Domain, Sub-Domain and Addon Domain

Difference Between Domain, Sub-Domain, Addon-Domain

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Domain, Sub-Domain and Addon DomainFor every user, the domain name acts as the keyword to remember the websites or access it. We all know the purpose of the domain name and why it is used. The domains are majorly divided into two categories. They are:

  • Sub-Domains
  • Addon-Domains

So, let’s see what is domain & how it is created.


Every website has a Unique IP address, which helps the computer to access the website from the server. But, the IP address for each and every website is very much tough to remember for a person. So, the domain names came into existence which is used to identify the website. Every website has a URL (Uniform Resource Locator), acts as the address of the website.

For example, let’s take a domain Here, the ‘SeekaHost’ acts as the domain name also known as the ‘Primary Domain’. Whereas, the .com acts as the domain. It can also be called as Top-Level Domains. Some of the Top-Level Domains (TLD) are .com, .in, .org etc.,

Now, if you are accessing the site (, then the URL of this site will be like The www acts as the ‘Sub-Domain’ or ‘Secondary Domain’.



Now, you could have understood what is meant by domain and URL. Let’s dive into the two major categories of the domains.


Sub-Domains are the domains, which are similar to the domain names. But, these kinds of domains is pointed to the main folder of the primary website. Sub-Domains are a part of the primary domains.

For example, let’s take Here the primary domain name is Google. If you want to access Google Maps, the structure of the domain will be as Instead of www, the maps act as the secondary domain.

The advantage of having a sub-domain is that it will be part of the primary website but, the contents will be different from the primary website.

Also, the sub-domains are available only on the Personal, Business, Cheap Hosting packages, etc.,


Addon-Domains is also a kind of domain, which is different from the primary domain. The addon domains are hosted under the same account as the primary website. These domains can be created under a single cPanel account.

The advantage of the addon-domains is the user doesn’t know that these domains are a part of the primary website.

The addon-domains are pointed to its own folder and acts as an individual & unique website.

The addon-domains can be created in cPanel by simple steps. Also, the addon-domains are available only on the Personal, Business, Cheap Hosting packages, etc.,

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