67 tips to earn

67 Best Ways to Make Money from Home in 2020

67 tips to earn

Many people started to look online for the best ways to make money from home in 2020. 

We have written many guides on this topic to show anyone how to make money online in India and how to make money online as a student in India. So if you are from India, those are a MUST to read and get started with one of the online business ideas we mentioned in our detailed guides.

Now let’s dive deep about the working from the home topic.

As you are reading this guide we believe you have an internet connection and a laptop or PC at home. Because those are the fundamentals requirements to make money from home by doing genuine work from home jobs.

Are you a stay at home mom or dad, or even a college student looking for a side hustle?

Or you’re one of the 50,000 + Britons who lost their jobs in 2019? A recent article in the Guardian Newspaper painted a worrisome picture of the UK economy, warning that the number of people in work in 2019 dipped to the lowest over the last 4 years; all thanks to the Brexit uncertainty.

And even with Boris Johnson’s conservative Party looking to win majority seats in the just concluded UK elections, the economic uncertainty surrounding Brexit will still drag into 2020 and possibly beyond.

Thus, it makes a lot of sense to think ahead and identifies smart ways that can help complement your income in 2020.  An easy and reliable way to do this would be to consider working online.

There were around 4 million people in 2018 who worked from home across the UK (13.7% of the entire workforce). This number has grown tremendously in 2019 and experts estimate that by 2020, over 50% of the country’s workforce will be working from home.

Below, we have compiled a detailed guide of 67 tried and tested ways to make money from home in 2020. A wise man once said that being employed is like walking on borrowed legs, the owner can come for them anytime.

Working from home is fun, it gives you more freedom and flexibility, you’re your own boss and more importantly, it pays handsomely.

So, read this guide keenly and make a decision, thank me later.

Here we go;

Start A Blog to Make Money

Best Ways to Make Money from Home

  1. Start a Blog

Did you know that there are tons of opportunities in store for you if you start a blog? How? Begin by choosing a niche on which you will base your blog. Anything from travel, fitness, health, finance, technology, cooking, you name it.

Start looking for product endorsement opportunities or affiliate sales deals. Your job will be to promote the services or products of your secured deals in front of your audience. After that, you can decide whether to go for a commission only or a monthly payment strategy. Don’t worry if you have no prior experience in blogging, there are reputable trainers in the UK like ClickDo who can take you through the A to Z of blogging, albeit at a small fee.

Build A Fan Page
  1. Maintain Fan Pages

There’s always a hot new artist trending each week. Find one, two, or more of your favorite actresses, entrepreneurs, musicians, and dancers and offer to maintain their social media fan pages. Of course, at a small fee.

This option is good for you if you like spending time chatting on twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites. Wondering where to source for artists looking for someone to help maintain their fan pages? Fiverr would be a great place to get started.

Startup business to make money from home
  1. Launch a Start-up Business

Ever pictured yourself as a business owner? If you are enterprising and good at managing money and people, then this is something you should consider. Agreeably, it isn’t easy to start a business, let alone maintain one.

You need to save up some money before choosing to go down this road. Or you could opt to source for funds from friends, banks, and funding institutions and so on. The reason why this is a viable make-money-from-home opportunity is that while it may take some time to take off, its results are fruitful and long-lasting.

Answer Survery Questions Online
  1. Answer Survey Questions

There are many companies that will pay you to answer a few questions about their products or services. Others want you to watch TV shows and give them your opinion.

Some of the survey sites you can consider include,

Start An ECommerce Shop
  1. Start an eCommerce Shop

The good thing about starting an eCommerce shop is that your customers can see all the products you’re offering online. They can shop at any time of day and night and they can make instant purchases.

You could decide to sell your licensed products or sell other company products at a profit. Excellent eCommerce site you could consider include,

Free Gift Cards To Make Money
  1. Free Gift Cards

If you are an avid online shopper, it would be an excellent idea for you to sign up to get free gift cards. But how does it work? Say you join a site like Shopify as a buyer. If you purchase anything in any one of the stores therein, Shopify splits their commission earnings with you. Free gift cards are a brilliant way to save and earn.

Make Money using Apps from home
  1. Install Certain Apps

App developers or companies will pay you if you install their app on your phone. A company like Google will pay you for every month their app is installed on your phone. Other sites offer you prizes or rewards for simply downloading their app.

