the surveys has mentioned that there are nearly 100 million freelancers running an online business successfully from their homes all over the world.

Some of the Benefits of Online business:

If one wants to start the online business, then he should certainly focus on a few points which are being more profitable and the best startup idea. So here are few factors that should be considered with higher priority.

  • Consistent income every month
  • Make money while traveling (Like Digital Nomad)/Sleep
  • Freedom from time, Location and money
  • It gives you money not only for living but for lifestyle needs.
  • Minimum Effort and it should be more scalable once the build-up
  • A business should be an automated process with less effort
  • Minimum investment with more profit is the main requirement of a business.

So whatever business you start, it should satisfy all these requirements.

Now let us see, what an individual has to invest in the business, few risk factors and the ways to choose a profitable business.

What is to be invested?

If you are very serious about starting a business, then the initial factor that will strike your mind would be the investment. Here the investment not only means the money but other factors like skill and time.

We need to allocate proper time to your work. Initially, when starting a business, it would require more amount of time and skills. As mentioned earlier it may take time like 6 months or 1 year but once grown then the process would be automatic and you will be aware of the tips and tricks involved in that particular business.

A minimal amount of Investment is a must in all types of business. It depends upon the individual to take a wise decision and invest little with maximum benefits/profit. The amount of investment varies from one to another.

Be aware of your surroundings. That is one should do research in the business he would like to implement, read more books, and be updated. Similarly, read more blogs related to your niche. One should be ready to spend more time initially to make a strong base in the business he chooses.

Ways to choose profitable business:

Find your own passion in general if an individual tries to implement his/her passion then certainly it would lead to great success since he would be more interested in it and his efforts that he takes up would be enormous.

Content is the King in your online Business. The content you use for your business should be more attractive and interesting such that the customers have an urge towards your business.

Traffic Generated by Google/Facebook or any other source that is most preferred. This would also play a vital role in online business.

Still, now we saw the investment and the ways to make it profitable. One should always remember that there are always some risk factors in the business. One should be able to overcome all the consequences behind it, which would definitely make him a successful man in life. So based on the above strategies one should think wise and take action.

Here I had listed out nearly 101 online business ideas, which would help the readers to have a great startup idea and successfully implement the same based on their passion.

101 online business ideas in India

  1. Blogging:


Blogging is the best idea that most people choose to reach success in their careers. But it is not that easy as many think. Blogging “does not only mean writing or sharing your views” to the audience. It also involves various factors like providing “Good Quality content”, usage of “right pictures at right place”. One should choose a niche based on their interest and audience interest (some trending topics). These factors would more likely increase your Google Ranking further.

Moreover, if you plan to start Blogging as your online business then certainly you should have patience and more dedication towards work which leads you to success. You can do blogging anywhere, anytime at your own comfort places. “You are the boss” but it would take time to settle up. If you are an SEO Expert, it would be an added advantage to succeed in blogging.

Here you can read some of the tips and tricks of blogging for beginners.

2. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another great income source of online business, which brings an engrossment among many people. Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by selling other’s products. Nowadays all companies and brands need someone to promote their products and earn commission by selling the same product.

Two types of Affiliate marketing:

Information Products: This is one of the easiest ways of Affiliate marketing. Best suited for beginners and the competition is comparatively low. It deals with products like eBooks, videos, or a number of membership sites. The commission would be 50% of the sales and moreover you can easily find the products and promote the same.

Brand Partner: As an affiliate partner with Amazon you will be able to make a good profit. You can choose the product of your choice and earn up to $50k per month.

3. E-Commerce Store:

E-commereceAgain one of the most popular online businesses in trend is a startup with an E-Commerce store and sell your own products and earn money. There are several guides available online to start with an E-commerce store.

The platforms like platforms are Woo Commerce, Magneto, 3dcart, and various others that can be used. Sometimes you get domain free and also hosting. To implement this one should have a clear and prior knowledge of Promoting their products and deal with an E-commerce store.

4. Dropshipping:

DropshippingDropshipping is an online business in which you need not own the physical products and need not have an inventory or Warehouse. It would be the best choice of a business that does not need any pre-investment just you have to create the store and marketing. Even if people buy from your store you will be charged only after the order has been completed. Start your dropshipping business with these basic guidelines to succeed.

5. Vlogging:

VloggingIf you are a verbal expert and also good in Expressing your thoughts to the audience, then, of course, you can start this online business. Vlogging is all about reaching the audience through video content. Whereas blogging is writing about anything and everything for the audience. It is a part-time business and all you need is good equipment for shooting the video and proper gears to start a Vlogging channel. There are various platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

You can also earn by giving reviews on a particular product as an affiliate and make the customers buy the products through your affiliate link.

