30 Best Remote Working Jobs You Can Do Working From Anywhere

Are you looking for the best remote working jobs you can do online from anywhere? Then learn the game to work remotely from anywhere in the world and join the new rich.


What is remote working?

Remote working is the ability to work from anywhere outside an office or workplace. It’s also known as telecommuting or online working. Making money online through online jobs or work from home jobs can lead to the ultimate freedom and is rising across the world, especially since the coronavirus pandemic demanded most people to work from home due to the lockdown and isolation instructed by governments.

Clearly, you will need an internet connection and a digital device that can connect to it in order to work remotely. Maybe you are not familiar with the concept of remote work yet or have already heard about it and want to know what it takes to take up part-time or full-time jobs online from home.

There are many legitimate jobs you can do from anywhere, but what are the pros and cons of doing what you enjoy from the place you desire with an internet connection? You may wonder about the benefits of remote working and whether there are any advantages if you are new to this modern era of working style.

In this guide, we aim to give you remote working jobs suggestions, some tips and the best strategies to succeed as a freelancer or business owner who manages their business remotely.

Ten years ago, the concept of working from home or remotely was still a pipe dream. Fast forward and today, technology has opened up new realities and possibilities. There are many opportunities for those looking to work remotely. With an internet connection, personal discipline, and a bit of polishing up, you can comfortably pay your bills working from your home or while traveling like a digital nomad, living the laptop lifestyle.

This modern phenomenon has birthed a new crop of digital nomad entrepreneurs. If they have a stable and reliable broadband connection, they will work, meet deadlines, and deliver results. By the year 2020, it is expected that over 50% of the workforce in the UK will be working remotely.  It is important to note that remote working is gaining popularity not just for its flexibility and the convenience it accords to the worker, but also for the benefits to the environment.

  • Companies are increasingly seeking to minimize their office rent and operation costs while saving energy. Having employees who are willing to work remotely is a great way of doing just that.
  • Besides, employees work more effectively when given more freedom to meet their deadlines without constant supervision or monitoring.
  • If you thought that working remotely was for the jobless or scammers, think again. Businesses and employers have every reason to hire remote workers. There are limitless opportunities out there regardless of whether you are working for your employer or starting your own online business.

Here are the top 30 remote working jobs you can do from anywhere. Please bear in mind that some of these are easier, requiring fewer qualifications and work experience, than others:

Top 30 remote working jobs

01. Product Reviewer:

Product Reviewer - Remote JobBelieve it or not, brands pay people to try their products and share feedback with their followers. You could either do it in the form of a short video that you post on your YouTube channel for example, or a written post on your blog if you have one. Due to your followers trusting your judgement about the product, sales might go up for this brand and they will pay you a commission (they can track sales via an affiliate link that you add to your channel or blog). Read more about affiliate marketing blogs here or further on in this list.

But you don’t have to be a star or influencer; you can earn money reviewing a product and sharing your experience with users and businesses. Several sites like TesterJob will reward you for your time and effort by paying you a service fee of around £10* and you get to keep the product you have tested for free, which you can choose.

02. Survey Taker:


Online surveys don’t pay a fortune, but they are a good starting point. You can be asked to take part in a survey and get paid for your feedback. At times, you’ll be asked to watch a video and leave a comment or a quick review. These tasks are easy and don’t take much time or skill to be accomplished. You can have a look at some easy online task jobs you can do and earn a few bucks here. Famous online survey sites include SurveyJunkie, but read the small print as you don’t always earn cash, but are paid in points to be redeemed with partner companies.

03. Transcriptionist:

Transcriptionist - Work From AnywhereTranscription basically means that you listen to an audio file and type what you hear. It could be a lecture, a doctor’s prescription, a speech, a video and so on. Transcription jobs are easy and don’t require any particular qualifications per se. Just a keen ear, and an ability to type fast. Transcribers on Freelancer and Upwork earn hourly rates of up to £20*, but you can also check sites like TranscribeMe to see what you can do and earn. Transcriptionists who are specialised in Medical & Legal can expect to be paid a higher rate.

04. Data Transferrer:


You’ll get paid for so-called microtasks like entering and collecting data in Excel sheets. You don’t need any prior experience and newbies are advised to try this venture. However, it’s among the lowest paying remote working jobs, with an average pay of about £10* per hour, but this can vary. See what you’d need to get started and which sites are legit and trustworthy here.