Some of these sites include,

Get Paid For Testing Website From Home
  1. Test Websites

New website owners want to know if their site is aesthetically appealing, if it’s easy to navigate, what changes you would recommend, and so on.

If you know what qualities should be in a good website, how to scrutinize the designs, themes, and functions, then someone out there is more than willing to pick your mind. To test websites and start making money, join renowned services like,

Get Money Reward From Home
  1. Get a Cash Reward for Being Healthy

In their quest to keep you active and healthy, there are apps that will reward you for walking, running, going to the gym, or eating well. You download the app, and it keeps track of your activities.

You then earn points that can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards or cash. In an app like Myachivment will pay you 7.6 Pounds for every 10,000 points earned. Other apps that will reward you for staying healthy include, SweatCoin and Healthywage.

Ways to make money from home as freelancer
  1. Online Freelancer

Do you have away with words? Can you paint a vivid picture, intrigue, or convince people to take action using words only? If yes, then you should try freelance writing.

If you have excellent marketing skills, can design beautiful graphics or websites, develop apps or programs, or you are good in management, there are a ton of freelance opportunities waiting for you to apply. Sites like Freelancer, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, and Fiverr are sites where you can find freelance opportunities.

Make Money as virtual assitant from home
  1. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants mainly work remotely performing administrative tasks for their employers. You could be tasked with checking and answering emails, preparing powerpoint presentations, making travel plans, doing research, and other small duties.

A VA job would earn you an average of 37 pounds or more per hour. Source for Virtual assistant gigs on sites like Upwork, Virtalent, or Zirtual.

Money For Being Online Tutor From Home
  1. Online Tutor

Are you an academic, a coach, or someone with vast knowledge about something? How about you monetize your knowledge by offering to tutor people online?

You could open your own site or join platforms like Chegg Tutors and offer private tutoring. You could also offer private tuition services at your home if your target clients are close to your residence. Besides tutoring, you can add value by creating a course package that you could instead sell to people. A well, packaged course or e-book could earn you a considerable amount of money in passive income considering the fact that it will sell over and over for years.

Rate foods to make money
  1. Rate Food

Many local joints and food companies will pay you to rate their coffee, pizzas, salads, and other meals on their menu. All you have to do is register and be their customer. After all, you can’t rate food you haven’t eaten, right?

You then go on their site or their social media pages and talk about what you think of the quality of their food. Talk about the service you received and your suggestions on things that they should change. In exchange, you could win free meals or earn a couple of pounds per rating. To rate food and restaurants, register on apps like Justeat, Opentable, and Deliveroo, among others.

Narrative Audio Book
  1. Narrate Audiobooks

Nowadays, people prefer to listen to books as opposed to actually reading them. But, it turns out that only 5% of books are ever narrated into audiobooks. Do you have a good voice? Then how about making use of it and start narrating books? If you are already an author, consider narrating your own books to boost sales and readership.

Develop Software to Earn Money
  1. Develop Software

There’s always someone somewhere whose needs/problems you can solve using software. It could be a software app to monitor your finances, your heart rate, or a gaming app, and so on. If you are great with computers and know something about making software applications, then maybe, you should turn it into a full-time, work from home job.

Work From Remote Company
  1. Work for a Remote Company

It could either be on a part-time or full-time basis. Provided you have a computer, the internet, and other necessary tools, you can work and earn just as much as you would on a regular nine to five job.

Some of the skills that most remote companies look for include web design, coding, writing and so on. There are thousands upon thousands of companies online looking for someone with your skillsets, however simple or diverse they are. Where to source for remote jobs? Consider

Graphic designer - Ways to make money from home
  1. Graphic Design Gigs for Local Businesses

You probably reside in a town where there are plenty of local shops and businesses. Look at their posters, banners, and means of advertising.

Bet you that at last 80% of all those shops could use some help from an experienced graphic designer. Some of these shops fail to attract as many customers because of their less than appealing banners and adverts. Your job as a creative graphic designer is to come in and showcase your work. It’s advisable to have a portfolio of previous designs you’ve worked on before. With the help of tools like Adobe Illustrator, Visme, Stencil, and Venngage, you can create masterpieces that will have the shops attracting more customers than they can handle.

Any business owner will readily pay you whatever price you quote if it means more sales and profits.

Sell Art and Make Money From Home
  1. Sell your Art Pieces on Etsy

Etsy works like other online market places. The major difference is that you can only sell your own, handmade art pieces here. If you are gifted artistically, whether you paint, make crafts or build creations using different materials.