6. Freelancing:

FreelancingAre you fed up of working in 9-5 jobs? then come and start your career as a freelancer either full time or part-time. It has a great boom nowadays in India and moreover it is the best option for online business. If you are skilled (photography, writing, video, music editing, and various other genres) in the area based on your passion, you can certainly apply for freelancing jobs online and you will be recruited based on your skills and their needs.

Make a note, if you are a beginner then keep your pricing low or even sometimes work for free to get better testimonials.

7. Online consultancy:

Online consultancyIf you have enormous knowledge in a specific area, then obviously you can start your online consultancy business. You should be able to grab the attention of the audience by your right consultancy skills. Actually needed here is to know your audience well and Guide them accordingly on the right path. There are more online consultancies available, you can google it and find your way in it.

8. Social media:

Social MediaSocial media not only helps you in finding friends & chatting but also acts as an income source for many people nowadays. There are different ways of earning money using social media platform here I mention only two, they are

Posts: There are many social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can create your own channel in a particular platform and posts quality content and videos to engage the audience and earn money.

Selling: you can sell your products online without creating any website, Facebook has a separate store for selling products. Not only Facebook there are many other social media that help you earn money in the right way for your knowledge.

9. Digital product or Course:

If you are proficient in Digital marketing, then damp sure you have a good scope. Nowadays all netizens are curious about the internet and everything had become digitized. You can start creating a course online and reach the audience with your valuable content in a specific area you choose. The best way to earn is self-publishing a book in amazon and engage with video content.

Not only this, many companies now hire digital marketers profile for their business. If you are an SEO Expert also then it would be an added advantage for you.

10. Buy & sell domain:

Buy and sell domain namesThe buying and selling domain is becoming very popular and it is a great job. If you have good traffic on your website, then obviously you can rent your website. People having decent SEO score can sell Domains and earn profit out of it. Companies such as Boughtbuffer.com have been known for the purpose of buying and selling of the domains. You can find various ideas based on selling and buying a domain.

11. Income through Ad’s:

Income through Ad'sThis type of business is well suited for experienced persons since they would have reputed blogs or sites through which they can earn money by displaying Ads of others who wish to get featured by your site. You will be paid for giving space on your site and also you can add those ads in your video content too.

“Google Adsense” is the most prominent source of Ad’s which has more constraints to display Ad’s and also a huge number of alternatives can be found here.

12. Sell your photographs:

sell photos onlineIf you are a professional photographer when really it is an awesome opportunity for you to earn money by selling your photos. Many reputed companies pay for photographs. These will be called as stock images. To start with a stock image does visit a number of sites that offer stock images.

As a beginner, you can sell your photos for free to attract the audience, and later on, you can charge based on the needs.

13. Be a Youtuber:

Be a YoutuberIf you have a great passion for a video camera, capturing, and editing process then obviously you can choose this type of online business. The current scenario world is moving over the internet and YouTube has become more popular these days. Moreover, videos are more efficient the main source of Business extension using social media. If you start a YouTube channel it is the most creative and challenging Business idea that I consider.

14. App Development:

App DevelopmentToday mobile has turned out to be the basic necessity for humans to live happily. So keeping this in mind, many people had started developing Apps for Android phones for which companies are ready to pay you more. If you are strong in technical aspects related to mobile phones, then you can start developing an app for many clients as per their requirements. If you are more interested, then you can find many apps’ in the google play store and iPhone market as a reference and move further.

15. Graphic Designing:

Graphic designerAll Business today needs some unique recognition to exhibit themselves in the market. So as and when we start a business the work that strikes is the Website and Logo for our business. So in order to design these many companies approach professional graphic designers. These designers generally design websites, Logos, and Sales pages for visual communication. Therefore, starting a business as a Graphics designer would have a great impact on your career provided you should have innovative ideas and creative designs.


16. Online fitness Instructor:

Online fitness instructorIf you are interested to set an independent and unique career path, then you can choose the Fitness profession and be a consultant for people who are more interested to keep their body fit. As a fitness instructor, you can guide them with a daily meal plan and exercises that help them a lot. You can also create your own website and share some video presentations among them.

Still, there are few people who get confused between Fitness training and coaching. It would be a great start for you as an online fitness instructor.

17. Online Recruiting:

Online recruitmentManpower is always important in a business. Here Online Recruitment comes over and it would be a commission based online business, where people would post their skills and qualification and apply for a job and some reputed companies would always need some manpower to fulfill their expectations. So in this regard, you can act as an intermediary and link them for which you get paid by employer and employee.

Sometimes workers jump to other companies without notice or even within a short span of time so the owners face a discomfort over there. So you can resolve these situations and earn money by servicing them.