05. Virtual Assistant:

Virtual AssistantDo you think you’re well organized, a timekeeper, a great communicator and able to stick with a schedule? Then you should consider working as a virtual assistant. Your tasks would include replying to emails, managing calendars, recording customer complaints, managing social media accounts, assisting with administrative tasks and so forth.  Typically, virtual assistants earn anything from £10 to £15* an hour, but if you can show good previous experience as for example a personal assistant or secretary, then you could be paid more. Check agencies like VirTalent and find various options, where you’d also receive training and support.

06. Animator:

Animator - Work From Home JobAnimation is a much sought-after service that can be done remotely. You can create images or visual effects for music videos, TV, video games, movies, commercials, and a plethora of other media platforms. They may further specialize in a specific area, such as characters, scenery, or background design. Animators usually use computer software to do their work. Freelancer animators are some of the highest earners in the remote working pecking order; you can earn anything from $25 to $106* hourly on popular job sites like Upwork. The other alternative is to set up your own animation agency and hire a team to support you with the animation work you do. However, this will take more time, investment, and skill. To learn more about necessary skills or qualifications, read this article here. You will require a degree or an HNC/HND in animation. Many universities and colleges in the UK or e-Learning platforms offer courses in animation.

07. Graphic Designer:


We have more SMEs today than at any other time in history. All are looking to brand themselves, often by having an original, catchy logo designed. Is this something you think you can do? You can offer logo designing, branding, marketing graphic design services remotely. You’d have to ask yourself whether you would want to be your own boss or work for a company. Sites like Freelancer are good starting points for you to get a feel for the average pay and demand, but sites like DesignJobsBoard could get you into well paid full-time, part-time or freelance contracts with bigger companies, depending on your level of experience and expertise. Graphic designers can earn anything starting from £40,000* annually.

08. Photographer and Videographer:

Freelance-photographer-earning-online-via-image-banksPeople are ever seeking for professional photographers and videographers to cover their weddings, graduation ceremonies, and many more life or professional events. You can do some of this remotely, such as photo or video editing, but to take photos and videos you still must enter the real world or have a team to do it for you. With those photos having been taken, you can edit them and some agencies like ShutterstockAdobe StockFotoMoto are paying money when people download them. Additionally, you can always sell professional photos to many sites including Foap. With the help of tools like Adobe IllustratorVisme or Stencil you can edit and optimize photos and images for multiple use such as websites, brochures, marketing or personal use. As a video editor, you can use software such as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut to polish your footage. Promote your freelance videography or find video editing gigs on various freelance websites.

09. Programmer:


Programmers, coders and developers are always on demand from businesses and individuals. They can help design websites or enhance certain features. Others use their skills to develop apps and software. If you know C+, PHP, Java, HTML, Ruby, you could plan and execute projects via freelancer platforms like Upwork. You can teach yourself many skills through online courses and showcase your successes on your own website or listings. Pursuing this career will certainly be rewarding with an average annual salary of £22,000 to £50,000* and growing demand in the future.

10. Music Producer:

Music-producer-selling-music-onlineAs a music producer, you record artists and also do radio voice-overs for commercials and documentaries. Most of the software you’ll need to record and edit audio files can be downloaded online also for free. Such computer programs designed for editing, recording, mixing and mastering audio files are called “Digital Audio Workstation” (DAW). Using such, you can record various instruments, lay down tracks, rearrange, add effects, and finalize the song you envision. You could convert your spare room into an audio studio as you will need some equipment like a computer obviously, but also a audio interface like recommended Focusrite, studio headphones and microphones, MIDI keyboards or drum machines. To find music production equipment tested by experts read this guide. Music producers can earn around £40,000* in a year, but as we all know, if you become famous, there’s no limit.

11. Scriptwriter:

Online-scriptwriter-selling-scripts-to-earn-onlineDo you think you can write an award-winning script? It could be a script TV, movie, comedy, drama, etc. Even music videos require written scripts or advanced YouTube productions. You can monetize your skills; Craigslist is one example of a platform to advertise your scriptwriting talent. Simply post an ad for free and wait for proposals from publishers and film producers.  Once you sell the script and get paid, you surrender the copyrights and can’t use the same script with another client. If you’re new to this industry you can take free screenwriting courses to see if this is for you. Financially you won’t earn a fortune early on while only earning £18,000* a year, but once you’ve made it you can take home up to £80,000* p.a.