Etsy is one of the prime places you can post your pieces. Here people from all over the world can see your work and buy whatever looks pleasing to their eye. This is one of the best ways to make money from home because you don’t need to make much financial investment to get started.

Be Instagram Influencer From Home
  1. Become an Instagram Influencer

How many Instagram followers do you have? Or rather, do you have the potential to grow a massive Instagram following? Companies and businesses are always looking for new ways to reach their target audiences.

If you have a significant following on Instagram, you could leverage that in exchange for cash. The companies pay you, you tell your followers about the company. As an influencer, your job is to make posts about products or services offered by the companies who’ve contracted you. You will be a sought after influencer if, besides a large following, you also make quality posts, elicit visible results and show consistency. To embark on this venture, it is important to have a good camera to take quality photos and also have impeccable social skills.

Sell Pictures Online To Make Money from Home
  1. Sell Pictures Online

Bloggers, travel companies, food companies, marketing corporations are only a few of the long list of people who would be more than interested in buying your photos.

If your images are good, you can also sell them on stock photo sites like iStockphoto and Shutterstock. So how do you make money here? Once you sell them your pictures, they then send you royalties each time a third-party licenses your photos.

Pet Sitting to Make Money
  1. Pet Sitting/ Caregiver

When you are a pet owner, scheduled to leave for vacation or for a work assignment far away you need someone reliable to care for your furry friends while you are away. Have any experience with pets? If you do, then this is a splendid opportunity for you to make some money.

Sign up on sites like Housesitsearch to connect with people who may need your pet sitting services at competitive rates.

Make money through babycare
  1. Baby Daycare Services

Are you a mom looking after your little ones? Or do you adore and love being around kids? If this is you, why don’t you consider offering daycare services? The best thing about starting a baby daycare is that you’ll never go out of business. Someone somewhere always needs help with their babies.

You’ll probably need to be cleared to offer such services by the children’s department. But once that’s done, you will make a lot of money caring for and spending time with kids.

Start a YouTube For Money Making in 2020
  1. Start a YouTube Channel

A successful YouTube Channel is one that aims to educate or entertain people. There are no two ways about it. You can either try to teach people how to do or make something or post vlogs, pranks, or comedy videos.

To make any money off of YouTube, you need to have at least 1000 subscribers and a total of 4000 hours of view time in a year. This way, you can get significant payouts regularly. But in addition to that, you may also get companies to endorse you in exchange for a few mentions/adverts on your YouTube videos. There are billions of people watching YouTube videos each day. You can tap into this viewership by posting content that isn’t limited to a particular geographical area.

Rent Room For AirBnb to make money from Home
  1. Rent your room on Airbnb

Airbnb is the new money-making venture for people who’ve got extra space in their homes they can rent out to people. Do you have a spare bedroom, a guest house or an entire apartment you rarely frequent?

Instead of doing nothing with it, let the space work for you by posting it on Airbnb. It matters not where in the UK you are. If you have a safe, presentable and cozy space to let out, then you have a good chance of it getting picked and occupied by visitors throughout the year.

Do Podcast to Make Money From Home
  1. Record a podcast

Podcasts are some of the best avenues to explore if you are great at sharing stories. Do you find that you can inspire people by sharing your stories? Are you an excellent interviewer, able to bring stories to life? Or maybe you easily captivate people with your words. If this is pretty much you, you should record your own podcast.

When you have a large following, companies looking to get in front of your audience will pay you to advertise their brand, products or services. You’ll need to invest in high quality equipment like headphones, microphones, computers, cameras, and so on. Remember that no one wants to listen to poor quality podcasts. Get to Know the Podcast Hosting Platforms to Start off.

Earn Money as Transcriptionist
  1. Transcriptionist

You may not be very good at writing, but you have a very attentive ear. Transcription is a service that never goes out of demand. Freelance transcription, if taken seriously, can earn you good money.

The good thing about it is that you can work day and night.

Review Products and Earn Money From Home
  1. Review Products

Do you like reviewing stuff? Most people do it for free. But you can make anywhere between £0.76 and £38 per review. Yelp is one of the best sites you could get invites to review products.

Calligraphy Art From Home
  1. Calligraphy Art

People like delivering notes, like letters, invitations, get well soon cards and wedding cards in a unique way. Growing up, many draw intriguing calligraphy art by hand or using software. As you advance, your art gets better and becomes a service you can offer to people and earn some money from home.