18. Virtual Assistant:

virtual assistantVirtual assistants generally involved in various tasks like making travel arrangements, manage expenses, paying bills, manage social media accounts, emails, etc. Nowadays Companies do not prefer full-time employees for this work. Professionals are ready to pay more for a virtual assistant who does additional work for them and at times they also assist with the lead generation which is one of the best niches of Virtual Assistant. Here you can find the list of advantages of virtual assistant jobs.

19. Copywriter:

Copywriter is the art of delivering information with strategical words. If one is passionate about writing and love to deliver information, then this would best suit. It is a highly profitable online business.

20. Editing and Proofreading:

Editing and Proof readingThis is similar to Freelance writing but here you are paid to read, correct grammatical mistakes, and proofread before submitting the documents to the client. Editing involves the checking of documents for factual accuracy.



21. Financial consultant:

Financial consultantFinancial consultant deals with assisting the client with the right choice of investment and all other financial options like a Retirement plan, Education loan, etc., If you have financial professional experience and if you had completed course related to the same then you would be most preferred.

Nowadays, people find it very difficult to choose the best investment plan and sometimes even they get stuck in the initial point itself. So if you are well worse in that particular area then certainly you can choose this business and will have a great scope for it.

22. Instagram Consulting and Sponsorship:

instagram sponsorshipSocial media plays a vital role today in every field. Instagram is one of that, which helps you to promote business and as well as sell a product. But many people struggle a lot to start a business using Instagram or due to less awareness. So, many people seek the help of Instagram consultants to start with and handle Instagram accounts and also run campaigns.

If you suppose to have great Instagram followers, then additionally you can deal with Instagram Sponsorship also.


23. Podcasting:

PodcastingPodcasting combines the freedom of blogging with digital audio technology. It is the process of creating audio and engaging the audience all time. Podcasting is a free service that can be downloaded in your personal system and listen at your own convenience. The term actually originates from iPod and broadcasting.

24. Web hosting:

Web hostingWeb hosting is the service of providing space for a website or application on a server over the internet. You can rent out your services and technologies to host a website on the internet. Once the hosting company hosts your website, users can access it by typing in your web address (domain name) in their web browser. It is the best option for techie people.

25. Web Developer:

web developerWeb developer is the one who is responsible to write code which “tells” a website how to function. The developer designs the website from scratch such that the end-users do not find any difficulty in navigation. If you are interested in programming, then it would be the best choice for you to start an online web developer business.

26. SaaS:

Software as a Service(SaaS)SaaS (Software as a Service) allows users to connect and use cloud-based apps over the internet. Few examples are Email, Calendar, and office tools like Microsoft office 365.you can rent the app for organizations with an appropriate service agreement and maintain the availability and security of data as well.

27. Internet Security consultant:

Internet security ConsultantAs mentioned above the world is being digitized and each and every movement of an individual is dependent on the Internet. But on the other side, many malicious viruses affect the system or there are lots of hacking done with single information. Here you find a great opportunity to resolve these problems by helping people in giving ideas about how to keep PC’s very secure and various tools and techniques used to maintain the security.

28. Reviews on Gadgets:

Reviews on gadgetsIf you are fond of using gadgets and finding the latest version in software and all other products, then you can opt for this business. Share your views and opinion on Latest Gadgets and be updated about all products. You will be paid for it and you can do this as a part-time job. Even many companies recruit persons for reviewing the products.

29. Online Courses:

Online courseWhen starting an online business either part-time or full time, many people use their skills and talent in a creative way and plan accordingly. If suppose you are an expert in a specific area then you can create a course from scratch to end with clear understanding, so that all your audience could understand it easily. There are many people around to pay for online skills and develop themselves technically strong. It would be a more profitable business and there are many sites for the same.

30. Caption photos with quotes:

photos with captionThere are many professional photographers who are expert in capturing natural photos at best moments and provide effects such that it attracts the customers. But they might be a week at giving captions or motivational quotes for those photos. Nowadays people look forward to photos with quotes. So this business would best suit those who assign apt quote for photographs. You can search online, keep in touch with professional photographers, and grab an audience based on their expectations.

31. Digital journalism:

Digital journalismDigital journalism is also called as Online journalism. It is the process of simply doing journalism for publishing online. When publishing you are not restricted by space like print journalism or by time in Broadcast journalism. you can attach video, audio and even provide the complete audio transcript of an interview if the reader happens to be interested. Usually, if the writer is precise it would be easier for the reader to read. It is a great way to convey a complete story using modern communication.