12. Academic Writer:

Writing-academic-texts-and-dissertationsThis is slightly different from article writing in that you write essays, research papers and dissertations for university students. You have to be really knowledgeable on the subject; the client pays you per page. Some clients will pay you £50* for a 250-word page; an experienced academic writer can manage up to 8 pages in a day. So, we’re talking of around £ 400 per day – not bad ey. There are numerous academic writing platforms like WriterBay, Essay SharkWriterslab where academic writers can find projects or be approached by clients.

13. Copy Editor:

Web-copy-editor-and-proofreaderUnlike script or academic writing, a copy editor doesn’t write. He or she only proofreads content that has been submitted. The content is proofread for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, factual errors, legal traps, and so on. Students at university write essays that need editing. Magazines, newspapers, bloggers, authors are other examples of people in need of editing services. Some sites like Book in a Box or Contena will pay you up to £20* an hour to edit and proofread content and guarantee to connect you with people looking for editing and proofreading services. To excel in this job, you need to have an eye for detail and the ability to work for long hours without losing your concentration.

14. SEO Writer:

SEO-consultant-and-content-writer-earning-onlineAn SEO writer creatively creates search engine optimized content to improve rankings on Google or Bing. The main tasks of an SEO copywriter include writing search engine optimized copy, optimizing current copy on a client’s website like page titles, meta descriptions, anchor texts and more. The challenge of SEO writing compared to freelance writing is that you need good knowledge about how search engine optimization through keyword research and usage works in favour of ranking a website. So, you’re not just writing about anything, but you consider the questions people ask about your topic/niche and incorporate related sentences in a readable way. A client may ask you to write product descriptions, web content, press releases, product reviews, and so on. Some of the best-paying article writing sites include Text Broker so you can land your first SEO copywriting gigs here. Alternatively, you could work for an SEO agency.

15. Blogger:

Blogger-and-web-content-writerBlogging is inexpensive to start and it’s a great way to make money remotely once a blog is established. Begin by choosing a niche or topic on which you will base your blog ranging from travel to music, anything goes. Don’t worry if you have no prior experience in blogging, you can learn it from Blogging experts from A to Z. The only thing that can’t be taught is being passionate. Writing and posting good and relevant content regularly is vital for your blog to take off and to create a following. It takes time before you start cashing in on your followers via affiliate marketing, product promotions, hyperlinks, guest posting, and so on, but it is possible once you know how to start a blog and make money and make it a success.

16. Affiliate Marketer:

Make-money-online-through-web-advertising-and-sellingAffiliate marketers make money by earning a commission each time they refer someone to a given product. Let’s say you have a blog, website or YouTube channel and recommend a certain product. When the visitor clicks on the link you’ve shared and proceeds to make a purchase, the product manufacturer gives you a commission. You agree on the percentage you’ll earn for every click or successful purchase. As an Amazon Affiliate, for example, you can earn 4-8% commissions for every sale through your website. But there are many other ways you can monetize a website or blog, which you can learn more about here.

17. Social Media Manager:

Social-Media-Manager-and-consultant-making-money-onlineAlmost every major brand that you know has an online presence; their social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms are important marketing tools. The challenge is to create quality posts that create brand awareness for visible results and return of investment. You will have to manage all social media accounts, posts and paid remarketing ads possibly of celebrities, companies, and organizations. On top of that, you’ll also be responsible for analysing data of social media campaigns to run them as efficiently as possible. You can earn around £40,000* per year doing this work and bigger companies and brands may pay even more.

18. Consultant:

Virtual-consultant-earning-from-homeWhat’s your area of specialty and which field are you best acquainted to? There are businesses and individuals looking for consultants who can give useful and tailored advice and guidance. Whether in accounting, engineering, law or medicine, consultants are much sought after, and the good thing is that you can offer your services online while working remotely. Depending on your qualifications, expertise and skills, you can earn up to £86,000* as a management consultant or business consultant, varying from industry to industry. People will want to see your achievements first before they trust your advice so ensure you’re ready for the role.

19. Motivational Speaker:

Life-coach-and-speaker-mentoring-onlineRemember we live in an era of video conferencing, right? The internet has opportunities for you if you are eloquent and able to move audiences with carefully chosen words. Motivational speakers need to brand themselves and compile an excellent portfolio to market their brand. You can sell your motivational talks in the form of videos, podcasts, webinars or seminars or address gatherings via video conferencing. Once you’re a household name, you may be booked for company retreats, team-building events, or other types of corporate events and people may ask you to coach them personally. Some clients might pay you £100* per hour, if you convince them that you’re the guru they’re looking for.