Checkout sites like Etsy on their calligraphy section. Here you can post your work and exhibit it for others to see and buy if they are interested.

Cook From Home to Make Money in 2020
  1. Bake Treats or Cook Meals

Can you make the most delicious cookies, treats, or cook nice, delightful meals? Then it is time for people around you to know what you can do. Instead of people looking elsewhere to find treats for their birthday parties, sports events, family gatherings Holidays, dinner, and other events, they can come to you and make orders of what they want.

With commitment, you can run a successful catering business right from your kitchen.  If you abide by the set safety laws and maintain a good relationship with people, your business will thrive.

Use Different Search Engine to Make Money
  1. Use a Different Search Engine

What search engines do you use to surf the internet? Up-coming sites like Bing will reward you credits simply for using their site as your main search engine. You can earn as much as £7.6 worth of credits per month. You may later redeem your points for gift cards.

Data Entry Jobs to Make Money From Home
  1. Data Entry

Put your quick typing skills to good use by taking up data entry gigs. Typing fast shouldn’t be something you only do for fun when chatting online with friends. Make productive use of your time and go to sites like Craigslist or Upwork to find data entry work.

Make Money As Amazon Worker
  1. Amazon Worker

Amazon Mechanical Turk is one of the places you can find small tasks for a little money. The hours are flexible, the tasks simple. Some of the skills required by employers on amazon include correcting spelling, reviewing products, finding item numbers or images, answer questions about products, categorize products, and so on.

Travel Agent Online
  1. Travel Agent-Online

It’s nice to know that you can get paid simply be offering travel advice to people for money. Travelers and regular vacationists trust opinions from real people as an alternative to using travel agencies. If you read a lot about places, travel regularly, or are a native in the area, you can leverage your knowledge by being an online travel agent and advisor.

Online Gaming Competitions For Money
  1. Online Gaming Competitions

Do you stand unchallenged in games like Poker or Arcade because you are that good? If yes, stop playing for free. Participate in online competitions and earn cash or rewards.

Rent a Space For Money Making From Home
  1. Rent Stuff

Have an extra parking space? A car you never drive, clothes you never wear, bikes you never ride, or instruments you never really play? If you search hard enough, there is always that one thing you go for months or even years without using.

You’d be shocked to know that someone somewhere is willing to pay you to use those items albeit for some time. Consider posting your stuff on sites like Craigslist to find people in your area willing to rent them for a few hours.

Participate in Online Focus Groups
  1. Participate in Online Focus Groups

Online focus groups are a grand way to earn money or gift cards simply by participating. The more focus groups you are allied to, the higher the chance that you will make more money out of it. Wondering where to start, ProOpinion is perfect.

Scrutinize Search Engines
  1. Scrutinize Search Engines

Yes, search engines too need help to serve users better. You can help your favorite search engine work better by signing up to help analyze and give feedback on your experience when surfing.

Sell Antique is a Way to Make Money
  1. Sell antiques

If you are an avid collector or you live in a family where a ton of things has been passed down from generation to generation, then you could sell them for some good money.

If you can agree to be honest with yourself, some of these things are either outdated or idly taking up space in your home. Get them appraised to know their real value and later find people who’d be interested in purchasing the antiques.

Flipping and Tossing Items to Earn Money
  1. Flip and Toss items

Flipping and tossing need one to have an eye for unique items and a talent to restore things. The flea markets or online sites like Craigslist are good places to scout for used jewelry, old art pieces, furniture and other items you could flip and toss.

Once you’ve done your magic, you can resell the items at a profit.

Ways to Make Money By Selling Books
  1. Sell Books

It doesn’t matter what the book is about or how old it is. Regular books are an excellent way for you to declutter and at the same time, make some money.  See those books gathering dust up on your shelves, post them online, or take them to your friends for a couple of pounds each.

Correct mistakes in Google
  1. Correct Mistakes on Google

Google will pay you to help them fix errors that may appear on their search results. If you can easily identify errors and make search engine results useful and meaningful, then google is willing to pay you an average of £10 per hour.

Earn Money as Juror Online From Home
  1. Become a Juror Online

Attorneys frequently hold mock trials in anticipation of major court cases. They often source for people to participate as online jurors to help try and predict how the verdict and the actual proceedings will turn out.

Your job as an online juror is to answer questions and review facts before submitting your guilty or not guilty verdict. If successful, you may earn an average of £3 to £8 depending on how complicated and long the case was.