32. Call center jobs:

call center jobsIf your English vocabulary is excellent then you can choose this type of business. You can earn money as a customer care representative for major brands and businesses. You will be trained to respond to the queries of the customer as well as direct them to right department based on their queries. The only thing you need is a well-configured laptop with proper internet connectivity.

33. Product Testing:

Product testingProduct testing is otherwise called as consumer testing or comparative testing. Basically it is the process of testing the performance of a product and share your feedback on the same. If you are interested in the same then you search and approach the companies so that they would send the product at your doorstep for free and you can proceed to test.


34. Software testing:

Software testingThis type of testing ensures the software is defect-free. The process involved here is to check whether the actual results match the expected results. Testing is more important for all products and software to ensure it is bug-free and also it works effectively when released in the market. Sometimes these bugs, if not checked properly, would lead to many consequences. If you are interested in this type of business, then can start immediately without any hesitation.

35. Playing games online:

Playing games onlinePlaying games online is similar to the testing process where they would test and send feedback for the specific product or software. Likewise, here you will need to play games online and share your feedback on it before they release in the market. Some of the reputed companies are ready to pay for it and search for individuals.

36. Social Crowdfunding:

Social CrowdfundingCrowdfunding refers to raising funds and projects for a cause with a large number of people online. To be simple people donate money online for “Good Quality content” story of yours which readers enjoy reading. Some of the innovative Crowdfunding platforms are Crowdrise, Kickstarter, and IndieGoGo, OpenIDEO, etc. which you can refer for your startup.

37. Desktop Publisher:

Desktop publisherUsage of Computers and software to create visual displays of ideas and information. It’s all about using software to combine and rearrange text and images and creating digital files for print, online viewing, or websites. Before the invention of Desktop publishing, these works were done Manually. If you are specialized in Graphics designing, typesetting, and prepress works then it would best suit you.

38. Build Niche sites:

Build niche sitesNiche sites are websites that are built on specific information which is useful and interesting for the audience. Here one should focus mainly on the customers who visit their visit and update accordingly. If they, fail to think that “customers are king” then it would be an unsuccessful business. Moreover, one should be able to implement SEO concepts to rank your website’s top in the beginning with low competitive keywords and then later on with long-tail keywords.

Niche sites also help the main site to generate leads and traffic. It is also one of the profitable online business.

39. Paid Webinar:

Paid webinarPaid webinars prove to be extremely profitable ones always. But the thing it is not that easy to host a paid webinar. There are many things to be considered related to customers. One has to really market themselves in a unique way. Prove it is worthy to pay for a webinar than the free webinars.  To be simple, you have to manage your audience’s expectations in order for your paid webinars to be a success. Even now if you are ready to face the challenge then you can start hosting paid webinars. Here you can find a list of software helpful for the webinar presentations.

40. Online Travel Consultant:

Online travel consultantYou may think that nowadays people book tickets and flights by themselves online, then what is the need of a travel consultant. No, still you have a great opportunity to guide them and act as a consultant with proper and unique knowledge of traveling and with modern traveling plans. If you are interested in traveling and had visited as many as places and want other people also experience the same then, of course, you can start up with a consultant and guide them. Things needed is, educate yourself, learn some foreign language, Keep travel journal. If more interested, you can visit this site for more details.

41. Online Real Estate and Broker Agents:

Real Estate businessMost of the people do not have enough time to visit the places to buy a land or property. This is the best opportunity to act as an intermediary between the client and the buyer and earn on a commission basis. You could then look for clients online, sometimes you even earn double because the real estate agent pays you a commission and the client also gives you a tip for helping them land their dream property.

42. Online Tutoring:

online tutoringThis is the best way of teaching students from their own comfort zone even students can learn from their own comfort. The only thing needed for this is a Good Wi-Fi Connectivity and Laptop and Headphone and a virtual board to teach some technical concepts. As a beginner, you can charge with a minimum amount per hour, and then later on as demand raises you can increase your rate. May students from abroad are ready to pay to the tutors to learn something new and different. Many online tutoring sites are available from which you can apply.

43. Sell on Etsy:

Sellin on EtsyIf you have a talent for Crafting your handmade Goods, then you can start selling your products in Etsy.It is one of the world’s largest independent marketplaces that’s perfect for anyone who is creative and willing to sell their handmade creations. As long as you have space, this can make for one of the best home business ideas that can be started as a side hustle with a very limited investment. Learn how to sell in Etsy.

44. Fiverr Gigs:

Fiverr is a great place for freelancers/Beginners. Even if you don’t have experience with online marketing it would help you a lot with some of your basic ideas and information. If you really wanted to create a portfolio of your work, then obviously you can choose Fiverr.If you are specialized in creating animations, Logo designs, or simple drawings it will help you a lot like a part-time business. You will be paid Good based on your ideas and work.