20. Influencer:

Influencer - Remote JobInfluencers are social media personalities that have built a massive following. Brands hire them to promote or try out their products and review and share the feedback with their followers. As an influencer, you will need to have a fan base of thousands on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, as well as other popular social media platforms in order to convince companies to pay you for a social media post or mention. Besides, you need to be active and consistent in engaging your followers all the time and authentic. To begin with it is important to have a good smartphone or camera to take quality photos and videos with for your posts. No average pay for this career can be identified as it’s still relatively new and developing. It’s similar to a celebrity career, where you earn through endorsements, tv shows etc. and the income highly varies.

21. Comedian/Social Commentator:

Comedian-Vlogger-or-Youtuber-passive-income-onlineIf you’re good at telling jokes while filming yourself with a smartphone or camera, you’re good to go. Social commentators make funny videos and podcasts on topics that are trending and controversial like Trevor Noah who turned it into a TV show. Trust me, you’ll get a huge online following by sharing your thoughts, entertaining people with short comedy clips, if you develop your own style. See some Coronavirus Comedy examples online in this article for some inspiration and develop your own script. Connect with other comedians and influencers to extend your reach or record a video that goes viral.

22. YouTuber: 

Influencer-on-Youtube-making-money-through-videosWhy do YouTube channel owners always ask you to like and subscribe? Well, they tell you to subscribe so you don’t miss any of their videos; what they don’t tell you is that they get paid by YouTube and companies for more likes and subscribers! Because they earn by marketing product and services via their YouTube channel. As a blogger, you choose a niche you have a passion for and something to say about. Many people turn to YouTube for tutorials on how to do something, so YouTubers providing solutions and entertainment are high in demand. From Language Teachers, DIY Masters, Tech Experts to Lifestyle Gurus, anyone can start making YouTube videos and make some easy cash while at it. But learn about YouTube on page SEO to really rank your clips on search engines!

23. Music Teacher:

Music-online-tutor-teaching-via-video-chatAre you good at playing an instrument, say a guitar, piano, flute, or drums? Then you should consider offering online music lessons. Online music lessons are a great way to share your knowledge with learners, have fun while at it, and also make a few bucks. To start with, create a YouTube channel and post videos showcasing your musical talent. Link it to your business or personal website or online profile so that potential clients can find and contact you directly. YouTube is one of the best platforms for learners to learn music; some music teachers even produce music lessons for different age groups and build whole online courses. To increase your reach you can advertise your services on music tutor platforms like MusicTutors. You can expect to earn around £40,000* a year, depending on the hours you put in.

24. Chef/Baker/Nutritionist:

Nutritionist-and-health-consultant-onlineIf you have a passion for baking or making really tasty foods, you can monetize this! You don’t have to own a huge restaurant or a fancy kitchen; start small and share what you prepare from your home kitchen online. People will always appreciate tasty meal ideas and inspiration; it’s okay starting small and making your way up the ladder. Start uploading your cooking clips to your YouTube channel and start a blog around nutrition, kitchen appliances, spices, superfoods – you name it! There’s no limit, just use your imagination. Learn how to market your food online business and once you’ve made it big, restaurants, food and kitchen appliance producers will pay for mentions on your blog or social media channels and you can set the price.

25. Recipe Creator:

Chef-and-cooking-influencer-selling-recipes-onlineAlternatively, you can make money writing and selling recipes to other cooks and chefs. Teach yourself how to compile a professional recipe by listing all the ingredients and steps to put together a given meal and then offer that for sale on recipe exchange websites like RecipeYum or in cooking groups on social media. Create a meal plan or cook eBooks and publish them on Amazon Kindle or Etsy. People also pay for recipe writing services via freelance platforms like Fiverr. You may not earn fortunes in the early stages as most pay up to £20* per recipe, but if you build an impressive portfolio and a brand, this can certainly go up.

26. Fitness Instructor:

Fitness-Online-Instructor-and-health-coachAs people become more and more aware of healthy lifestyle choices, the need to hit the gym has really grown. People are willing to invest in training regimens, workout videos, and the likes.  As a fitness instructor, you can record videos of your training routines and sell them online. People are willing to pay for live training sessions via Instagram and routines on YouTube if they’re taught well. You have to look the part though; a successful fitness instructor should be a role model and have a body in good shape to instil confidence in those looking up to you. You can find fitness trainer jobs on platforms like LeisureJobs and get started with a few first clients. It’s all about networking and marketing yourself via social media channels and of course to breathe fitness.