Become Online English Teacher
  1. Virtual English Teacher

Non-English speaking countries are always looking for people to help them learn English. This especially if they are scheduled to migrate soon to live, study or work in a country where English is the main language of communication.

If you are fluent in written and spoken English and are conversant with the student’s native language, you can offer to tutor them virtually and charge for your services. Indeed and CheggTutors are great sites for you to source for virtual English teaching positions.

Cashback Deals to Make Money From Home
  1. Cash Back Deals

Upcoming sites like Rautken will offer you incredible discounts and cashback deals as a way to keep you coming back and to attract more people to shop on the site.

Rebates for Groceries
  1. Rebates for Groceries

Do you often shop for groceries? Did you know that you can earn rebates just for it? Apps like CheckoutSmart, Quidco ClickSnap,  Shopmium, and Green Jinn Will reward you in rebates or in cash simply for shopping there. Note that you’re not only limited to grocery shopping to earn rebates, but you can also shop for whatever the app tells you it will reward you for.

Guest Post Content Writer From Home
  1. Guest Post Writer

You don’t have to forget about writing just because you don’t have your own blog. There is an endless list of people who have sites and blogs. Yet owing to lack of time or other commitments, they are unable to post as frequently as they need to in a bid to keep their blog relevant.

If you can craft and weave words into palatable articles, then blog posting is certainly for you. Try sourcing for Guest post positions on sites like Textbroker, Freelance writer or Upwork, and so on. To Order Guest Post from High Authority Websites, you can check here.

Tax Prep Assist - Ways to Make Money From Home
  1. Tax Prep Assist

Are you formerly or currently an accounting student? Companies often conduct audits in preparation to submit their taxes every six months or annually. With normal business operations still needing attention, these companies source for qualified people to help them prep their tax documents. Find these businesses and offer them competitive rates and excellent tax prep services.

Edit and Proof Read Articles to Make Money
  1. Edit and Proof Read Articles

Students in school write essays that need editing. Magazines, newspapers, bloggers, authors are other examples of people in need of your services. If you have a keen eye, know your grammar, and are an excellent editor, Contena is one of the places you are guaranteed to find plenty of people looking to pay for editing and proofreading services.

Business Consultant From Home
  1. Business Consultant

Do you boast extensive knowledge in etiquette, Body image, accounting, or other areas? If so, you can approach companies with the necessary certifications that you already have.

If they have trouble in the same areas of expertise, they may book a consultative meeting with you. It may be hard for starters, but as time goes by, you get more clients and build a good reputation.

Life Coach - Ways to Make Money From Home
  1. Life Coach

During company retreats, team-building events, or other types of gatherings, people may approach you and ask you to coach them on life. Being a life coach requires prior experience and a vibrant social life.

The better you are at offering advice and effective solutions to people’s life issues, then you’ll quickly become a household name. Soon people will be showing up at your home office or call you on skype and conference calls to access your life coaching services.

Fitness Trainer to Make Money From Home
  1. Private Fitness Trainer

You are probably one of those people who likes working out from home. If you are really good at it, why don’t you offer to have some people come and join you during your workout sessions?

Soon, the group will grow and grow and you’ll be the go-to private fitness trainer for your entire neighborhood and beyond. As you advance, consider getting the necessary licenses and accreditations to work professionally.

  1. Bookkeeper

Small and medium businesses require bookkeeping services ever so often. With software apps like Quickbooks and Microsoft Excel, you can offer bookkeeping services.

Medical Biller From Home
  1. Medical Biller/Coder

Here you will be required to translate diagnostic codes into medical bills on behalf of patients or insurance companies. Note that this work from home opportunity requires prior certification or an associate degree.

Customer Service Representative
  1. Customer Service Representative

Huge corporations are always outsourcing customer service work to stay at home moms, dads looking for part-time gigs, or seniors looking to work remotely. If you have flawless social skills, and you don’t mind talking to people continuously for hours, search online for available customer service rep positions.

Make Money as Online Kids Music Instructor
  1. Online Kids’ Music Instructor

There’s always a demand for kids to learn music and how to play simple instruments. Some of them have to travel far to get to studios where they can learn the piano or how to play the guitar, drums or flute and so on. Are you any good at playing multiple instruments? Are you patient with kids? If yes, then it’s not such a bad idea to become an online kids’ music instructor.