45. Translation Jobs:

Translation jobsIf you are an expert in speaking multiple languages, then you can prefer this online business. Translation jobs are mainly based on Translate the given content from one language to another language. Translators make up to $ 43,000 per year working on sites like Translate.com, One Hour translation.com, Rev, Unbabel, to mention a few.

46. Transcription jobs:

Transcription jobsThis is also similar to a translation job but here you will be requested to transcript from one medium to another. For e.g. From pdf to word format. Medical transcription jobs are some of the most common and they tend to pay best.


47. Ghostwriter:

Ghost writerIf you are an expert in writing on various topics or if your passion is writing, then this would best suit you. Moreover, you should be ready to research on your own. Ghostwriters are the ones who write the eBooks, manuscripts, report, article, feature stories, articles, screenplay, scripts event song lyrics, so if you are the one who loves to write then you can be a ghostwriter and earn some handsome money. Ghostwriting is right Online Business Ideas for Students.

48. eBay seller:

If you are more skilled in marketing and if you are more creative, then you can become an eBay seller. The first thing you have to do is buy a product from a wholesaler and try to sell your product at a higher price on eBay. This is one of the older online businesses, but still many people move over this type of business.

49. Direct Sales Marketing:

Direct Sales MarketingThe income of direct sale marketing totally depends upon your ability to make the sale. If you are the one who has good communication skills and has strategies to promote the products for sale purposes, then you can start the direct sale marketing business.

Direct Sales marketing is an enjoyable and challenging task, you’ll also have the choice to set your own time and make connections with potential buyers in your own way.

50. EBooks:

E-booksIf you are passionate about writing, then you can write an EBook digitally and sell it online on your website. This will best suit the experienced persons who own a website already and have good traffic on your website then you can sell it your own website and make money more.

51. SEO Consultant:

SEO consultantSEO stands for (Search Engine Optimization) which is the process of improving the websites organic search. If you are technically strong in analyzing and researching the keywords and adhere to Search Engine’s Webmaster Guidelines and ready to challenge to make the website rank number one on Google or other search engines. Then you can start your business as an SEO Consultant, which is most wanted nowadays and companies are ready to pay for it.

52. Online surveys:

online surveys and form filling are also a great way of earning quick money online. You will need to sign up to the sites in order to be able to fill in the forms or survey; this takes 20 to 30 minutes after which you get paid. A good place to start would be Paid Survey Sites like Swagbucks, MySurvey, YouGov, etc.

53. Buy and Sell Domain names:

You might wonder why one has to sell a Domain name, but there are many reasons to sell a domain name like maybe the company is no longer being in business, or the domain was bought in bulk and never used. If you are looking to offload your extra domains for some handsome amount you can prefer this option of buying and selling domains. You can get an idea by watching this site https://www.wikihow.com/Sell-a-Domain-Name.

54. Post viral videos online:

viral videos onlinePosting funny videos of animals, children, comics and pranks, real-life situations all these are in high demand nowadays and trend of social media. Major sites and publications like The Sun, Daily Mail, Live Leaks, Ripleys pay you handsomely. Believe It or Not, are just some of the sites that will pay handsomely for any unique viral video

55. Online Music class:

Online music classIf you are a music lover and capable of teaching others, then this will help you a lot. There has been always a demand for online Guitar and piano classes for music lovers and it exists even today. You can post lessons on YouTube or to the email of the corresponding persons who are interested. The lessons are being offered in phases and will be paid by students in advance for each.

56. Newspaper Columnists and correspondents:

News columnistIt is a great opportunity for Freelance writer and feature article writers, who have a dream of joining as a regular contributor to top newspapers or magazines. Yes, it is time to make your dreams come true. The only thing you have to do is just write some interesting articles based on audience expectations and interest in a specific Newspaper and mail it. There is more chances for your article to be selected and posted in the reputed Newspaper or Magazine. Think about it and try to implement. Don’t miss the opportunity.

57. Contextual Advertising:

Contextual Advertising

Contextual Advertising is placing ad campaigns on your website or pages which are relevant to your Ad running. For e.g., if you are selling kitchen aid mixer you can place it sites listing recipes for cakes, homemade bread, and cookies that utilize mixers frequently. A more interesting audience means generally better click-through rate and more conversions. This would be a great way to improve the performance of your display ads. You can refer here for more information https://www.investopedia.com/terms/c/contextual-advertising.asp

58. Getting paid to Click:

Paid to click sites are sites where you join and are paid to view ads. These are completely free to join and have a track record of being a successful way to make an income. On the other side, you should also be aware of many scam websites available. This is one of the easiest ways to implement and also, in the beginning, you may feel it as a small amount but later on, when you are used to it you can open multiple sites and click and stay there for few minutes and later switch on to other.

