How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners?

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Every blogger starting their career with the dream to make more money through it. If you are looking to jump into it, then you must decide that what kind of platform you looking for. Blogging is an art and it helps a lot in sharing the knowledge and information over the web. It is not an easy way to make a blog, you must put some efforts to grow it effectively. This article is specially written for the beginners who start their blog and looking to make money on their blogs.

Things to be Taken Care:

-> Don’t copy the articles or contents from anywhere. Make sure all your article were unique.

-> Make sure your articles are relevant to your topics and your domain. Avoid publishing the irrelevant content.

-> Don’t write a 100 or 200 words articles, because it won’t have elaborate and clear answers. Also, it won’t have any satisfied content in it.

-> Elaborate your answers clearly with Images and Videos on your blog. Make sure your article is not for the words and it is only for the knowledge.


Make Money through Blogging

Before getting into the steps mentioned below, you must have a blog by yourself. Most of the people were worrying to create a blog because they feeling it as too difficult and technical. But actually it is a simple process and you can get help from our experts to set up your own blog with SEEKAHOST.

If you want to start your blog, then just go through the simple steps in


#1 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the efficient ways to make money online. If you recommend a product or service over online through the customized referral link, then you will get the referral commision if the purchase happens through your link.

If you are decided to start with affiliate marketing, then it is good to recommend the products or services related to your domains. Because it will be easy to promote the product or services relevant to your blog or articles. Also, the affiliate marketing is available for every industry.

#2 Adsense

Adsense is the another easy to way to make money on your blog. There are various online service providers, who will pay you if you show some ads on your website. Google Adsense is one of the best ways to implement it and all you need is to place some scripts on your websites.

Google Adsense for bloggers

Also for WordPress websites, there are various plugins available over the web using which the space for each Advertisement will be allocated automatically. It is the pay per click process, where you will be paid for each click.

#3 Direct Ads

Instead of promoting by inserting codes or plugins or with other service providers, you can allow people to promote their business by placing an Ad on your website. Here you can charge them based on your interest like Pay per click, pay per impression, regular monthly pay or others. So get connected with the right people, promote their business in a right way and earn the profits.

#4 Sponsored Blog Post

If your blog has the good number of visitors with better authority, then people would like to get a referral through your blog as well. Because through the sponsored blog post, someone will be promoting their business by posting on your blog. This will give them some benefits like authority, good referral and more conversion as well.

#5 Paid Reviews

Paid reviews are similar to sponsored post. Mostly, the paid reviews will be written by the person who promotes his brand or service. Sometimes the blogger administrator will also take care of this things for better reach. Also, you can place the affiliate links through the reviews to get paid for conversions.


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