Make Money through Dance Classes From Home
  1. Offer Dance Classes

Dancing shouldn’t be something you only do for fun whenever a new song comes around. Plenty of people are choosing to dance instead of going to the gym as a means to stay active and fit. Turn that guest house or spare room into a dance studio and start marketing your classes to people in your neighborhood. Craigslist is a good platform, it’s free and here you can advertise your services from the comfort of your home.

Make Money as Massage Therapist
  1. Massage Therapist

If you are serious about pursuing massage therapy as a profession, you should find out what the government requirements are for you to work as a therapist.

You may have to take a massage course, and once you are certified, you may start looking for clients. Offer your services with your main work area, being one of your spare rooms at home. Clients with chronic fatigue, back pain, posture problems, or stiff muscles can pay handsome rates regularly for your services.

Host Home Parties to Make Money
  1. Host Home Parties

No, it’s not what you think. There’s a trick to making home parties generate you more money than you spend. In this case, the parties are yours and they take place at your home.

But you also prepare a stand full of kids’ toys, chocolate, candy, clothes, jewelry and more pretty stuff that people will buy quick. Invite your friends and tell them to bring friends over. Because the more people that show up, the more likely you are to make more sales. Clever ha?

Translator job to make money
  1. Become a Translator or Interpreter

The only thing required here is that you are fluent and fully conversant in at least two languages. Head online or use job boards to find people who need you to interpret or translate something for them.

People who know sign language can also offer translation or interpretation services for money.

Tech Support - Ways to Make Money From Home
  1. Tech support specialist

Assuming you are pretty good with computers, a tech support specialist post is one of the best ways for you to make money from home. Nonprofit companies, startups, and corporations are all businesses that often hire remote tech support specialists.

Become a franchise to make money
  1. Franchise Owner

It may seem far-fetched, but you don’t need to own all of McDonald’s to be considered a franchise owner. How about you start small? Open an online shop on Etsy or Amazon, flip and toss stuff, sell pictures and cosmetics online, get into drop shipping, and so on all at the same time.

It may seem like it can be overwhelming, but if you are highly organized, you can pull it off and make a lot of money while at it.

Insurance Representative
  1. Insurance Representative

To work as an insurance representative, you must be licensed. The insurance industry in the UK is growing rapidly. Insurance companies, therefore, keep looking for licensed insurance reps to sell policies, address client issues and solve complaints from home.

Nurse - Ways to Make Money From Home
  1. Registered nurse

More people are turning online to find registered nurses who can help diagnose their health issues and give advice on how to address specific health issues and which medicine to take. As a registered nurse working from home, you can offer your services online, and people can pay you consultation fees.

Earn Money From Home - Marriage and family therapist
  1. Marriage and family therapist

You would be amazed at how sought after marriage and family therapists are. If you already have a Psychiatry/psychology degree and an active license, you can schedule therapy sessions to take place at your home office or on skype and Facetime.

Event Planner From Home to Make Money
  1. Event planner

It could be anything from a fundraiser, a birthday, or even a wedding. Event planners can organize entire events without moving from their home. All you need is a phone and a computer. A phone to call distributors and suppliers and also to hold talks with the hosts. A computer to schedule and search the internet. If you have a degree in tourism management, hospitality or other related courses, this is an opportunity you should explore.

Real Estate is a Way to Make Money From Home
  1. Property Preservation-Real Estate

Believe it or not, there are real estate agents raking in hundreds of thousands of pounds in a year without selling nor buying any properties.

Here, you can opt to maintain homes for owners who probably live far away or repair foreclosed homes for a certain amount of money. Instead of doing all the work, outsource it all at affordable prices. Your work will be to organize and conduct administrative duties to make sure all the properties are well cared for.

Virtual Receptionist
  1. Virtual Receptionist

A virtual receptionist answers calls, sends emails, prepares reports, schedules meetings and does all other duties of a regular secretary. Only this time, the secretary is working remotely from home. You only have to work for 4 hours to 5 hours a day and get paid as much as or even more than an in-office secretary.


In a nutshell, the internet has limitless opportunities and it is the new frontier for innovation and entrepreneurship. But make no mistake, these 67 work from home ideas are not some quick, get rich schemes. Everything requires patience, consistency and a winning attitude.

The best time to get started is now; invest in superfast home broadband, and get a reputable web hosting company to host your blogs and business sites. Better still, consider enrolling for short mentorship courses from online gurus who have made it in the UK market.

Fernando Raymond is one such example, he continues to mentor individuals and businesses looking to work from home or penetrate the online market.

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