27. Language Tutor:

Foreign-language-tutor-teaching-onlineEach day, thousands of people go on the internet looking to learn a new language. As a language tutor, you coach and teach the student on vocabulary, pronunciations, spellings and grammar in the target language. English language tutors are particularly sought after in Arab countries, Asia, Africa, South America and Russia. You can offer your language lessons online, of course at a fee, in the form of recorded messages or video conferencing on language tutoring platforms like VerbalPlanet. Additionally, you could also use your language skills for translation or interpreter services as mentioned above or you could even assist with grading language exams and tests. You can search for such online jobs on websites like the ETS website and HigherEdJobs.

28. Online Subject Tutor:

Academic-subject-online-tutor-teaching-online-for-examsSubject tutors teach students via video chat or online whiteboard applications in a certain subject that they are specialised in. Students who enrol for distance learning and online courses are ever willing to pay to learn from the best or to prepare for exams and tests. As an online tutor, you can work from your home or wherever you want to.  Just ensure that you have a solid grasp of the topic you’ll be tutoring. Tutoring platforms like will test your knowledge and skills in your proposed subject area first, before recommending you. So, if you think you’re a mathematics genius then share your talent with students around the world. Check this e-tutoring and online teaching guide here for more opportunities.

29. Grant Writer:

Grant-writer-earning-via-the-webHospitals, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions all apply for funding through grant proposals.  The grant proposals are reviewed purely on merit and if you’re a good grant writer, here’s an opportunity for you to make money. You can also offer support with business plans or fundraising. Talented grant writers earn up to £35,000 and £60,000 annually. You have to hold at least a Bachelor’s Degree in technical writing or a related field. But at GrantWirterTeam you can learn how to become a grant writer and find a job there too.

30. Online Doctor/Nurse:

Medical-online-consultant-earning-onlineHow about offering your services as an online medical advisor? This opportunity is for nurses, doctors, and anyone trained in the medical field.  You can make money working as an online consultant prescribing remedies to common illnesses that can be diagnosed over the phone or a video consultation. In addition, you can answer questions on forums like Quora, and by so doing, you may be lucky to find patients who desperately need your expertise.  Don’t be a quack though; you have to be sufficiently qualified to work as an online nurse or doctor.

Knowing about the top 30 remote working jobs in 2020 is one thing; being able to thrive and excel as a remote worker is another.

Here are 5 things you’ll need as an entrepreneur who decides to work remotely:

01. Super-fast internet: your success will be significantly determined by the internet you’re using. Mind you, some jobs require you to pitch for gigs and then wait for feedback, do video conferences, download heavy files, to mention but a few. It’s important you invest in reliable and fast internet. If you’re in the US, UK, Canada, Germany or even in Indian, you can consider trying a reputable internet services provider. If you’re building your own websites for your online business then we recommend to go for the web host providing the fastest and most reliable web hosting packages like SeekaHost.

02. Online payment: most of the online and freelancing jobs done remotely are paid via online transaction platforms. You’ll need to enable your bank account and make it compatible with online payments. You’ll also need to open a PayPal Account and other popular online payment platforms.

03. Be professional: don’t be naïve; remote jobs have many cons and scammers. However, keep it professional and build your profile to inspire potential clients. Check out this guide to learn about tips that increase your chances of being hired or read about the most requested skills for online jobs here.

04. Discipline: working remotely requires immense self-discipline. Your boss or supervisor may not be around to monitor you. The temptation to waste your time on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media sites are real. The temptation to work on your laptop while sitting on your bed will always be there.  However, be disciplined and learn to take your remote work just as seriously as you would in an office or any other real workplace. To make your home office more efficient and productive, read this short guide.

05. Patience: Rome wasn’t built in a day. Concentrate on building your brand portfolio and perfecting your skills.  Don’t get tired of pitching for jobs and bidding for gigs. It takes time to learn the ropes and establish yourself as a brand. But once this happens, your fortunes change as clients come pouring in.

There we go, those are the top 30 remote working jobs that you can execute from anywhere you desire. With these, you can work while on the move, while out of town, or when you’re resting and relaxing in your home like a digital nomad.

*all salary/income estimations are based on information retrieved in June 2020 from