59. Refurbish Electronics product and sell:

Refurbish products and sellIf you are strong in fixing the technical issues in gadgets like laptops, mobile phones, and cameras, etc. then you can start up with reselling these products after refurbishing. Nowadays many people give up their faulty gadgets without even looking at the cause of malfunctions. So, if you are able to refurbish the products and market your products then you can start this type of business part-time.

60. Freelance Copywriting:

copywritingAll the website owners look for copywriters for writing good content for about pages’, faqs, or Blog posts. As a beginner, the hourly wages will be very low but as experienced and with a growing portfolio you can charge more from clients and become a Bes Freelance writer and convert your job to effective side Business with reputed clients and brand yourself with best business ideas.

61. Filling Online Surveys:

If you want a little bit of extra income, then you can move into this type of online job. You believe or not, if you fill out the online surveys for top reputed companies (Inbox Dollars. User interviews, survey junkies) are ready to pay you. You receive an amount from the PayPal account or sometimes in the form of gift cards from Amazon. It would be a good way to spend your downtime.

62. Yoga or Meditation Instructor:

Yoga classesIn the current scenario, all are feeling more stressed and tense to get relieved from all these nowadays all prefer Yoga as the best technique to relax and moreover it has become more popular ever before. So as this is the case, there is a huge demand for yoga Instructors. Post video sessions on how to “balance yourself Physically and mentally” and guide people to overcome their stress with simple and easiest way.

63. Online Tailoring Classes:

Online tailoring classMany people love to design the clothes they wear by themselves based on their own fashion style. But people don’t have time to learn new and trendy stitching techniques. So it is the better choice if you are an expert fashion designer or well worse in tailoring techniques. You can post your videos on the customer needs that they want to learn and teach them accordingly. This could be an evergreen business from olden times till now.

64. Online Dance classes:

Dance classAlways it is not the case that you need the best and innovative ideas to start a business. The only thing you should know as a businessman is the ways to solve other problems with simple solutions. If you are a Dancer and you are ready to teach basic dance steps for people who really need it online, then you can start it. Start with basic step by step guidance which people might find very easy to pick up.

65. Parenting Blogs:

Parenting BlogsMany women face a lot of problems during pre and post-pregnancy and even some to prepare delicious, tasty, and healthy food for kids. So if you would like to share your experience and also have some solutions for these problems then you can post blogs or start a website of your own and share your ideas and thoughts on parenting.

66. Online Home Remedies:

Home remediesAlways for all disease home-based remedies would be the best. It helps humans to maintain a stronger immunity power and also it is considered to be the permanent remedy for all diseases. Whereas the unnecessary use of medicines leads to more and more side effects as well as it is only a temporary solution for all problems. So, if you are familiar with home remedies and found it to be successful then you can share your views either as blogs or post videos in Youtube channel. But one major point is before you say the treatment be sure that you do complete research in that.

67. Online modeling:

Online modelingIf you are very much passionate about becoming a model, then first and foremost try to become an online model that paves your way for many jobs like photoshoots for new products to modeling clothes for a retail website. Take a professional photograph ad to apply it online through various social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, etc. If it is a branded company, then you can even focus on your face and take a shoot. You can have a look on this site for your referencehttps://www.modelsdirect.com/become-a-model/make-money/

68. Online Computer Training:

Computer trainingAs the world is moving around with the internet, there are many people still who want to know some of the basics of the computer but they do not find time to attend classes. So here is a great opportunity for you to plan daily lessons for them and post it as videos on YouTube through which they get benefitted. You get paid for each and every lesson and people also can learn from their own comfort in leisure time.

69. Custom Software for Freelancer:

Without software, no work is possible today. If you are strong in programming or technical concepts, then you can start building software for various projects and earn a lump sum amount for the same. There are companies like Upwork, Freelancer, Guru.com who look for software developers as freelancers and they are ready to pay. Even Recently LinkedIn has launched a Freelancers space for Software development. So it is a best suited online business for techie people.

70. Corporate counsel consultant:

Corporate counsel consultantMany corporate companies need lawyers to protect them from legal issues and educate them. By starting this business online, you can offer corporate workers a way to keep their legal affairs in order without any commitment or exorbitant fees. Moreover, before starting this business you should have passed the bar exam to build clientele, and make sure that your business is entirely online.

71. Startup advisor:

Startup advisorMany of the prominent tech companies begin as small startups still figuring out the right business model for success. As a startup advisor, you can advise tomorrow’s companies today. Use any expertise you have in corporate finance, software development, and other relevant fields to provide new businesses with the knowledge they need to succeed. As these startups succeed, so will your business.

72. Resume and cover letter writer:

Resume writingWhenever an individual starts searching for a job the foremost thing required is the resume which speaks about him in a crisp manner and quick to read for the recruiters within a few minutes. In this regard, all will seek the help of others to write a resume in a catchier and attractive way. If you are strong in vocabulary and give content in short, then you can prefer this as your online business and increase the success rate of the job seekers to get a job and get paid for the same as they get jobs.

73. Skype Coaching:

Skype coachingMany people love learning new technology and aspects of upcoming trends. In that case, few people want to learn to live with one to one sessions so that they clear their doubts while learning itself. It is a saving process of learning in all aspects for the trainer as well as the learner with low investment and get paid after each session.

74. Crypto Trader:

Crypto tradingCrypto Trading is yet another Emerging currency trading in finance. The value of Cryptocurrency in recent months with Bitcoin has reached over $18k for just one Bitcoin. You too can get a piece of the action by purchasing crypto currency from one of the bitcoin/crypto exchanges and waiting for the value to increase. But the best thing to do before starting this business is doing complete research and after completion, if you are ready to lose some amount from your investment you can start with it.

75. Online Doctors:

Online doctorIt is not the case all times to visit a doctor for all diseases. For few diseases, people search in google for a Doctor’s Suggestion and take preventive measures accordingly or treatment. If you have the skills, just get some online presence and leave your contacts; people are willing to pay for online medical consultation especially if you’re qualified and offering effective remedies.

76. Data Entry jobs:

Data entry jobs are one of the easiest among all. The requirement for this job is you should know some basic working on the computer and know to work in Microsoft word and meet the deadline. But there is more scam companies available so it is the responsibility of the individual to choose the right legit Data Entry jobs.

77. Academic Writing:

This is a broad category of writing. The purpose of academic writing is, learning about a topic, reformulate the ideas or information according to the task or particular question and you will be able to do independent research work in a specific area you choose. The major difference between academic writing and business writing is the students write to learn whereas business writing is the work done to recommended actions. If you want to know in detail about a specific topic, then you can startup with academic writing and develop yourself as well as help students who seek it.

78. Fashion trends:

Fashion trendsWonderful opportunity for all young ladies who are very much passionate about Fashion. You can start a blog or website of yourself and start posting on the latest fashion trends in western as well as Indian fashion. For writing blogs for other sites also you will be paid. On writing these blogs you can help people to choose the right fashion based on their taste and trending in the market.

79. Tech Blog:

Tech blogIf you are a true lover of technology, then this process would certainly take you through the entire building process of App from A to Z. The goal here is to create something that saves the reader time and inspire something new.


80. Coupon discount selling company:

Many Indian customers look forward to the deals and coupons when they buy something online. You should be able to capture the right audience who is searching for deals and coupons.

81. Airbnb business:


If you have some space in your property to own for rent, then as an Airbnb Host you can post an ad for the same and find potential guests easily who really need space and earn money out of it.you need not go around up and down to search for customers for rent and waste your time. Just sit in your comfort zone and do all and gain money. This is one of the best profitable online business in today’s life.

82. Online car reviews:

Car reviews onlineAre you a lover of knowing the information’s about trendy cars? Then you can find and online business through which you can earn money in your comfort zone. You get paid when you post about reviews on the latest cars or compare two brands and give the best one. The main thing here is you should be good at making clean and keen observations about cars and justify your point based on other models.

83. Selling accounts online:

Buying and selling academic accounts is very lucrative as writing. Most of the academic writing is done with various accounts like Studypool, WriterBay, Uvocorp, Essay Shark, and many more. Thus you act as an intermediary and buy the accounts from one writer and later on sell it with a higher amount to others when the rating has improved a lot.

84. Supporting students to clear competitive exams:

Competitive examsIf you are very much serious about starting an online business, then you can start it by sharing knowledge with others. This is considered to be one of the best online business without investment or sometimes less investment and earn more money. If you had cleared many competitive exams and if you are familiar with the tips and shortcuts for solving the problems, then it would be very easy for you. Mathematics and finance are tough to crack and you find an easy way out of it.

85. T-Shirt Designer:

T-shirt designerThere are many websites which give a platform to entrepreneurs to start their online business, they will provide a website where you can create designer t-shirts and you can sell it using your personal online medium, you just have to register on such t-shirt designer websites and create attractive t-shirts. The websites have their base price for the t-shirts you can earn the money by the extra price that you have declared.

86. Amazon Associate:

Amazon Affiliate

Amazon associate is also termed as Amazon Affiliate Marketing. People can advertise their products from Amazon.com on their websites by creating links. When customers click the link and purchase the product you will get the referral fees. It is one of the best online business that is profitable.

87. College Counselors:

College counselorThe ultimate work as a counselor is to guide college students through an important period in their life. Still, there are many college institutions that are in search for college counselors. So this online business would be helpful to you provided you give proper and Good Counseling which helps students to get rid of their problems.

88. Voice over Talent:

Voice overIf you have the capability of speaking like James Earl Jones or Scarlett Johansson, then you have numerous opportunities waiting for you. There are many digital publishers including game developers, animated film-makers they all look forward to voice talents and they are ready to pay a good amount, and moreover the time investment is also very low compared to other jobs. If you are interested in this business, then make sure that you put your full effort.

89. Making Theme:

Custom themesYet, another great opportunity for website designers and if you are an expert in setting the themes for the website then this business would best suit you. In this modern era, all are moving around the internet and look into websites for various needs. So, if the website Theme is more attractive and user friendly then automatically your site traffic increases which in turn gives you more income. Many companies look into these Website theme makers and ready to pay for them.

90. Create a plugin for WordPress:

wordpress pluginPlugins are the additional functionality provided by WordPress by which our websites work automatically. It helps the users to take their website to the next level along with the SEO strategies. If all these are good in a site, then automatically it would be ranked top in Google, etc. If you are an expert in creating Plugin, then this would be the best online business.

91. Build a Chrome Extension:

As we all know that there are nearly 100,000 different custom extensions both free and paid available in Google Chrome’s marketplace, still there are needs by people while browsing to be better and easier for them to access all. So by understanding their need if you are able to develop the extensions in chrome, it would gain you more income and also you can enhance your developing skills. This would be the top-most online business done in part-time ever considered.

92. Landing Page Expert:

Landing pageIf you are well worse in doing Keyword research and know how to apply and implement the same following SEO strategy in a landing page, then why not offer your service to branded companies and get paid for the same. You are the person who company search for recruiting nowadays in this competitive industry

93. WordPress Website Consultant:

Wordpress website consultantMany small business owners expect their website to be launched online with one of the best WordPress themes and customize it according to their needs. So if you really possess the valuable skill set then you can move forward to set this as a side business and earn more for the work done.


94. News Blog:

News blogsIf you are interested in writing and know about the news all over the world each and every second, then here is an opportunity for you which requires updates each and every second. Write blogs and post it branded company websites for which you get paid.

95. Domain Hosting Service:

Selling and hosting Domains for companies are also a Good Way of making an extra income online. This allows an individual to post a website or webpage on the internet. To know the complete details of Hosting service refer here for web hosting.

96. Build a Chatbot:

ChatbotThis technology is used to enhance customer service automation. a Chatbot is essentially a computer program designed to kick start conversation with human users on various topics. Google Assistant, or Siri, is a common example.

97. Forex Trading:

Forex TradingThis is the investment in currencies but it is considering to be the most riskier online business because almost 95% people who invested in this trading met with failure. So before doing these kinds of online business beware of the market risks and also it is your duty to read the entire documents thoroughly before investing.


98. Paid to like Facebook posts:

Paid to like facebook postsThis is a rare opportunity for people who wants just an extra income for his pocket money. Although this doesn’t always pay very well, there are some brands that will pay you to visit their Facebook page and like or leave a comment.


99. Technical support:

Technical supportSome of the branded companies find it easier outsourcing some of their tasks to qualified persons who are willing to avail of their services online. Tech support is one such task, such that you make money by solving tech-related problems, mostly relating to computer software and hardware.

100. Reviewer on Apps:

To do this as an online business you need not be a techie or a coder just you have to download the app and note the download time and the interface details and have to send a mail to the client. The companies are ready to pay for it without even bothering about whether you had uninstalled the app. This is one of the easiest online art time business that anyone could execute.

101. Sponsored tweets:

Some individuals or companies pay you to tweet on their behalf. This is more like being in charge of the twitter account, tweeting and replying to tweets from other users.


There is numerous online business available nowadays in India. It is in your hands to take the opportunity to use it well, do research and enhance yourself based on your skills and ability. And if you are a student you can read the latest guide by Manuela.

Business is a Good profitable venture and it mainly depends upon how it is being implemented and executed. But apart from all these a businessman needs more patience and persistence to win the strategy.

“Life is yours” and the same way here I had shared nearly 101 online business ideas to make money which again is your choice to choose and shine”. Hope this article is worthful for the readers to read.

Best of Luck……

The 21 Best Ways to Earn Money Online in India from Home doing Genuine Work that Pays